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Posted on October 11, 2012 by Teresa Cannata'

Have you ever noticed the abuse/misuse of some terms in the world of fashion? Besides the positive adjectives (when I read “amazing” a million times in the same article or post, I feel the urge to scratch my eyes out), there’s a word – “statement” – used for anything. It should refer to a piece of clothing or accessory which stands out and focuses the viewer’s attention, but how many “statement” things are really such? People sometimes seem to use words just because they sound good, but I like using them with care. Coming across a unique piece and defining it “statement” is always so satisfying!

It happened to me when I first spotted a leather belt on Christina Aguilera during the second season of The Voice. That belt struck my imagination: its shape spoke of Victorian corset-wearing ladies and of a subtle, yet powerful, sensuality. Later I found out the beautiful works of its designer – the London-based Úna Burke – and the complex artistic world connected to them. Leather is turned into a versatile material: the results are what the designer refers to as “wearable objects”, strong with their own identity but ready to go along with the wearer’s personality.

It’s the case of this black and green belt, a piece from Overcome, the fall/winter 2012 collection. The corset shape, the cut-outs, the golden studs, are details which turn it into a real statement piece, something which can be worn with confidence on an endless number of different outfits.

I would wear it with an Alexander McQueen emerald Victorian puckering lace jacquard A-line dress, Shourouk chandelier earrings and Melissa Incense glitter bow pumps in black; for a more dramatic and Victorian-inspired style, I would wear it with a McQ black silk chiffon pleated dress with long sleeves, Sergio Rossi suede lace-up booties and a spectacular Suzanna Dai St. Petersburg necklace, reminiscent of Victorian mourning jewellery.