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Posted on June 7, 2012 by Marco Maggetto

It’s a nice great fall winter the one at Balmain’s. Oliver Rousteing, who’s the man in charge of  supervising and developing of  the brand since Christophe Decarin left the house after health problems, delivered a collection which is very French and destined to a men who’s not living his life too formally. The red, the blue, the white, the young modern Napoleon, the Corto Maltese allure. Narrow but comfortable pants, soft leather and torero jackets, marsines, loose effect gilets adorned with eighteenth-century inspired buttons. Balmain men is a casual dandy that walks the streets in motorbike soft boots refined by the “Peter Pan” effect.

Indie is broken by some easy listening and touches of new romantic: Rousteing, as a very young man, knows how to mix it all and present it to the birghted future comader.