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Posted on May 30, 2014 by Editorial Staff

One of the sexiest Albums ever produced. “Maxwell’s Urban Hang Suite” was the debut album of American singer Maxwell. Released on April 2 1996, Maxwell’s Urban Hang Suite was a tribute to the modernization of classical R&B and featured songs focused on adult romances from first encounter to its dramatic conclusion examining the concept of love, sex and spirituality. The album’s cover artwork features a picture of a pair of golden women’s shoes on the floor of a hotel room, with the bar coding prominently displayed. Maxwell didn’t want to appear on the cover and had to fight with record label for his ideas. “I wanted people to have the facts: the title, the selections and the fact that you had to basically buy it. I wanted people to come to the music and not base any opinion on the image”. Columbia Records reached a compromise and used a promotional shot of him as the back cover, taken by photographer Eric Johnson, while the beautiful photo of golden shoes remained uncredited.


Posted on May 28, 2014 by Editorial Staff

Today a piece of The Harlow’s heart got broken. We lost Maya Angelou, poet, writer,singer, activist but most of all, PHENOMENAL WOMAN.

We do suggest reading her entire work, poems, biographies, stories.

Dear Maya, always and forever, and still, like air WE RISE!



Posted on May 28, 2014 by Luisa Fazio

It is the agave, the mighty and strong succulent plant protagonist of my sea holidays  since the early 70s. It was quite simply a part of that mediterranean landscape with rocky coastline. When I was a child, I found it similar to a huge artichoke with gray-green fanned leaves. At its center stood a very high stem like a big asparagus, with flowers arranged in candelabrum. I did not know that the plant had come from central America where it thrived in warm and desert areas and that produced an intoxicating fire drink: tequila! Instead, I had taught that I could distinguish with a naked eye a young specimen from a specimen at the end of life because its gigantic inflorescence foretold the death of a plant. The agave (from the greek agavós which means “beautiful”) is a monocarpic species: it blooms only once, releasing a single, swollen shoot of its existence when it reaches maturity and becomes an adult. Then it dies. For this feature, I like to see it as the symbol of  man who “dies” when he loves, who spends all energy at his disposal to achieve in just one the day a spiritual perfection. A plant that does not repeat itself, a “wonderful” plant that has found the answer in love.


Posted on May 28, 2014 by Maxim Deluxe

Forget Mariah and Beyoncè , the new promise of the r&b from the West Coast is Efuro Chilombo aka  Jhene Aiko with her mellow voice to get involved and  her upcoming full-lenght debut ‘ Souled Out’ , due this summer.

Download her Sail Out EP on i-Tunes

Jhane Aiko



Posted on May 26, 2014 by Editorial Staff

The 8th Berlin Biennale brings together a range of international artistic positions that explore the intersection between larger historical narratives and individuals’ lives. The majority of the participating artists have produced new works for the exhibition, which proposes new perspectives on the facets of and relations in history. It spans four distinct venues in western Berlin and Berlin-Mitte—Haus am Waldsee, Museen Dahlem – Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, KW Institute for Contemporary Art, and Crash Pad c/o KW.The exhibition is on view from May 29 until August 3, 2014.



Posted on May 26, 2014 by Clara G

There was a time when costume and jewelry where the most important occupation for a certain kind of women and gentlemen were queuing at Cartier to get the most fabulous diamonds for their beauties well known for the quality and amount of their jewels and aristocratic lovers. La Bella Otero, Cléo de Mérode, Mata Hari: all those women, who represented the vanity and decadency of their times, were although the first to step out of the Victorian morality system where they had no other chance to be free.

A few years later, one of that out of the system women, started to dress women to be real helping with that to change the whole feminine role, her name was Coco Chanel and not for coincidence she was the first to mix jewelry and bijoux. When she did so la “Belle Époque” was definitely gone, but for some years the Art Déco style kept the magic alive, creating beautiful objects like this pin designed by Cartier in 1924.

I always wonder about the first owner of this Cartier pin: who was she? Was she a flapper like Coco dreaming to change the world? What happened to her when all was drown again in war and pain? Would she approve the way I wear it? And, more than everything, would she like me?


Posted on May 23, 2014 by Editorial Staff

Released in July 1993, Debut was the second studio album by Icelandic singer-songwriter Bjork. Recorded in the United Kingdom, Björk worked on the album with producer Nellee Hooper. The album mostly consisted of love songs relating to subjects such as her boyfriend Dominic Thrupp, her producer Nellee Hooper and to love of life itself. The Amazing cover photo was shot by photographer Jean Baptiste Mondino.



Posted on May 22, 2014 by Isabella Cecconi

While spending a weekend at the seaside, I’ve decided to visit a public beach that I haven’t seen since I was a little boy. There I saw a possibility to recite a lot of stories only from looking at the things that people bring with them. I’ve got so inspired that I had to quit what I was doing at the time and indulge into a new project. I came back the very next week with all my equipment needed for a photoshoot. I started this series because I was surprised how a certain place or surrounding can affect people’s behavior.

Lithuanian photographer Tadao Cern had a peculiar idea for his photography series snapping awkward portraits of people sleeping on the beach. Stretched, curled, all the bodies display the characteristics of each human being. Pictures are quirky but familiar, beautiful and extravagant.



Posted on May 21, 2014 by Maxim Deluxe

Sharon Van Etten is  an American  singer – songwriter from Brooklyn . Following on from her breakthrough LP ‘ Tramp ‘ back in 2102 , Sharon Van Etten will release a new record out next week on 26th May. ‘Are We There’ will be fully online streaming on line in advance .

Sharon Van Etten



Posted on May 20, 2014 by Marco Maggetto

Big loves aren’t , sometimes, immediate. I remember, long time ago, watching people wearing Birkenstock with a lot of doubts: how can you really walk in those things? Is there a reason for wearing such horrible sandals? And then one year a pair of Havaianas fell down from a high speed boat and I was in need of a pair of sleepers. All my friends in Ibiza, boho as you can imagine, were telling me to give a try to Birkenstock and I did. My collection now is made of 8 pairs and there is nothing I would recommend but them. Nothing is better in summer, and winter too (plenty of warm models). The essence of this brilliant shoe, invented in Germany in 1774 is on the footbed sole that was inspired by the natural imprint of a foot in the sand. Anatomical shape ideally supports the natural walking action of foot while joints and back are protected. Leg muscles are exercised also and health and well-being benefit as a result. Ask any other “recreational” shoe to do the same and you won’t find one. Birkenstock collection has also been enriched with new models, colored soles and upgradings. Foot’s must have.


Posted on May 16, 2014 by Editorial Staff

Releasing date: 22 September 1997. “Got ‘Till It’s Gone” written by Janet Jackson, featuring Q-Tip and Joni Mitchell, was the anticipation single taken from Jackson’s sixth album, The Velvet Rope. Despite being a risk, it was a totally out of the mainstream sound, this song received very warm critics and a  very well deserved Grammy Award for “Best Short Form Music Video”. “Got ‘Till It’s Gone” reached number one in several countries and marked the return of Jackson to the scene after a period of struggle with depression and intimacy. Considered a  fusion of Jackson’s pop style with “harder-edged hip-hop” this song remains an excellent work and a must listen for new generations. The video for “Got ’til It’s Gone” was directed by Mark Romanek and filmed at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles. Jackson portrays a lounge singer in the video, which takes place during the time of apartheid in South Africa. Inspired by a blend of ’60s and ’70s African culture and the work of photographer Malick Sidibé it won many prizes and certainly fashion oriented people’s heart. The cover of “Got ‘Till It’s Gone” was released during the filming and was shooted by rock-pop superstars photographer Eddie Wolfl. Joni Mitchell never lies.



Posted on May 15, 2014 by Marco Maggetto

The Harlow welcomes back the return of workwear in fashion, a trend that was really strong in the 90ies and seems ready to be the next hot thing on your favorite store’s rows. The idea of comfort and protection has never been out of date really, but signals are starting to get clear and loud intensely towards this direction. To represent this new wave we had picked a new American brand called O.A.M.C. It’s a simple idea: to mix all-American work wear with the luxury of European craftsmanship. Luke Meier and Chris Gibbs are both born in Canada, met in mid-nineties in New York and became friends. Meyer went to study to FIT and become Supreme (yes, the skaters number one brand) head designer while Gibbs opened up a boutique in Los Angeles called Union. When Meier invented the concept behind O.A.M.C.A he needed a right hand: who’s better than his best friend? The duo is at his second collection, doing well and raising. As they declared ” When you really boil workwear down, it’s about utility. But even through it works, maybe it doesn’t have to look like it works”.


Posted on May 14, 2014 by Maxim Deluxe

Wilsen is the creation of 24-year-old London native Tamsin Wilson. Alongside bandmates Johnny Simon Jr and Drew Arndt – both songwriters & producers in their own right – Tamsin Wilson’s passion is for the detail; each Wilsen song is tirelessly sculpted over time, building an atmosphere, a mood, a state of mind. Simon Jr’s minimalist guitar melodies and Arndt’s rhythmic basslines create a platform for the gossamer vocals of Tamsin Wilson, by turns ethereal and earthy, and the rich driving force behind Wilsen’s gentle rise. A self-recorded – over a week in rural Ontario – and self-released mini debut album ‘Sirens’ coincided with the trio’s decision to relocate to New York in the spring of 2012. The album showcased the warmth of Tamsin’s voice and a songwriting palette that moved between post-rock crescendos (‘Anahita’) and gentle folk intimacy (‘Dusk’).

The new ‘Magnolia’ EP will be released on the 19th of May .




Posted on May 13, 2014 by Isabella Cecconi

He is Brooklyn based. He is a fashion and lifestyle photographer.His name is J. Quazi King and was born in Equatorial Guinea. His pictures focus on mesmerizing portraiture. Quazi had a childhood fascination with photography, but decided to explore it just some time ago. His work is haunting, neat, sharp and real. Self-taught, he started his career by documenting everyday scenes on the streets of New York and the result, so far, has been just radiant.


Posted on May 13, 2014 by Clara G

There are very few pictures of Marilyn where she looks real, a real woman. But some months before her dead in August, 1962, she began to be more natural, to reveal herself a little bit beyond her fabulous hairdressing, all the make up and even the clothes. Don’t know if it was a sign of maturity and self-acceptance, or simply because of publicity reasons, knowing her as I do, I don’t think it was casual. That last Marilyn, with her fading beauty, her white hair a little damaged, very thin, wearing Pucci dresses and Ferragamo stilettos, is the one I adore.

It was June, 1962, at the sunset, It was cold on Santa Monica beach, Marilyn was 36, she was wearing a wool jacket with an orange bikini underneath, her hair was a mess, her make up too, she was tired after a long photo shooting, drinking too much champagne. Empty eyes, childish laughing, spots in her nose. It was January, 2009, at night, it was cold in Madrid. I was 35, my kid was a little baby, my husband gave me a present: a big Balenciaga white box, inside there was a wool jacket.

There is no apparently connection between the architectural clothes designed by Nicolas Ghesquière for Balenciaga that year and the wool jacket bought 47 years before in Sacks, but whenever I wear it, and I do it very often, it reminds me that iconic photo shot: for me Marilyn is always there, wearing that jacket that I know she loved. She was just laughing and dreaming at the sea side.


Posted on May 12, 2014 by Luisa Fazio

Uit uit uit uit! That’s the sweet music they make with their long forked tails. They are capable of speeding fast making precise trajectories or repetitive tumbles. They are emblem of freedom, they don’t tolerate slavery in a cage. Bearers of good time and good weather. Swallows have arrived announcing the “Milan’s Spring”! After snails between spiers of Milan’s Cathedral and frogs in the dock of Navigli, the Cracking Art Group, have installed “swallows nest” adding a piece to the “modern art that regenerates ancient and monumental art”. Swallows live close to men, building their nests under eaves roofs of houses. We, human beings, have received them as “roommates” that “chat” and flutter until dawn. Until June the 30th, the courtyards of the Castello Sforzesco will be populated by giant Hirundo rustica, and their eggs, sculpted in multi-colored plastic will show that the nesting period has begun. The purpose is to raise funds to restore the equestrian marble statue of Bernabò Visconti, symbol of the Castle. In return, a multiple swallow sculpture that deposits eggs will be symbol of the regenerative operation. It is recommended to leave a window open… it is said that if a swallow flies into the house, it brings all sort of happiness. Good luck!


Posted on May 9, 2014 by Editorial Staff

Tapestry by Carole King was released in 1971 and was one of the best-selling albums of all time, with over 25 million copies sold worldwide. The cover had been shot by photographer Jim McCray who was on the verge of shooting one of his most famous images when he stopped to ask singer Carole King if the cat sleeping across the room could be part of the tableau. He remembered the results of a Kodak survey that found “after children, the most popular thing people photographed was their own cats”. King assured him that her pet was docile, he carried the tabby and its pillow to the window ledge and into the frame. By the third click of his camera, the cat had slipped away but McCrary had what he needed: a picture of both the barefoot songstress and her whiskered feline that became the cover of King’s landmark.


Posted on May 8, 2014 by Editorial Staff

It will happen on sunday May the 18th 2014, that marvelous spread Nutella will be 50 years old. Created in the 1940s by Mr. Pietro Ferrero,  pastry maker and founder of the Ferrero company, Nutella was at the very beginning called ‘Supercrema gianduja’. Since the very beginning the spread was well received and became so popular that Italian food stores started a service called “The Smearing”. Children could go to their local food store with a slice of bread for a “smear” of “supercrema gianduja.” In the 60’s, the name changed into NUT (hazelnut) and ELLA (a soft ending). Since European families and visitors have enjoyed Nutella as a breakfast staple on bread and toast for more than 40 years, the Ferrero Company wanted to introduce this traditional Italian breakfast item to the U.S. market in order to share the enjoyment of such a unique, convenient and tasty product.  Nutella was first imported from Italy to the U.S. For the 2014 anniversary, Ferrero has produced a limited edition of Nutella, with fluo glass jars. Ready for a smear?



Posted on May 7, 2014 by Maxim Deluxe

Douglas Dare is a London-based singer-songwriter, originally from the coastal town of Bridport, South West England.

The son of a piano teacher, Douglas began composing instrumental music from a young age but it was not until studying popular music at University in Liverpool in 2008 that he began songwriting. Douglas’ rich and haunting vocals are combined with lyrics crafted from his own poems and short prose, a writing style that gives his intimate songs wisdom far beyond his 23 years.  

After supporting Ólafur Arnalds and Nils Frahm on their recent tours, May 12th 2014 will see the release of his debut album ‘Whelm’.

Listen ‘Whelm’   on Erased Tapes


Posted on May 5, 2014 by Marco Maggetto

A positive reaction, a response. That’s what Parisian brand Jacquemus provoked. In general, that response is a smile, a happy and bright one because Jacquemus is stitched with good humor. Simon Porte Jacquemus is a guy the left his small city in the south of France and reached Paris with a dream: becoming a fashion designer. He is self-educated, he left fashion school after two months. Young and romantic, this candid guy has left a mark since his debut collection in 2013. His inspiration? It comes from his teenage naiveté, 90s style and “sometimes” grunge. Young Jacquemus wanted to create casual yet strong womenswear in memory of his mother and this the only note of melancholy. The rest is joy, simple things, freshness, reinvention. And when a designer declares something like this to describe one of its collection “I imagined the story of a lonely woman, tired of men, who’d dedicated her life to dogs” how could you possibly not fall in love with him? If fashion needs a new consciousness and some sincerity, not only a new perfectly targeted tweet, the example of Jacquemus is a good start.



Posted on May 5, 2014 by Isabella Cecconi

Maybe the right word is melancholia. John Bennett Fitts, born in 1977 is an American photographer with a focus on emptiness. In his series No Lifeguard On Duty, there are large color photographs of empty 60’s-motel swimming pools, all abandoned and cracked. The shots were taken at sunset and the light is warm and familiar.Fitts describes an urban environment with an outer worldly quality.He has exhibited around the world and received various awards.His body of work gives us an insight into the Los Angeles area, exploring the abandonment and decline of sites. Fitts makes emptiness look beautiful and the simplicity and absence of human presence a portayal of decaying America.