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Posted on January 17, 2013 by admin

Curious, complete. A cultivated photographer, a real artist. Alpha Castaldi’s professional career has explored various themes with great passion and competence. Castaldi land to photography through a fundamental formative run: in the immediate postwar period he studies history of art with Roberto Longhi, the most innovative Italian art critic of the time. He is  “homy” at Cafe Jamaica in Milan where he gathers some people who will become the best photographers of an era: Ugo Mulas, Mario Dondero, Charles Bavagnoli but also painters, writers, journalists all responsible of the renewal of the “Milanese” culture. The virus of the photo will also strike Castaldi that abandons the traditional studies of art for an art “all to discover”. At first he goes south of Italy for some reportages, then Paris, London. Then, thanks to his soul mate Anna Piaggi,  he discovers fashion and becomes one of the most versatile and inventive Italian fashion photographers. His approach is, for sure,  not traditional. He is a researcher, he is creative, he is maybe one of the very first photographers to immortalize the world of fashion as a real thing (backstage, designers, the process of creation). Galleria Franca Sozzani devotes a touching retrospective to this master of photography introducing some unpublished nudes and a personal section of photos that Alfa Castaldi  took of his wife Anna Piaggi.  An hommage to Anna, recently disappeared and already strongly lamented, but also a tribute to an one of a kind Italian photograph

From 17 February till 30th march 2013

Galleria Carla Sozzani – Corso Como 10 – 20154 Milano, Italia

alfa castaldi

alfa castaldi’s for Vogue 1972


Alfa Castaldi Karl Lagerfeld Perfume 1983