Posted on July 30, 2012 by Flan

You are on the 117, the electric bus that crosses the historic centre of Rome. You think of that little bus as a ferry floating over the crowds of people with the only purpose of taking you to all those enthralling places you love so much. It has always been like that with you: you have always loved places more than anything. You consider space not just as the drop scene of the action. You believe it often determines and drives the core strings of the plots you see unfolding in front of you. And your specialty is to sit in those places and perfectly blend in. And what you mean with blending in is not exactly a chameleon act, you are the type who likes making entrances and above all memorable exits, slurring and waving kisses and swearing eternal love to the entire male staff.You still haven’t decided where to go. It would probably be wise to limit the entire excitement of the evening to the bus ride through Via del Corso shimmering in the summer heat. After all, you are still recovering from a fracture. It’s been a time of reflection, a break from your nightlife’s expeditions. You broke a bone and you were forced to take a break. And, in the time you were stuck in the house, you have been even called a heartbreaker. Continue Reading →