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Posted on June 18, 2012 by Luca Andriani

The project Pimp my Mary stems from the communication of a strong disagreement and detachment from the commercialization of the icon itself. Spirituality, by definition detaches from the material and terrestrial, from what has now become consumerism: the Madonnas become thus soldiers and stand in line on shelves of retailers recalling the cans of vending machines that are served, consumed and collected. The project reached its second edition, managing to attract decorators from the art world and a lot of criticism from the Catholics.

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Posted on May 10, 2012 by Luca Andriani

Clear thing is that nothing is more powerful than an idea, being it an active player in the business, when aimed at spreading a message. What is the best method to make it effective is not easy. After years of experience I made myself an opinion: the valid mode of communication to promote ideas is the one that combines the facility to network with real events, reality, and creates tangible visibility with non-traditional means. Some of the best operations that have been able to express this idea are: Kony 2012, the US launching  of the film Chronicle (NY has lived in panic for a day) and the latest IKEA add (Salone del Mobile, Milan 2012), with title “Bathroom”. Starting from the basic idea supported by dual strategy of the virtual and the real, they have reached results that went far beyond what traditional media would ever had. As the world is changing very rapidly, communication strategies must keep moving. Continue Reading →