Posted on May 8, 2012 by Marco Maggetto

When winter  gets dark, it’s better to light up with shades of green, grass, petrol, naked and light blue. When winter arrives, a fil rouge can be enveloping, a neon orange can warm up an entire room with no fuels or any other kind of exotic energy. The color palette of  Co | Te Fall-Winter 2012 is a masterpiece but it’s not the only great point of this young Italian brand founded by Francesco Ferrari and Tomaso Anfossi. Both graduates from the prestigious Istutito Marangoni Of Milan, this dynamic duo aims to push the limits in search of some new without going wild. Why bothering with exaggerations? Yesterday being a designer was a  hard work leading to a court or rehab.  Today it’s different, today it’s better to tone it down and start gently. Continue Reading →