Posted on February 12, 2014 by Editorial Staff

So when was it really? When did a human married, for the first time, a same sex human? Mesopotamia, that was the gayest place on earth but also in the ancient Assyrian society there were no problems with homosexual love and unions. Here at the Harlow, we were wondering, who did, really, celebrated the first gay marriage and we came across Svetonio’s memoir.  It was 10 A.D. and yes,  it was in Rome. How hilarious is that? One of the last countries to resist same sex marriage was the most tolerant long ago. Hilarious. But let’s go back to the cut of the ribbon:  it was Nerone that, deeply madly in love, married a beautiful boy named Sporo who, until marriage lasted, never left him and  followed him anywhere. Big love,  romantic trips, good time around Empire’s markets and shops.  Nerone, in public, was so tender with his soul mate that used to cover him with kisses. Then another cute guy named Doriforo came along and the marriage was broken. Some years later Emperors Costanzo and Costante stopped the game of same sex marriage with a law and suddenly the party was over for at least 1900 years. Nerone the modern, not only a pyromaniac. And cut!