Posted on March 21, 2013 by Marco Maggetto

Today it’s Spring, the right time for changes has come. Those little seasonal adjustments that need to be done in order to bring some positiveness around our lives can be done. Today we can decide to inaugurate the new season in a bizarre way. Women? Oh they are magicians, they can change the color of their hair or nails but what about men? They could start, for example, with a change of accessories. Since men are great consumer of them lately, they should try to stop buying  woman purses (for instance). Too much “bears” out there with a Birkin Bag hanging on their wrist or elbow. Too many leather bags toted around. Ok, men are normally going in high heels nowadays  but I believe that it’s time to go back to the old “spot” backpack. That marvelous porter that disappears behind shoulders: capacious, discreet, functional, it divides weights on shoulders, avoid metamorphosis in the gait, in the walk and prevent scoliosis too. On the top of  it women’s purses have never been sexy on a man. It’s time to let go those handles and let ourselves embrace the backpack theory. Usually made in light materials, hyper technological, waterproof, incidental run ready, the BP is like a bra, an engineered work of art. At Muji, for example, you can find a selection of the lightest designs with that jap touch and smart price. At  Invicta you can buy a classical “paninaro”  model to color break your looks in total nostalgia. At  EastPack you can go for classical models that have been there since decades. And, if your budget is higher, you can choose the “fuzz” of the fantastic “hard core” printed backpack by Givenchy  (photo above) that comes straight from the contorted mind of Riccardo Tisci. And remember, a BP will keep you grounded, no matter the one you choose. Use no wrists nor elbows, it’s on our shoulders that the weight of life should be carried.