Posted on July 24, 2014 by Luisa Fazio

While his works takeS shape he, crouched for a long time, becomes an extension by HIS work. His name is Wolfgang Laib, German, born in 1950. He collected with meticulous care, for decades, pollen grains from pine trees, dandelions and kernels. The soft dust of flowers anthers, natural “gold”,  so yellow, bright and evanescent as sun it’s not only spreaded by wind with such mastery. The artist sprinkles it on the floor with a sieve, drawing large parallelograms and small domes of great simplicity but of intense conceptual meaning. “The pollen is not what I have created, and therefore it is more than what I could ever do,” says Laib, praising the pollen as pure art, as carrier of single energetic force. It’s  an example of “Divine art”. Animated by an aura of preciousness and brilliance, his zen and minimal creations surround every area of life with radiance and luminosity. The artist of simple materials dazzles us enormously, without abusing and without ever confuse our view! Fiat lux! As God said.