Posted on January 30, 2014 by Isabella Cecconi

Back to film rolls please, back to waiting for a film development, back to quality, back to excitement. Yashica t4 o Yashica t5, had a nice handling, with the sharp shutter. it took little pressure to fire them but in the mid ’90s these models  were one of the greatest cameras ever. The t4 or t5, if you lived across the pond, could be considered a cousin to the much more expensive Contax T2 which had been referred to as “the Fashion Photographer’s Secret Weapon.” Yashica discontinued the T4 in 2002. It had a wide, fairly fast 35mm 3.5 autofocus Zeiss lens, two things made the T4 Super really stand out from all other super-compact auto-everything point and shoot cameras. The Carl Zeiss lens and the Super scope waist-level viewfinder which allowed you to compose your shots as if you were using a twin lens reflex camera. Great photo toys of all time.