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Posted on May 8, 2012 by Marco Maggetto

When winter  gets dark, it’s better to light up with shades of green, grass, petrol, naked and light blue. When winter arrives, a fil rouge can be enveloping, a neon orange can warm up an entire room with no fuels or any other kind of exotic energy. The color palette of  Co | Te Fall-Winter 2012 is a masterpiece but it’s not the only great point of this young Italian brand founded by Francesco Ferrari and Tomaso Anfossi. Both graduates from the prestigious Istutito Marangoni Of Milan, this dynamic duo aims to push the limits in search of some new without going wild. Why bothering with exaggerations? Yesterday being a designer was a  hard work leading to a court or rehab.  Today it’s different, today it’s better to tone it down and start gently. Continue Reading →


Posted on May 7, 2012 by Emilia Garcia Romeu

Carlos Bunga is best known for structures made of cardboard and packing tape: white constructions entirely covering the walls of the gallery, which, once built, are dissected to expose surfaces painted in bright colors. The origin of his work is in the street, the inspiration of this painter-cum- architect/sculptor, who began displaying his works on the walls of the city only to end up reconstructing or mimicking them inside galleries and museums. Bunga’s work has been included in exhibitions such as Unmonumental (New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York, 2007) or Low Key (Fundación Botín, Santander, 2008), featuring young artists who would rather work with their hands, precarious materials, and simple techniques (collage and assemblage) than succumb to the technological complexity and spectacular appearance of the art of the last decade. In the recent show of Bunga at galería elba benítez (Madrid), one is taken by a group of very light and beautiful sculptures on white pedestals. Continue Reading →


Posted on May 4, 2012 by Arianna Pistorello

Everything began around 50 years ago in a NASA laboratory where he was developing a routine experiment. That day something went wrong and scientist  Max Huber remained involved in an explosion; flames burned his hands and face in a brutal way that were suddenly cured in a traditional way  without great results. Huber’s innate love for  sea pushed him to look for a proper help in its depths. Sea drone particularly attracted his attention for its extraordinary abilities to regenerate, for its nourishing characteristics and for the unbelievable power to hold back hydration. For 12 years and more than 6000 experiments, Dr. Huber picked up these algae and mixed them to simple and pure elements as kick, magnesium, potassium, iron, leticine , vitamin C and  B12, oil of citrus fruit, eucalyptus, germ of wheat alfalfa, sunflower. So it begins a delicate bio fermentation feed by light and sounds that last 4 months which originated “Miracle Broth”, a miraculous balsam that renovated his skin and gave it a better appearance. Needles  to say that relatives and friends start to ask for the cream and history spreads all over the world. The Myth of the Miracle Broth was born.

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Posted on May 3, 2012 by Isabella Cecconi

These are basically images taken from high elevation, with one naked body, in a variety of locations. John Crawford’s photography can be considered as a plunge into digital transformation, abstraction, interpretation of reality, minimalism, and artistic master working. One of New Zealand’s best accomplished photographers, with his latest series of photographs titled “Aerial Nudes”,he presents highly entertaining images and easy to enjoy shots. His images capture anyone’s interest. By squinting our eyes, we try to figure out exactly what we’re looking at. Joyful and colorful. His photography his eye catching. Enjoy.


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Posted on May 3, 2012 by Isabella Cecconi

Generally, tea is the reflection of culture and civilization. Its essence must be respected and adapted to local tastes and taken into account when getting the best out of it: climate, water, atmosphere and sensitivity to flavor.There is no battle between coffee and tea. There’s no winner, nor defeated. Sipping tea is like heart embracing, it’s like a reminder of travels, plantation, exotic flavors.Mariage Frères is France’s oldest House of Tea, and without doubt the most exclusive merchant in luxury teas. It’s a tea that embodies the most evanescent moment and places in life. With over 600 varieties of rare teas laid out in apothecary style, with hundreds of oversized black canisters lining the walls throughout the store, the company is a tempting assortment of tea-flavored and scented products.At Mariage Frères, tea is prepared according gold rules by tea sommeliers, according to wonderful frangrances, made up of all the many ebullient aromas escaping from the countless number of tea boxes. The scent of tea permeates everything. Mariage Frères is the most amazing teahouse in the world, it’s the place where you understand the difference between happiness and bliss, the place where you wish a moment could last forever because it strives for excellence in a quest of the finest harvest. Around the world, Mariage Frères represents the most refined qualities of the French art of living. French tea first saw the light almost three hundred years ago, during the royal court at Versailles. Continue Reading →