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Posted on January 11, 2017 by Marco Maggetto

Pieter Hugo, born1976, in Johannesburg is one of our favorite contemporary photographers. Recurring theme: most of the times it is Africa and it’s not only about the beauty of this immense continent, it’s also political, it’s complaint, it’s romanticism, it’s narrative. Like his next exibithion  at New York gallery Yossi Milo called 1994 on view from January 26 – March 11. Pieter Hugo’s show will be made of color photographs taken of children born in Rwanda and South Africa after the year 1994, the year of the Rwandan genocides and of the end of Apartheid in South Africa. Wearing often fanciful clothes and posed in nature, each child symbolizes the budding hope of a life unladen by active oppression, yet is rooted inextricably in the landscape into which they were born.

Pieter Hugo’s major museum solo exhibitions: The Hague Museum of Photography, Musée de l’Elysée in Lausanne, Ludwig Museum in Budapest, Fotografiska in Stockholm, MAXXI in Rome and the Institute of Modern Art Brisbane, among others.

Public and private collections: the Museum of Modern Art, V&A Museum, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art, J Paul Getty Museum, Walther Collection, Deutsche Börse Group, Folkwang Museum and Huis Marseille.

Ph. Miss Moss



Posted on December 3, 2015 by admin

Dear Girl I,

I know, time passes but it doesn’t really matter. It is always yesterday when you do really care about someone.

Thank you for calling me your boy, I’m absolutely feeling like a teenager again and my passion for Mickey Mouse socks and Peanuts tee shirts had never been so burning.

I have been thinking about you last week while I was on a queue to enter the New York Dover Street Market. There was so many young people and  they were all there for the Supreme X Comme Des Garçons collection (on sale). They were all so cute, so fresh and they had a passion. I mean it was like us some years ago queuing for an event in Milan. The Harlows, the two of us. Do you remember? Do you remember that day we didn’t queue and skipped three fashion shows to go eat a pasta? Because we were starving and because chatting and talking was much more important than all the fuzz. Do you? Well I think we were just magic, just the best bloggers in town. I love us… and bloody hell if I want to dance with you mate. Let’s waltz!



Ps For the occasion I will probably wear pictured 2011 jacket by Comme Des Garçons x Supreme. 😉


Posted on December 2, 2015 by admin

Dear Boy M.

It’s been a long time since we last spoke, since we last wrote.

Time has been flying..and days have flown and our eyes have parted. But alas, I haven’t forgotten you.

My tired redded eyes got actually filled with new ideas, other magnificent  stuff, new fanciful  things and amazing amazement. I want to share them all with you.

Do you?

Do you still want to dance with me?

Lots of Love,

Girl I.



Posted on August 20, 2015 by admin

And Summer has almost gone. That means we have a lot warm weather in front of us but new collections are landed in stores. The only reason we didn’t move to the Carribean is precisely that. We love the entire package, the four seasons one, and we love this moment. The September Issue, the new trends and the clothing. The Harlow welcomes back a new season and recommends you: keep an eye on suede.


Posted on March 25, 2015 by Margherita Nannuzzi

Star system is principally an image of the way in which stars live. Starting from Hollywood’s roaring twenties, film production company has begun capitalizing on the people’s dream to dress like the stars. In 1937 the entrepreneur Bernard Waldman instituted the Modern Merchandising Bureau, a society that purchased the reproduction fees of dresses worn by stars in the movies and put up them for sale in Cinema Fashions shops in 400 town of the United States. This society designed the clothes ensuring that, when the movie come out, were directly set in the stores. Bought for a few dollars, the imitations of Greta Garbo, Joan Crawford and Clara Bow’s costumes make millions of woman dream. Would Repetto ballet flat have had success, if Brigitte Bardot hadn’t worn in Roger Vadim’s movie? The “must have”of clothes, the little black dress (Lbd), was made famous by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany (Edwards, 1961) and designed by Givenchy; Nicole Kidman’s white singlet in Eyes Wide Shut (Kubrick,1999) became a symbol in female underwear. In the Internet’s age, fashion is more enjoyable and available. Big stars and famous actors lose their supremacy of  unique models of elegance.

In the new way of communication web 2.5 (a new experience in which interactive media content are realized directly by internet users, which share informations, videos, pictures about own personality), new figures stands out in the business of fashion: fashion bloggers, which profit by social media as Facebook and Instagram for imposing as icons of style and exploiting  fandom as a marketing instrument. 

We follow and we love fashion bloggers because they are “people like us”. We leave remarks on the web, because we are anxious of knowing informations about their dress or hair’s colour. In Italy Chiara Ferragni, Chiara Biasi, Giulia Gaudino and the youngest Chiara Nasti are already very famous and guests in some of the most important fashion catwalks. Emerging brand competed for publicizing their clothes, accessories and cosmetics, exploiting popularity of these young girls. Fashion bloggers are by now a source of inspiration for a comfortable style and a sophisticated look, frequently rather cheap.

Isn’t it true fashion bloggers are redefining the rules of fashion marketing?


Posted on March 24, 2015 by Gabriela Maria Vlad

“It often happens to me to discover people online and talk about them to my friends and see that, sooner or later, they get to become famous. I admire photographers, singers, movie makers, designers, architects, well.. you’ve got it… creative people. It might be my chance now to actually contribute to their launch.
But this is not about me, it’s about them and somebody already had a brilliant idea to bring them all together. The site is called and it’s definitely inspiring. Every artist is exposed in such a dreamy way, the camera lets you in their universe without even interfering. Each video is 1 minute long and seems more like a detailed introduction than a revealing story.

This is how they describe themselves: “The One Minute Wonder series is created by innovations-studio Present Plus. ‘Present Plus’ is a term that was coined a few years ago to define a new tense or moment in time that is somewhere between the present (now) and the future. A fundamental thought when founding our company. It’s about a point in time that the internet, cloud, and technology has made possible.
Technology allows people to obtain information and products faster and simpler than ever before, creating a point where the future is always within reach. Present Plus, as a company, wanted to be part of this movement and shape it. But with time being precious, we aimed to have equally precious stories be told in a time frame even the busiest people could digest. One Minute Wonders tells the story of others doing the same. They tell us to reach further.” Continue Reading →


Posted on February 13, 2015 by Maxim Deluxe

Here they come All We Are the English band from Liverpool with their  smoothley music, and their amazing first  self titled album .


Posted on January 28, 2015 by Luisa Fazio

In a lifetime, the need of not feeling alone is physiological, especially in our domestic space. Who has not welcomed home a chubby pig-shaped piggy bank or a stinging doorstop under the shape of a hedgehog? We loved the company of useful objects but also objects that have renounced their functionality. Do not forget the improbable collection of turtles, elephants and bunnies! Ten established and emerging international designers have intersected their passion for furnishing with love for animals, in a sympathetical and imaginative way. In collaboration with Bosa, Venetian ceramic laboratory, known throughout the world, they have created ANIMAlità: a zoomorphic collection on display at the Triennale Design Museum in Milan. Design objects from animal shapes such as cats, armadillos, beetles, toucans, unicorn colorful, funny, ironic, everyday usage but also playful and apotropaic. Animality in the service of matter. The zoo collection is strictly of refined ceramics. Designers have very well passed the risk of running into banality and bad taste. There are no unnecessary and superfluous objects, but only objects that make us feel good, really good.



Posted on January 13, 2015 by Clara G

Put the blame on Gilda, on her red hair, on those long black satin gloves driving all the attention to her perfect shoulders. Her self-confidence wearing that iconic strapless black dress, the way she sings, the way she dances, sure about her beauty, one glove is on the floor, her movements are deliberately powerful, the dress moves dangerously, somehow is promising to fall down, the camera plays with this effect. Jean Luis created a perfect outfit to build a perfect scene alive and modern since 1946. My gloves are long but not black, they are red. Not satin but wool. Not very tight, they are confortable and warm, they have no label, neither handling instructions, they are beautiful and anonymous.

Gilda smiles, plays, but she is a little sad, she seems to be drunk. There is a little bit of pain. It’s  easy to see the smile of the good girl turned into a femme fatal. Did Rita Hayworth wanted to create Gilda like this or is Rita the one that smiles behind Gilda? You are supposed to be true while dancing, and Rita was a professional dancer. Gilda wearing long gloves has been always on my mind, and of course I have always had a pair of long gloves, always… put the blame on me, I’ll show no repentance, I’ll suffer with pride, finally… I am not Gilda!


Posted on January 13, 2015 by Margherita Nannuzzi

Since the 1970s the photographer Cindy Sherman portrays herself in imitation of cinematographic aesthetic of the 1950s and 1960s in Untitled film still. It is not a self-portrait in the traditional sense but a representation of stereotypes handed down by american and italian cinema: the young woman who arrives in metropolis, the housewife, the unprejudiced (or rather the femme fatale), Alfred Hitchcock’s blonde and woman victim based on the famous image of Anna Magnani. Although it’s a cliché, the pictures are made by an artist and resemble an original but are also fake stereotypes, because the cinema itself produces stereotypes to whom reality tends to look like. The combination of elements like light, make-up, costumes and, especially, types of angles and shots allows us to associate those photographs to films which we have already seen, besides, we are deceived by the female glance, that is always turned elsewhere. Sherman’s photographs seem apparently kitsch, because fashion photography expresses the  concept of “inauthentic” par excellence, but instead Sherman is making us an analysis and a reflection that are typical of modernist avant-garde. The Louis Vuitton maison for its 160 years, has chosen, among various artists, Cindy Sherman for celebrating the iconic Monogram pattern, created in 1896 by Georges Vuitton to pay homage to his  father Louis. Cindy chose the trunk (that she calls “my travel office”) but this time she doesn’t make a self-representation but she uses a model as alter ego. The model takes from the trunk the cosmetics to disguise herself as a clown,  a character become very interested for Sherman in the last ten years. The trunk, a casket enclosing a traveller’s dreams, has been the inspiration for the LV 2014 Winter collection.


Posted on January 8, 2015 by Maxim Deluxe

VAULTS  The  London-based band comes out with the new EP of sweet and melancholic music entitled ‘ Vultures ‘.

Listen on :


Posted on January 7, 2015 by Isabella Cecconi

UK’s hosting the largest exhibition of photographer Guy Bourdin, influential, enigmatic fashion photographer. The show features over 100 works and previously unseen material from the photographer’s estate, from 1955 to 1987. On display Bourdin’s distinguished 40-year career from Man Ray’s protégé to photography revolutionary in his own right and explore his pursuit of perfection. 

@Somersert House, London – until March the 15th 2015



Posted on January 6, 2015 by Editorial Staff

A striking addiction to any kitchen! Molded in sturdy black plastic and meticulously detailed, it’s obviously the Darth Vader Toaster! Two pieces of bread and Vader ejects them with his portrait into one side and the “Star Wars” logo into the other. 

Beakfast is going to a darker side!



Posted on January 5, 2015 by Editorial Staff

Dance genius Martha Graham studied at the Denishawn School of Dancing and Related Arts before establishing the Martha Graham Centre of Contemporary Dance in 1926. Rejecting classical European ballet, she  searched in primitive societies the inspiration for her spiritual-like naturalistic moves she interpreted bare feet. Her innovative dance had, the most long-lasting influence on contemporary performance. Deeply influenced by the political climate, she could be considered the ‘Picasso of dance’. A woman who made her modern dance popular in a country she so strongly analysed and represented, creating a unique ‘American experience’.As she used to say : ‘nothing is more revealing than a movement.’


Posted on December 12, 2014 by Editorial Staff

Work: Mongo Drain Mouth- analog collage


Posted on December 9, 2014 by Maxim Deluxe

The Tokyo duo Jesse Ruins  move from lush synth-pop to aggressive with their new album ‘Heartless ‘ out now on Desire Records. One of the best records of the year .





Posted on December 5, 2014 by Editorial Staff


Oh, talents! A fresh smell of ‘thenextbigthing’ was in the air  when Morgan Jesse Lappin presented his works to The Harlow. Hold On With High Regard will host his work. We suggest you discovering this artist and his webpage. ‘When making collage pieces the images I use come mostly from old encyclopedias, and other older publications. I use nothing more than a physical cut and paste/tape method with all my work. Throughout the years I’ve adopted a few different styles of collage and am always looking for fresh ways to present my work. I spend probably 85% of the time cutting and collecting images and the rest of the time actually making work. I have hundreds of categories with thousands of pre-cut images in folders ready to go. It’ll just take a few more life times to get to it all.’

Morgan Jesse Lappin, collage artist/musician living in Brooklyn. Collage  an OCD passionate since  2007. In December 2013 he put together the Brooklyn Collage Collective, now over 30 members strong.

Work: The Big City – analog collage


Posted on December 3, 2014 by Margherita Nannuzzi

“Among the things that will never go out of fashion there are jeans, white shirt and Chanel’s jacket». These are Karl Lagerfeld’s words, who will present December the 1st a short film entitled Reincarnation, that reveals the anecdote behind the history of the famous Chanel’s jacket: in 1954 the French stylist was particularly impressed by the jacket worn by an usher in a Salzburg’s Hotel. According to the shape of that jacket, Chanel designed a timeless piece of women’s fashion.

Exactly in the early 1950s, when fashion and women returned to dream after the great straits of World War II and while Hollywood was offering sexy beauties from tight-fitting clothes like Marilyn, Coco Chanel, instead, preferred to create simple models and make women’s clothing more functional, without ever sacrificing femininity and elegance.

The male cut tweed jacket characterized by straight line, that Chanel combines almost always with a knee-length skirt, is still very imitated and loved whether on the catwalks or in department stores. Many fashion houses reproduce the model almost every year: just look at Pinko, Elisabetta Franchi, Denny Rose and even Zara’s catalogues, just to list some of the most affordable brand!

The trend of fashion tends to be cyclical, which means that its deepest essence is change, speed, transformation; but those items of fashion like Chanel’s jacket seem to be crystallized by time, because the same pattern of jacket is revived every year with just a few small variations.

One of the last tributes to the Chanel’s jacket is Woody Allen’s one in the movie Blue Jasmine (2013). The white wool Chanel’s jacket and the Hermes bag, worn in many scenes of the movie, symbolize for the female character, heavily exhausted and indebted due to the dirty business of her husband, the only connection with the marvelous life she led in the high society.


Posted on November 25, 2014 by Luisa Fazio

Home-made lovers will certainly find, in an abandoned cellar, an old birdcage and some (exclusively and without identity) trivial polystyrene birds. Too bad! What they will try to create will be just vaguely similar to unique creations of French designer Mathieu Challières. Braided copper to form an aviary and the colorful birds that dwell in and out, the vintage touch, the lyrical light coming from his Paris studio: Les Volières. Caged in any shape and height, the light reflects and generates on walls and ceilings shadows and silhouettes giving a relaxed, romantic, magical and lively soul to the room. It has the feeling of living in an enchanted forest full of life, spring in the air all year round! Probably, it was just that the personal and urgent need of the artist when, at the end of the nineties, something pushed Challières to leave the corporate world and decide to produce in his laboratory furniture and decorative objects that shortly would be sold in nearly thirty countries around the world. It was an autumn day…


Posted on November 24, 2014 by Clara G

Precious and fragile things need special handling. Hand crafted, made one by one with a laborious shredding technic, precious and fragile. How could I resist this t-shirt? I found a way to wear it reversed (originally the net was thought to be in the front), with that simple decision it has became one of favorite tops. Oversized, a little gothic, with this dramatic effect on the back, it works in summer and winter, day and night. There was something special on it since the beginning. What captured my attention was that vintage effect, the cotton’s touch, the black turning into gray color, the strange proportion. Thin like paper that floats over the body. Working on this post, I found out that the designer Rachel Allegra started using old t-shirts reclaimed from Los Angeles County Prison System and this t-shirt I own belongs to that collections. I am  quite shocked about that. Things get damage, things get broken… and sometimes, only sometimes, they get much better!


Posted on November 19, 2014 by Margherita Nannuzzi

In the film universe, the masculinization of female fashion invokes a kind of imaginary connected to bisexuality, and to the emancipation of women. Both fashion and films show how style and femininity change in the early 20th century. In the thirties Marlene Dietrich and Katherine Hepburn were the first women to wear trousers in Hollywood.

Travis Banton, Paramount’s Chief costume designer, designed for Marlene Dietrich some masculine suits that have become a source of inspiration for Giorgio Armani. During the filming of Morocco (Von Stenberg, 1930) Dietrich wears for a performance a black smoking and a top hat. At that time, the actress’s outfit impressed so much Gary Cooper, that he defined her “the only woman in pants and jacket looks also sexier.” Even off the set, Dietrich wore with superb elegance, suit jacket, men coat, baggy pants; articles of clothing that have helped to define Armani’s style and  that influence most women’s choices about fashion. Marlene Dietrich became symbol of the show girl, a daring woman who can lead, thanks to her charm and her body, a glamorous lifestyle; while Katherine Hepburn was the star of screwball and brilliant comedy. Her style was as much anti conventional: she didn’t wear skirts, but “Katherine’s pants” with long waist and white socks, she preferred men’s shirts and she loved the blazer. Her velvet smoking worn in Women of the year (Stevens, 1942) will inspire, twenty years on, Yves Saint Laurent’s female tuxedo.

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Posted on November 13, 2014 by Maxim Deluxe

Adam Bainbridge is a British Musician  who perform under the name Kindness and talking about himself he says  : “I’m not a skinny white guy,” “And I don’t belong in an indie band, thank you very much.” Kindness is out with a great  new album ‘ Otherness’



Posted on November 5, 2014 by Editorial Staff

A new book on American Designer Halston is coming out the 14th of November. Written by Leslie Frowick, Halston’s niece and confidante, this book aims to chronicle the designer’s life and his glamorous, minimalist aesthetic. This is the first serious “monograph” on Halston and its two decades of splendor. From the raise in 60ies till the very last days, Leslie Frowick  spotlights her uncle’s  most important design achievements and his collaborations with  Martha Graham, Elsa Peretti, and Hiro. The untold story of Halston that solidifies his place as a key designer in American fashion. Overture words by forever friend Liza Minnelli. From Rizzoli Usa.



Posted on November 3, 2014 by Editorial Staff

Fulco di Santostefano della Cerda, Duke of Verdura, was a man destined to be a legend. Born in Sicily in 1899, he moved to France in 1927. While in Paris, he met Coco Chanel and designed for her fashion house a line of jewelry in precious stones. He became Chanel’s favorite. In 1937, he was in New York and designed jewelry for Hollywood stars: Greta Garbo, Katherine Hepburn, Joan Crawford. Not until 1937, he opened his first boutique in New York. Ten years later, his European atelier in Paris. In those years he met Salvador Dali, who encouraged him to design a surreal collection. Fulco’s creations were normally based on nature motifs. In the 1950s he created a series of seashells encrusted with gems. Gloria Swanson, Barbara Hutton, Diana Vreeland, Jackie Kennedy, Princess Grace of Monaco and the Duchess of Windsor were just a few of his more famous clients. His designs often featured in Vogue and other magazines. Despite such fame, he rarely sought publicity. Di Verdura was an exceptional visual artist. He never married. He died in London in 1978. He was survived by his family and his legacy: the tradition of a unique artisan.



Posted on October 30, 2014 by Luisa Fazio

Like a ship is driven from its helm, so a trusty little fish has been ferrying and preceeding (for millions of years and long trips across oceans), the most powerful predator of the sea: the shark. Silvery gray pilot fishes (Naucrates ductor L.), with a elongated and compressed body and broad dark blue vertical stripes, take stand on head and in front of shark’s snouts. They guide him, accompany him, and warn him in advance if they spot preys. In exchange, the shark is their safe haven. The “satellite fish” eats leftovers (sometimes, seen as the scavenger between sharp teeths) – it feels safe from the dangers of its worst enemies, thanks to the authoritative protection. Will it able to escape its patron’s sharp teeth? The sea king is not capable to swallow the pilot due to its fast pace. Sounds like a fairy tale and a good story is about to begins… “There was once a small fish, a negligible striped fish, escorting a big cartilage fish as if it was an angel. Its love for sharks was so great and dedicated! Without abandoning it, day and night, the shark wandered here and there without ever getting lost. So, they lived happily ever after, as two friends so fine. THE END.”


Posted on October 14, 2014 by Maxim Deluxe

Good blood doesn’t lie. Will Smith’s daughter , Willow Smith aka Wilough surprises us by publishing great songs on Soundcloud .

A talent to keep an eye on .
Listen to  :





Posted on October 9, 2014 by Marco Maggetto

We are all happy about the Galliano’s rentree. Nothing is more alluring than mistakes converted into personal improvements. The fashion system, the pressure of creating something new 4 times a year, the raise and the fall. The forgiveness. But, does anyone really remember who Martin Margiela was? And what he has created along 90ies? The bashful fellow from Belgium, that never really appeared in public, radically changed the way fashion was conceived. Without him, no Rick Owens, no Damir Domas, no hundreds of other conceptual designers. Margiela just implanted the seed of a different way of making clothes. From rainy, but highly creative, Antwerp he moved to Paris and appointed at Jean Paul Gaultier. Few years and his own Maison was opened: strong, anti-Fashion, different. The very first defilees, as documented in a Arte Tv Documentary called “Anti-Fashion” that you can watch here , took place  in a small scruffy apartment. After-show parties, where champagne and beer were sipped from plastic glasses, were unpretentious, young and optimistic: everybody were laughing and smoking, playing, having fun. No bloggers no selfies. Margiela, an atelier where everything was made conceptually. A place where shapes and silhouettes were not so important and perfection never foundamental.

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Posted on October 9, 2014 by Luisa Fazio

It is the origin of all botanical gardens in the world… ” – as explained by the beginning of motivation that made it UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997. We are in 1545 when, in Padua, was born the “herb garden” – Hortus Simplicium – the oldest university botanical garden in charge of medicinal plants cultivation for therapeutic purposes or study. After half a century, it gives birth to new spaces and opens its “historic portals” to the future. Restored, renewed, expanded without altering the urban fabric of the Italian city that proudly does the honors. Leaving intact the perspective on byzantine domes of Sant’Antonio’s Church (North) and on renaissance domes of Santa Giustina’s Abbey (South), the futuristic “garden of Biodiversity” was annexed to the old part: five high-tech greenhouses with a botanical blaze of 1300 plant species, from tropical to arctic. Thanks to high level of technology used (computerized temperature and humidity measuring, roofs constructed of super light panels, most transparent in the glass) the greenhouses, in respect with the CO2 and eco – sustainability, living their own life. It was 1586 when Goethe watched and praised in his writings a specimens of Saint Peter palm (Chamaerops humilis L.). Now, it has reached the height of 12 meters and it is considered the oldest plant in the garden. We are on the threshold of 2015 and in synergy with Expo, the “new garden” will be part of the Italian Pavilion at the Universal Exhibition in Milan. The nature combined with high technologies, always gives supreme forms of entertainment. We all very much hope that will a reminder to thousands of visitors… Hurry, run!


Posted on October 2, 2014 by Editorial Staff

We are totally in love with Buly 1803 boutique. The rue Bonaparte emporium opened last April by husband-and-wife team Ramdane Touhami (the former co-owner of Cire Trudon) and Victoire de Taillac- Touhami (the former head of communications for Colette).

Awaken from the past you will enjoy wooden drawers and perfect packaged candles, essential oils, perfumes, soaps, all made in the tradition of nineteenth-century craftsmanship. A pretty old-looking apothecary officine, Bully was, in the past one of the inventors of modern cosmetics and perfumery. Nowadays the brand offers many product lines and over 400 total products.

 “For us, building on heritage and old beauty secrets was key: back in the days, products were free of paraben, phenoxyethanol and silicon, to name just a few. We even developed perfumes without alcohol or glycerine, which can dry and irritate the skin.”


Posted on October 1, 2014 by Maxim Deluxe

Kasper Bjorke is returned with his exquisite new 4th album, ‘After Forever’, which is already tipped as the Danish producer’s boldest and most elegant statement to date.

‘After Forever ‘ is out now on HFN Records.

Kasper Bjorke



Posted on September 30, 2014 by Clara G

The first time ever I saw this jacket it was many years ago. It was maybe during a weekend in 2009, in an outlet store in Berlin.  A little bit big for me, very expensive and very difficult to wear so I decided not to buy it… but I never really forget it. A few years later, in 2011, I came back to Berlin, in that moment I was planning to move here, and I saw it again. Still in the same hanger, in the same place:  seemed to be waiting for me, it was still too difficult, still too big, still to expensive for me but this time I bought it, with a romantic feeling of belonging. I thought “I belong to this city and you belong to me”.

It is a military green jacket designed in 2005, damaged and broken.  Seems like some one hand cut it with a knife, dirty, like burned or been buried, white lace that could be seen underneath. Eyes and teeth are sewed to its cuffs and front, like a monster with a delicate soul. It has something to do with my disturbing relationship with decadency, loss, death, and also with my own misaligned teeth, that I recognize as part of my personality but also make me feel so insecure. But most of all, the jacket it is definitely connected with Edgar Allan Poe and the teeth of Berenice.


Posted on September 23, 2014 by Marco Maggetto

Wear a funny jewel no matter what. Wear a statement, a declaration, phrases that are, in a way, signature of your inner side. And if it’s a special occasion there is a made to measure service that won’t leave you…speechless. Born in Spring of 2013, the bright oversized offshoot of ValentineTags are made in silver, gold and plastic by designer Valentine Breton des Loÿs who want to spread some words. Love messages, anthems, protests: each and every piece is produced in an edition of 100 and only one series is available at a time. The world is yours.


Posted on September 21, 2014 by Isabella Cecconi

Take away your horror and repugnance, look what I found – as I was browsing and discovering something new, which has been so far my favourite thing to do. I found Andrew McGibbon, photographer: enchanting colors, perfect picture shots, portrays and curious subjects. Symbols of good, symbols of evil, tradition and iconography. Matter of fact since the very beginning of human beliefs, the snake has always been a creature to be feared. Feared and respected. Sometimes badly treated too. Thus, the serpent has always deserved a sort of second look, beyond its slithering and dark hypnosis. In an endeavor to break common suppositions, that snakes are just evil, Andrew McGibbon has shot a series of photographs called Slitherstition which depict snakes with a bright and colored background to emphasise their beauty and design. The project looks pretty awesome, and it surely gives snakes another look. 

Still Scared?I’m mesmerized!




Posted on September 16, 2014 by Clara G

What is the aim of an unexpected cover, revealing or unrevealing the object underneath?

A fully covered platinum and diamonds skull, is it something else than a skull?
A Venetian palace covered with an oriental carpet, floors and walls, is it still a Venetian palace?  A pair of fine leather shoes covered with studs, is something else than a pair of shoes?  When you remove part of the name of a former brand, are you really becoming something different?

I’ve been thinking about it, and I don’t now… a skull inside of a diamond cover must have belonged to a man and I wonder, isn’t it the real man, what is remaining from that man? Is it a piece of art only because Damien Hirst decided so?. That skull, that I have printed in one T-Shirt has a deep meaning for me. Something regarding life, death and memory, something ironic, dark, also beautiful and disturbing, I love and hate that skull. I appreciate it’s enormous influence in fashion, but don’t know if I would ever be able to live with the real piece, in case I could afford it… I had this same feeling of being haunted when visiting the Rudolf Stingel installation in Venice a couple of years ago. Mixing the beautiful palace, the heavy carpet, the medieval pieces painted on detail: saints and skeletons. Something of all that it’s  also on my new Saint Laurent shoes. I find a rare connection between all those experiences, something that goes deeper. A kind of ambivalence that goes straight to my own bones, like poison, like love.


Posted on September 15, 2014 by Editorial Staff

Unseen Photo Fair first edition will opens its door from September 19 to 23 in Amsterdam’s Westergasfabriek, a former gasworks site dating back to 1885. Unseen will be a meeting place for young and established photographers and also a vitrine for 50 galleries from all over the world (check list here). The program also includes talks by photographers Lorenzo Vitturi, Daniel Gordon and Kate Steciw, a discussion on contemporary Japanese photography  and a panel discussion with the 2014 Foam Magazine Talents.

Full program and infos:

Photo: Particular from Domingo Milella, Arsemia, Turkey, 2013 – Camilla Grimaldi Gallery London


Posted on September 11, 2014 by Maxim Deluxe

The Juan Maclean are John MacLean and Nancy Whang . The american group play the best electronic music at the moment and it’s out with the new album on September 15 ‘In A Dreams’ on DFA Records.


Posted on September 9, 2014 by Luisa Fazio

Forget the ikebana art, the traditional wedding bouquet, lazy days spent to grow bonsai! Modern organic sculptures (with the addition of minimal inorganic materials) by Azuma Makoto, Japanese flower artist, are something more. Strong gladioli and delicate lilies give them character. Composition and decorum are two important ingredients for his always winning recipes. Difficulty: easy. Essential condition: a high amount of emotional attachment to flowers. In his studio-workshop in Minami-Aoyama district in Tokyo, he demonstrates every day his obsession and sensitivity towards beauty. He fixes any idea on a blackboard before realizing original projects while a background music calms the plants and helps him to find a way to bring out beauty and allure of vegetables. Amaryllis won’t be put in the pot but leaved suspended in a steel frame with bulb and roots in view. He also dips the bouquet in glass bottles filled with water where the flowers fade it, showing their veins, they float. Always fascinated by space, he is recovering from a unique experiment in plant ethology beyond their physiological respiration and photosynthesis. Operation Exobiotanica: from Black Rock Desert in Nevada he launched into the stratosphere – about 27,000 feet above the Earth’s surface – a pine-bonsai inside a super light metal frame and a spherical bouquet composed of about thirty different species of plants including lilies, hydrangeas, irises, orchids, tillandsia. He observed the reactions of flowers and plants outside the context of land. Makoto, in Japanese means “truth.” It is also the name of Azuma. Nomen omen, the destiny in his name which can be summarized in John Keats words: “Truth is beauty, beauty is truth” Makoto does not stop there. Next mission: Mars!


Posted on September 5, 2014 by Editorial Staff

Polaroids, once again, will never loose their allure. The Cathleen Naundorf exhibition at Fahey/Klein Gallery Los Angeles will opens its door on September 11th and it’s a must see for Polaroid fans. Instant shoots of haute couture as you never seen it before. Cathleen Naundrof started her career in the 90ies and traveled all over the world for prestigious publishing houses. In the beginning it was all about photo reportage on ethnic groups, then, after her encounter with Horst P.Horst, Naundorf became interested in fashion photography and that’s when the story started. Living in Paris and having access to Paris Fashion Week’s backstages, in years when nobody really was admitted, permitted this sensitive photographer to create an unique body of work now on view in Los Angeles. A must see.

Photo: Dior Haute-Couture, Summer 2007



Posted on September 3, 2014 by Maxim Deluxe

Hailing from Los Angeles, Wildcat ! Wildcat ! is the uplifting indie electro-pop project of vocalist/bassist Jesse Taylor, vocalist/keyboardist Michael Wilson, and vocalist/drummer Jesse Carmichael. Their music has reminiscences of that of MGMT . The debut album ‘ No Moon At All” is out now on Downtown Records.

Wildcat ! Wildcat


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Cuir Cannage is a diverse fragrance in which soft floral notes blend with the density of leather to open up a whole new realm. It recreates a world of intriguing scents that intertwines the fruity notes of a lipstick tinged with Rose and Violet along with more powerful scents, in which the leather of the bag meets the warmth of tobacco. Cuir Cannage appeals to the senses, like an olfactory portrait painted with personal and subtly scented objects, protected by the finest cannage-stitched leather. The Dior way.

Dior’s latest release, mixes flowers and leather in a masculine and feminine way. Let’s say it’s a Serge Lutense approach. Created by François Demarchy, the artistic director and nose for Parfums Dior, the name refers to the woven technique used on Dior’s “cannage” leather bags.  Orange blossoms are trailed by leather notes. Sweet, richly oiled aroma. The Dior scent has shifted the scales and the balance to make its leather more dominant. A black leather infused with a heavy dose of burnt tar, rubber, smoke. Delightful for all seasons. And remember: the Fall is the Spring of Winter!