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Posted on December 16, 2013 by Marco Maggetto

Goodbye winter. It’s time to think about Spring 2014. As lighter clothes are slowly arriving in stores, we start this new season in a pink mood. In color psychology, pink is a sign of hope. It is a positive color inspiring warm and comforting feelings, a sense that everything will be okay. Is there a better way to start  new year with? Specialists of this tone and attitude are Berlin based designer duo GLAW. Devoted to urban elegance, Jesko Wilke and Maria Poweleit got to know each other at Esmond Fashion School and started their business after graduation in 2011. Glaw is bold,  very sexy and cut to amplify femininity. Glaw puts  a strong emphasis on wearability and diversity and it’s addressed to a wide range of female consumers from all ages. Made with luxury materials and high quality manufacturing standards, its gowns, cocktail dresses and tailleurs really stand out for an evident strong attitude . Imagine a contemporary, yet chic, bombshell with a romantic side. She wears Glaw, she wears pink.



Posted on December 11, 2013 by Marco Maggetto

I imagine everybody is in a hurry for the very last Christmas gift. I’m not in this category thank god, I could never survive the anxiety of a last minute run into crowded shops. In case you are still crazy and on the run, here is Pijama. Such a good idea. Useful and colorful, very well designed, friendly in many ways, Pijama offers a wide range of cases (Ipad, MacBook, Iphone) and an irresistible variety of accessories. From sleeping masks, to slippers passing by a really fresh, and cool, line of duffle bags and backpacks. Smart is in the air at their Via Pastrengo 11 headquarters. Pijama is a 2006 project founded by Monica Battistella and Sergio Gobbi. Monica is a fashion designer, Sergio is an architect. The duo initially started creating neoprene cases to protect technological gadgets and continued later extending the collection with a careful choice of fabrics and new designs. Simple and straightforward, Pijama is an ambitious project that is already best seller all over the world and that you will find in best museum shops and boutiques like Madewell and International Center Of Photography in New York. To preserve plus colour up  your devices and everyday objects, to save them from time, to take them around. Pijama!


Posted on December 3, 2013 by Editorial Staff

The importance of a sparkling necklace. The problem solving attitude it posses. It’s a sprinter, a play up, a highlighting pen. Doesn’t matter if you can spend or not, and doesn’t matter if it’s bad or good. It has to be heavy, made with chains and pearls. It should shout a message, loud and clear. It should rap. You should be sort of an MC, no matter what’s your age and what they say. Keep your exaggerated necklace ready for festivities and any other occasion.

Lanvin Show Piece Collier Necklace at


Posted on November 28, 2013 by Marco Maggetto

Every time I stop by a Comme Des Garçons shop it’s a pleasure. Whenever it’s the perfume store in Paris, the Dover St Market in London,  a multilabel boutique or the fantastic Chelsea New York Flagship Store, it’s entering Rei Kawakubo’s world. Spectacular clothes and, more than everything, happy memories. All those years of my youth spent in desiring Japanase clothes, all those impossible prices (until late nineties  production was entirely made in Japan- imagine costs for transportation and custom that were applied). All those happy friends, artists, galleries owners and employees, dealers, socialites  faithful to the brand and perfectly comfortable in wearing black skirts and a over sized black coat. All the gossiping about “the genious”, her aura, her strong character that made of Kawakubo a mith. She was a legend 20 years ago, the best to buy, and astonishingly still is. Her clothes, except collaboration lines that are now more accessible, are forever. None trash a Comme Des Garçons coat or a jacket or skirt, because everything can be worn even after 30 years (Comme was founded in 1973 in Tokyo and launched globally in Paris early eighties). So I decided I wanted to be a collector. I said myself that it would be cool: whenever old and fat and horrible, I would always have some black exceptional pieces to wear and feel special in. But. Can I be more naive? My inspiration and mission crashed after only two days of researches,during which, I realized the following : the world of Comme’s collectors is immense and very wealthy. It’s populated by fast and more obsessed than me persons. They can pay a vintage mint condition item the double of  the price of a new one. If  they are not around my age, the romantic nostalgic part, Oh oh, they can be aggressive as hell bidding in the night on ebay or waiting the last 5 seconds to win. They are conscious and competitive. They buy everything, because they wear everything head to toes.  In few words, the Comme collector is like Kawakubo herself: a difficult, strong and determined person. And whenever you’ll decide you want to be one, mail in and we will give some surviving tips. You cannot make it without.

Photo: deatil of a multilayered dress from SS 1998.



Posted on November 18, 2013 by Marco Maggetto

Daniel Blechman  was born in Tel Aviv, Israel, in 1971. He moved to Berlin with his family when he was very young. Raised in a city that was still divided,  he decided to moved to UK in the 90ies to study at  Richmond University where got a bachelor in Interior Designing. Back in Berlin, Blecham turned his sensibility toward fashion and started to work as a Managing Director for a boutique where he was  introducing the first collections of emerging designers (Simons, McQueen). In 2000 he started to work as a stylist for international agencies and in 2008 he launched SOPOPULAR, his fashion line. Sopopular is  men’s fashion reduced, cleaned and revisited with classic cuts and narrow silhouettes all mixed up with edgy street wear elements and futuristic design details for a more modern and cool effect. Sopopular’s  production is made in Germany and purpose a different approach to the masculine wardrobe with recurring themes like spectacular prints and multidimensional fabrics. Continue Reading →


Posted on November 12, 2013 by Marco Maggetto

On Sunday night I was watching the EMA’s and I realized…I’m not a  teenager any longer. How sad. Not even a twenty something to tell you the truth. Everything seemed  foolish and over the top to me. A full fanfare. Outfits, lights, choreographs were over the top. So no wonder the pop music world is not my cup of tea any longer, it’s just a matter of hormones. The show was amazing in a way and I was laughing at every single pop star’s outfit,  Eminem excluded. To me, they were all wearing impressive and exaggerated Halloween leftovers costumes. If the EMA is done for young people, and fashion is a big part of it, do they really want to see that? Being young is about being complicated, complicating simple things and being attracted by complicated stuffs. Being mature is about dreaming to be young again and live easily, straightforward. I like when it’s cool, and young and uncomplicated like the brand Rika. Take the “Marlon Sweater” in this picture. It’s rock, it’s girlish, it’s simple, it’s no Halloween. It’s just an ironic sweater worn with a white shirt and a black skirt. Is there anything more perfect than that? In times where brands are forcing decorations to capture clients, Rika delivers  a clothing line that likes to whisper instead of shouting. Founded in 2005 by ex Svedish stylist Ulrika Lundgren, Rika is working with success on clothing modern pieces and amazing handcrafted chemical free leather accessories for a modern woman that is bold and high-spirited.


Posted on November 5, 2013 by Marco Maggetto

He is one of my favorites ever. His pieces are still in my wardrobe surviving years and years of Feng shui. You have to make space to the new sometimes, but when the time of toss or give comes, you never even doubt about pieces by Gaultier:  too painful, they recall good memories. That’s him, the French fashion master of game and transformation. A poet, one of the very first designers that based his career on the diversity of global cultures. A designer that made his outing before starting his career, in years where even the most clearly gay of them was silent about it.  Galutier’s full of  freedom and bonne humeur designs are crucial, extremely important to describe a part of our history and that’s why The Brooklyn Museum is hosting  The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk.  It’s  the first international exhibition dedicated to the French Couturier and it features 140 haute couture and prêt-à-porter ensembles. From his earliest to his most recent collections, the exhibition explores how Gaultier’s avant-garde designs challenged societal, gender, and aesthetic codes in unexpected ways. Exhibition is curated by Thierry-Maxime Loriot of the MMFA.

Brooklyn Museum from October 25, 2013 till February 23, 2014.

Photo: Tanel Bedrossiantz, 1992 by Paolo Roversi


Posted on October 28, 2013 by Marco Maggetto

The art world doesn’t mix up with fashion, and this is basic rule. No matter if fashion takes its main inspiration from art, no matter if artists are doing prints, design, advertising for brands. Everything should be discreet and collaborations should be silent. If an artist does want to ruin his career, all he/she needs to do is to be credited on a limited edition bag line. That’s the way it is. I want to find the intersection space between art and fashion, how many times did we hear that? Well that space exists, it is evident but keep it quite because that intersection is ephemeral and volatile. Alexander Liberman, was a Russian-American magazine editor, publisher, painter, photographer, and sculptor. He is one of the very few examples of a balanced “intersection”. Liberman managed to be the world’s most powerful editorial art director but also a respected photographer, artist, and graphic designer. Despite all that glamour Liberman managed to remain a very well educated. down to heart, “white emigrè”, first in Paris and suddenly in New York, who’s life and work are now an inspiration for many. Rizzoli pays hommage to the genius of “Alex”, as he was called at Conde’ Nast, publishing a richly illustrated  book curated by former Vogue design director Charles Churchward.  “My friend, it’s Modern!” he would say whenever someone challenged his judgment. And modern is the key definition of Alexander Liberman’s work: after so many years, his track at  Vogue remains unsurpassed and incredibly contemporary.


Posted on October 16, 2013 by Editorial Staff

It was presented during last Milan’s Fashion Week, at White. The name of Ludovica Amati, after her fashion show- performance, started to circulate between insiders like a tornado.  Not only because “Matronita” is a very well done collection but also for it’s strong conceptual content: the name is an homage to the mother of mothers and it’s a kabala term that means ‘the Divine inside a woman”. Amati, born in 1978, delivered  an ensamble of  clothes that are clearly designed for a radiant woman and her shades. A woman that is more centered on her soul and uses her clothes to illuminate her personality. In general, it’s the lightness of some pieces that marks a strike and her blacks: her blacks really conquered our heart and remember of some Japanese masterpieces designed somewhere around late eighties. Over sized jackets and coats, mantles inspired by Jewish orthodox wardrobe, simple and fluctuating dresses that are destined to be contemporary and romantic at the same time. Matronita is indeed a must see collection, maybe one of the most sincere and remarkable experiments in the Spring Summer 2014’s bunch and it introduces a designer to keep an eye on. It launches also a concept, the one of sacred femininity, that is incredibly actual and that we hope to find in more collections.

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Posted on October 2, 2013 by Marco Maggetto

She is a Harlow’s favourite since years. Is she an emerging?  Is she an established designer? Alessia Xoccato is none of the two. She is established in the sense that she has a very strong continuity, collection after collection, and she is emergent in terms of simplicity because she is allergic to over structures as she tries to keep it smart and conceptual. Despite years in fashion, she maintains her strong values and we are more than happy of this. In a period where emergent are desperate to create more  for their instagram followers than for their clients, enlarging their logos to 10 cm and make it as Kenzo as possible,  it’s good to see that Alessia is making it well without making a fuss. Lately, she has been presenting her collections at the International Fashion Week “Moroshka Fashion Week” that took place at the Peter and Paul Fortress from August 22 to August 25. And it was a success.  And successful, in term of press,  was also this fall collection 2013 that takes inspiration from Brancusi’s sculptures and the atmosphere of David Lynch’s  films. Xoccato designed a wardrobe for a woman that lives in the ordinary but also in the extraordinary, that is confident but open to new adventures. Alcantara, boucle’ wool, fake fur, multilayer lace and silk are the materials while the silhouette is always clean and totally modern. Made in Italy with love and for people that lives, and wear, fashion in real life.

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Posted on September 30, 2013 by Editorial Staff

An unique designer. One of the few contemporaries that can make haute couture, really. Born in Rome but emigrated in Paris, his creations are undoubtedly romantic but modern at the same time. If there was a princess, a real one, she would wear a Valli to go to her debutante’s ball. And here comes the book, Gianbattista Valli edited by Rizzoli. It was not done to celebrate anything and nothing, no anniversaries nor museum spectacular exhibitions. This book is just a sincere view from the backstage, a sip of the process that lead to Giambattista’s beauty and his way of creating that beauty. Written by himself, Lee Radzwill, John Galliano and Pamela Goblin with an introduction by  artist Francesco Clemente, the volume includes booklets with details of Valli’s lushly complex fabrics and clothing. A dreamy must have book.



Posted on September 23, 2013 by Marco Maggetto

Gold is the new black and thank God periods in jewellery are much more relaxed: so there will be plenty of time for you to enjoy this come back after years and years of platinum and silver, the also called “cold company”. Do we need hot and warmer reflections? Absolutely. Jewellery, small, big, fake or precious, should be gold or gold pleated now. Don’t worry about the change, it will last some years. Jewellery designers,  don’t know the rush of lengths or the hysterical changes in the fit, the don’t do jeans basically. That’s why we like jewellery so much, this sort of a separated world where marvelous designers like Ina Beissner suddenly appear. Ina is really young, she was born in 1980 in Lima. Her very first collection debuted in 2010 immediately gaining the attention of press and jewels lovers. Her style is a mix between her Latin American roots and her German part, where she lives and produces.  Ina prefers to explore the intriguing terrain of elegance and distinction but she is also conscious of  the relevance of body art as the insignia of rock ‘n’ roll. Shine on baby, in autumn too.



Posted on September 16, 2013 by Marco Maggetto

There is a whole world of new designers specialized in making accessories but we think that Ne/No by Stefano Manetti really deserves a special mention. Stefano is a flamboyant Florentine guy who studied design and fashion and only wants to design luxury items with no borders at an accessible price. As a passionate minimal guy, he doesn’t like the frou frou, the fanfare, the over decoration. Stefano likes to play with geometry and pure lines and prefers quality to appearance. His bags are made to last, to be worn with every outfit at every hour of the day. As a very first collection, this “universal” ensemble of maxi backpacks, totes and ultra slim “envelopes” is  like a bomb ready to explode. Dedicated to legends of rock and roll, maxi bag in photo above is called Kurt, the collection is entirely made in Tuscany and  has all the allure and quality of an established brand with all the freshness that only a young and talented designer can bring. Loved at first sight here at The Harlow, what about you?  

Discover Ne/No at


Posted on September 11, 2013 by Editorial Staff

Professional dancer for 6 years, fashion designer, fragrance creator and photographer, costume designer, stage director. Thierry Mugler founded his fashion house in 1974 creating one of the most unique and never seen before brands. Absolutely visionary, without rules, inspired by future and fairy tales, Mugler is nothing but predictable. As his fashion, as his risky and dangerous photography,  this man, on and off business but always creative, is back with a production in which he revisits the Revue.  An artistic expression that gives him, again,  the excuse of creating in greatest freedom all of his follies and metamorphoses. From 10th Dicember, in Paris, off course.


Posted on September 10, 2013 by Marco Maggetto

I was browsing this Saks Fifth Avenue Cashmere section and found it. The ideal warm thing, the juicy product, the finally “not traditional” good quality jumper. I’m talking about Autumn Cashmere, created in 1993 in the US and proudly retailed by Thycoon American Retailer. Since its creation Autumn encountered the favors of the fashion crowd and was destined to freshen up winter wardrobes, A listeters ones included: from Cameron, till Reese, everyone is in love with this brand that produces great designs at very affordable prices. Suggested and recommended.



Posted on September 5, 2013 by Editorial Staff

Retailing is an Art  that British posses in their DNA, there is nothing you can do with that. No matter where you go, they do it better. Between classic web shops, many are Harlow’s favorites since 2000,  we’d like to introduce The Goodhood Store. Born in Hoxton, Shoreditch  in 2007 as a  self founded project devoted to well designed clothing collections and objects from around the world, the store follows a simple and neat policy. Independence, exclusivity and quality….and fun because TGS is also young and funny, sporty and extremely contemporary,  and off course never boring. In London or online you will find the best Indie brands but also a fantastic self produced line called Goods by Goodhood featuring amazing pillows and other simple and essential objects. The Goodhood has been nominated for the London Lifestyle Awards 2013. Pay a visit.


Photo Goodhood Team.


Posted on August 26, 2013 by Marco Maggetto

Born in 1977 Düsseldorf, Stephanie Hahn is maybe one of the most futuristic and  inspiring contemporary designers. If Futurism was meant to abolish prospective to see things in a different way, then 22/4 designed by Hahn is, in a way, close to the artistic movement. In her case it’s gender liberalization, in a extremely luxurious and discreet way, that is changing the prospective. 22/4 creations are hand-tailored and meticulously crafted, created for people who is in love with the classic man tailoring but needs a new re interpretation and a cooler touch. The fall winter menswear collection 2013-2014 is influenced by the style and attitude of the piano player personalities Chilly Gonzales and Glenn Gould. Both Canadian born, these geniuses managed to be unique musicians, to evolve their own standards and to own a neat  sense of style that have been influencing this collection where modern smart formal wear meets luxurious outerwear and home wear elements. To my opinion one of the most interesting, and neatly tailored, collections in stores now and an example of a successful girl’s story (Hahn) trying to re invent the classic menswear. A non easy challenge that she seems to manage in an excellent way.

All photos by Stefan Milev Continue Reading →


Posted on August 20, 2013 by Marco Maggetto

They say that “Royal Baby” will probably raise England’s gross national product in few months. It’s like oh my God world has  just realized England is a cool place and everybody wants to go there on holiday and shop unionjaked stuffs and of course, fashion. Baby or not, it doesn’t take that much to understand that “The Brit Touch” had always been “en vogue” since my parents were teenagers and from the remotest province of Italy they were receiving diktats from London: that  city was, and still is – despite the boring millionaires from all over the world buying a house, or an entire street there – pure energy and inspiration. What comes from London-England may not be easy in the beginning, it may be uneven  but it’s ahead, new. New  like marvelous dresses from Preen. If it’s true that  at one point leopard prints always come back, then Preen has produced the best a/w 2013 animaliers. And if you think that designing a leopard print is nothing new or tacky, you may change idea with Justin Thornton and Thea Bregazzi’s designs. Be open and turn your head into “receive” mode because London is still calling…and whatsupping.



Posted on July 16, 2013 by Marco Maggetto

If  fashion is boring you, go to Germany. There you can find a whole bunch of new designers that can satisfy your fantasies. In the last 10 years this country has turned from the place where Birkenstock were produced into a lighthouse of ideas where fashion is done, produced and delighted. Among local names,  Odeeh is quite representative and for sure one our favorites. A project founded by Otto Drögsler and Jörg Ehrlich, Odeeh reminds us of a great period of Italian fashion in the mid nineties. The very first Marnis and  Pradas, those clothes imagined for a different kind of woman and to break some rules. The two Milan based houses were producing their best pieces in that happy period when there wasn’t even the idea of  being fused or sold to a bigger group nor  the pressure of opening 12 shops per year in some remote corners of the world. They were small, small like Odeeh is now. Small and enthusiast with a  great styling, a reasonable production, best fabrics and best workshops and a business department that was not yet aggressive. A fashion romanticism you will now find on a german brand called Odeeh.

Discover Pre-Fall 2013 at Odeeh’s website.


Posted on July 4, 2013 by Marco Maggetto

The more I get older, the more I understand fashion is just an art mirror. The more I visit museums and exhibitions, the more I see fashion interns taking photos to be brainstormed and used by creatives of any genre. I like when they  get inspired by art, I feel sick when they copy it entirely. With Gaga taken to the court by French artist Orlane ( and her stylist Formichetti finally unmasked as a non original) I’d like to think fashion is going through a more honest period. Not that Gaga was fashionable in any way, but her stylist was treated like a fashion god…and the truth is, he just invented hot water as we say here in Italy. Balenciaga was a fashion god, he was taking inspiration from Velazques off course, but the result was never plagiarism. Au contrair, his clothes were considered, and still are, avant garde.  What is the point of replicating if you cannot make it better? Being commercial is vital but taking something conceptual or abstract and turn it into an object to be sold in million of pieces, that is really sad. Take the picture I post above. It was taken by Eugene Von Bruenchenhein, an American guy born in Wisconsin in 1910. He lived his life doing the most different kind of jobs but at the same time he was making “things”. Photos of his wife Marie as a pin-up, thousands, colorful apocalyptic landscape paintings, sculptures made from chicken bones, ceramic and cast cement. Von Bruenchenhein was a natural artist, he didn’t know he was one  and lived his life as a normal person untill a curator, or art lover, found his impressive body of work and decided it was deserving some attention. And some time passed and Massimilano Gioni included him into “Il Palazzo Enciclopedico” (Biennale di Venezia). But as I was standing there in front of his pictures, I noticed the same old  fashion intern taking pictures non stop. He wasn’t even reading why those pictures were there, nor was trying to feel them. He was there just to rob. And I prayed, and I begged . Who really want to see this marvelous artist to be outraged for a 9.99  dollars skirt? Not an art lover, for sure.




Posted on June 27, 2013 by Marco Maggetto

Here we are. Sales are over, at least online, and all you can find is L and XL sizes. So here is my first “want” for fall winter and it comes from Acne, Swedish fashion brand  founded by Jonny Johansson. Acne is making it very well season by season and you cannot make mistakes with their basic, minimal, pure pieces mixed with some very technical ones made with a certain “northen” mastery.  Take the must have Acne Clark Jacket from fall winter 2013 collection. It’s  an all weather technical jacket in a printed breathable Italian nylon, triple bonded, interior seams finished with contrasting binding. It has four front pockets, velcro tabs at wrists and back, zipper and velcro closure. The fantastic marble print is included and it gives to this piece an unique, non-foliated metamorphic rock, effect. Fall in love with the cold marble feel,  but stay warm in any condition inside.



Posted on June 20, 2013 by Editorial Staff

There is nothing like going elegant when outside is hot as hell like these days. Most people, simply give up to esthetics in order to stay fresh. But it’s not always true that going naked is the solution. There are fabrics that not only keep your body isolated from heat but they normally do a  natural sunscreen protection and absorbs humidity. And, there is nothing better than a light, baggy blouse to be fresh and elegant all day. Here is the best blouse of Spring Summer 2013. It comes from a brand called Fabric Division that aims to re define sportswear with an urban utility look without loosing any chic. Check the entire collection and love their relaxed silhouette that can be adjusted to any preference in fit and proportions.


Posted on June 13, 2013 by Marco Maggetto

As the infamous sub tropical African anticyclone is approaching old Europe and finally summer is arriving, it’s clearly time to think about fall winter. As you know, we like to visually prepare our readers in order to arrive to the next shopping season with an educated eye. So here is our first proposal and we are talking about cashmere. King of wools, warming illustrious, body best friend.  Muusa Luxury Loungewear is an Italian brand specialized in Luxury Spa and Resort apparel straight from Umbria, the Italian region  internationally renowned for its standards of excellence in cashmere craftsmanship. Muusa creates top quality, easy  and comfortable pieces that are soft, warm and made with yarns that reach ethereal lightness thanks to the cutting edge technology involved in the production process. A strong, yet very light yarn that provides the highest levels of purity and fiber control. Muusa collection is also multifunctional and every single garment can be worn in different ways according to mood and occasion. Write it down on the top of your list and remember this name for your next cashmere shop. Muusa is a great great option.


Posted on June 6, 2013 by admin

I spend many time, and money, in search for the perfect wallet. Branded, in leather, in crocodile, in logged plastic, in logged canvas, like a squeezebox, like a pillow. I tried it all. An object you handle many times a day should be perfect and functional, and cannot have any lack especially if it costs a quarter of your salary. In many years, none of my wallets reached that perfect level of functionality. One was  too big, one was too small. One was keeping a lot of cash but has very poor space for credit cards. One was too elegant, another was too pretentious and everyone tough there was a lot of money in it and someone steal it . But I never had that much money inside so I hope they sell it in eBay for a good price. And for me it was over. The epoch of the deluxe wallet is over. When  I saw these marvelous colored plastic Alifie Design wallets, I decided to try. Unexpansive, full of space for credit cards, light, happy in glossy colors. Using them for 3 years and they are so perfect. Plastic wins leather?


Posted on June 4, 2013 by admin

If you are still hanged to high heels, this is not your summer. If you are still going to the beach with a pair of wooden/corked platforms, again, you’d better stay in the city. If you think your neon pedicure is sexy, well that was very long ago. And if you think that high heels are forever, you are never been so wrong. The highly anticipated, and expected, flat and toes covered season has arrived. Loafers, light cotton sneakers, or espadrilles, you have plenty of choice to be close to earth and walk in comfort. In case you need some inspiration on flats, on my golden book there is a new name I suggest. It’s  Lika Mimika, it’s a young brand that produces its marvelous espadrilles in Spain adding to the classic Picasso’s favorites this inner shoe with breathable and skin friendly organic leather that makes the difference in terms of comfort.  Lika also produces a “gourmand” loafer line (model above is called “Menta Loafer”) that is made with Italian goat suede and organic calf  that can be chosen for more summery, yet elegant, moments. Jump into flats, enjoy your summer and…Mojitos please!



Posted on June 3, 2013 by admin

FREITAG is present at 55th Biennale di Venezia with a pop up store and a brand new line of totes dedicated to the most famous Art Expo in the world. For the occasion the Swiss company, famous for making recycled tarps its only raw material , has created a special model called 553 Tote Bag also baptized FENEDIG. “Venedig”  is  Venice  in German and 553 is the distance in km between the lagoon city and the historical F-abbrica of FREITAG in Zurich.  Available in two measures, Fenedig has a “purse in the purse” special feature and, like every Freitag product, is waterproof and lifelong resistant. Art Contemporary groupies, this is the tote for you.

FREITAG Pop-up Store
Castello 5248/a, Campo Santa Maria Formosa – Venezia


Posted on May 30, 2013 by Marco Maggetto

The occasion was not a happy one and we were all there sitting in a bar , sad and low, waiting for an occasion to talk about something else. One friend was wearing this military jacket full of pockets, padded out in fleece and with lots of grapples. The clothes oriented I’m, the casual wear lover in me couldn’t resit but ask to remove the jacket and give it to me for a functional analysis. That was, with no surprise, very well done, stitched to kill, finished up in marvellous way. I  think I stayed in silence with the jacket for 10 minutes… and I said to myself, I want one. I absolutely liked it. The model in question was” The Flea Market” jacket by Parajumpers which is a new project deriving from the cooperation between Ape and designer Massimo Rossetti. Rossetti is a well experienced outerwear designer  and also an importer of American brands for the Italian market. The idea of Parajumpers appeared after a meeting with a serving member of the 210th Rescue Squadron in an ill-famed bar in Anchorage, Alaska. Men of that squadron are highly trained for extreme rescues and recoveries in the wildest, most remote and hostile corners of the Globe. Whether it be ships adrift at sea, rock-climbers stuck atop a 4,000-meter peak, or submariners sunk at unimaginable depths, these men are called to intervene. All that functionality, all that strength and perfection, are now in a  very interesting brand I warmly suggest you. I want that jacket madly, what about you?



Posted on May 29, 2013 by Marco Maggetto

There is no need to say that anything bringing fortune in our lives is very well accepted. A talisman, a mascot, a propitiatory gesture: the say fortune, as long as positiveness, is never enough and I do believe they are right. If you wish good luck, it’s not only kind of you,  you are also wishing good luck to yourself . It’s called the what you give is what you get philosophy and if you want to wear something with a good karma, Ganesh is there for you. Created by Nicola Bargi and inspired by the name of the most loved Hindu God, the strictly made in Italy brand is a colored, rich in details, easy and always a stylish choice. Preppy and traveled, in love with India and its colors, Ganesh spring summer 2013 collection is a spiritual invitation to be discovered online.



Posted on May 21, 2013 by admin

The Dance Step Handkerchief by Drake’s is a colorful allied perfect for any occasion. On your neck, on your blazer pocket, to be used as a belt. To dry your beau’s  tear drops if you’ve been unkind, to be used as a tourniquet in case of viper’s bite, to clean up your mouth when eating a McDrive meal. There are no limits, the handkerchief is the basic accessory of every man and woman. As my mother used to tell me, I never listened to her, better without money in your pocket than without a handkerchief. After so many years, I regret to say she was right.



Posted on May 17, 2013 by admin

Every Iphone case we posses  witness a phase of our life. The way of expressing our personalities now passes also trough this small plastic object. Bored with everything? Needs to buy something cheap to treat yourself? You buy a new I phone case. Our phone is a world, because everything is in there, and it needs to be wrapped in style. Plenty of choices, endless solutions, and the magnificent fake Chanel nail polish case that is the happiest and hot at the moment. To buy online almost everywhere: for make up lovers, nail polish addicted and Mademoiselle’s fans.


Posted on May 7, 2013 by Marco Maggetto

Thu Thu is a new label from Berlin that I find quite interesting.  To tell you the truth, there are a lot of new designers from Germany that I’m really interested in. It may be the power or accuracy they lately put in their collections, it may be the no cuckoo factor. Just  put the Berlin fashion week on your map and you will see some new designers are  really deserving the trip. Like designer Thuy Duong Nguyen, founder of Thu Thu. She was born in Vietnam before moving to Germany at an early age and she has been influenced by the two very different strong cultures. Her clothes are therefore a trait d’union between the Western style and the charm of the Far East. Nguyen actually designs pieces destined to a young crowd of global gypsies and new generation of globetrotters.  Ingredients? Handcrafted Vietnamese embroideries,  traditional rural textiles mixed with a contemporary touch/cut. The result? Irresistible and fresh collections that are going to influence the new urban aesthetic and some echoes of distant places, and older times, that are rarely seen on mainstream catwalks. The best of German design shake hands with Vietnam’s craftsmanship.


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Last week it was launched online at the Badura website. It’s a small film by Silvia Morani that is entitled “Sophie”. Silvia Morani is a genius video artist that loves fashion and it’s particularly skilled in portraying the figure of contemporary woman. With strong references to the golden Hollywood era, the video is the story of Sophie, a young fresh woman that adores her accessories. Commissioned by luxury handbang brand Badura Roma, this video is a small window on special made jewel-purses and features pieces that are worked by wise and expert Italian crafters . The concept of  Badura collection is sewn to measure on an eccentric, elegant and cultured woman that is not scared about quality leather,  precious stones and geometric cuts. Inside and out, the “Badruas” are produced with the maximum care and a spasmodic devotion for details. Watch the story of “Sophie” and discover a true original luxury Italian brand.


Posted on May 2, 2013 by Marco Maggetto

From my very modest point of view, a woman is sexyier when wearing a one-piece bathing suit. My girlfriends says I’m crazy off course. They say it  covers too much and it creates no tan zones – but who is getting tanned these days after all? They say is not sexy and men doesn’t like it. I don’t agree. I think the one piece creates mistery, slim down silhouette, creates a game of bondage on shoulders that is , depending on the audience, an invitation to marriage. If the one-piece bathing suit  in question is also sporty, then perfection is around the corner. I know women love bikinis, I know they don’t want to look like their mothers in an old picture but give it a try, and remember it’s just a matter of breaking some rules. If all you can find in store is Brazilian swimming lines, it doesn’t mean you have to buy one. Go to the sportswear department and search for the model in the picture which is called “Europa 2”. It comes from an historical Italian brand called Diana. Born in 1947, Diana is dressing swim and water polo teams all over the world and has a whole collection of monochromes one pieces that is simply the best you can buy. This summer, try the two becomes one philosophy.




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Don’t know why people is going into the pool with sunglasses but the phenomenon is improving summer after summer. If it is an hotel pool then, a nice hotel, everybody is swimming in shades. It’s alluring, creates mystery, makes you look like if there is a paparazzo outside there how’s violating you privacy. To avoid complications, swim and play with no danger (eventually fight with the paparazzo at no risks), Technochic has created SoSoft Sunglasses. Light, colored, SoSoft is a perfect accessory to protect from the rays of sun with appeal and coolness. Lenses are certified anti-UV and scratch-proof and made of  polycarbonate with an hard coated treatment on both sides. Crossbars are instead realized in a particular material that had a soft and flexible nature : it’s called EVA, expanded high-density, and it allows glasses to float and to bend completely until almost to curl up. It looks like a fun pair of sunglasses but it’s not. Imagine a softer approach and no weight on your nose. Imagine all you can do with SoSoft.


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On my long journey they have been a significant presence. During my unstable youth and my moody cycles, with perpetual tides, they have been there. Life is a very surprising thing in terms of musical tastes. Today you like this, tomorrow you like that. Never say never. So I have been listening all, but them, they have been there for those special days, very close to my inner side. The pop (?) electronic duo Everything But The Girl, founded in 1982 in Hull England, have been experimenting all genres and have been inspired by country music, electronic, jazz. The band was not so cool in the eighties (was I the only fan?) but with the 90ies and a totally different approach they managed to reach masses. I remember  one night dancing  in my black vinyl non perspiring trousers. At one point “Missing” remixed by Todd Terry – was playing. Don’t get me wrong, it was a super alternative house club on the map with velvet rope and everything, it was a niche place (where niche stays for underground). So “Missing” was playing for the very first time and people was literally pulling out hair one to each other (here it means getting crazy). Lovely nice moment, everybody happy. One song,  how can I forget it?  The commercialization of Etbg was happening. Nothing wrong with that, the duo managed to reach a level of perfection during those years few band can be proud of.  Their Cd covers started to be arty and stylish, their image was neat and sub urban-minimal before anyone. Treacy, once an ugly duckling, started to put red lipstick and wearing young avant-garde designers while Ben was all in vintage shirts and sneakers. Always simple and unique, the Everythings had maybe done the “CD Cover” of the 90ies. Shooted by Marcelo Krasilcic in 1995 during a New York night Out  for the album “Walking Wounded”, the picture (above) is a memorable example of modernity and eternal cool. With its greys and reds predominating and in contrast, the cocktail dress and the sport jacket and high tones,  the “Walking Wounded” cover is still an example on how simplicity, realism and sincerity are best ingredients in creating an image. 17 years, still beautiful. Timeless.



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Fancy some huge- immense earrings? I’ve seen them around, a lot. Women are literally wearing Christmas trees, ash trays, Calder’s mobiles and filigree chandeliers. Maybe too much off course, but if this is the trend, well, I prefer Badacious. The style is oriented to the ghetto girl, the inspiration is Neneh Cherry: the perfect match is a denim jacket and lycra shorts. The ethnicity is uncertain, the multicultural aspect is pure fun. Kozue Badacious and Ayumi Badacious  are jewelry designers based in  New York but originally from Nagoya Japan. The magic? Mixing Japanese Old School and American Contemporary culture with wit and humor. Rock, hip hop and fashion icons as inspirations. The young duo, that is already owning an ever growing fan base and some notable clients is, for sure, the ultimate jewellery trend and spicy brand of summer 2013.  For courageous girls under 35 only  and to buy at PatField New York.


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The made in Rome Hibou is consolidating as one of the best artisanal, and made in Italy, accessories brands. The two years old company is now increasing production adding to its wide collection new gourmand items like the perpetually sold out bow bracelets and the Baloon Taupe (see photo above). For those who don’t know, Hibou was founded in 2011 by Rachele and Maila with the intent of creating a fresh line of accessories rich in details and made with refined materials. Bon toned and bold, the Spring Summer 2013 collection has all the happiness you need to start a great season of fun, holidays and sun (at very lovely prices).


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Blue is the color of the sky, ocean, sleep, twilight. The ancient Egyptians used it to represent heaven. Blue also has religious meaning since it’s the color of the veil of  the Virgin Mary. Inspiration, sincerity and spirituality, blue is often the chosen color by conservative people and it’s famous for being a calming color. Black instead is the color of night, mystery, unknown. In color psychology the meaning of the color black is protection from external emotional stress. It is famous for being used by people who want to hide or want to create a  barrier between itself and the outside world. I’m not a conservative nor someone that get easily calmed down by a color, but I always like the combination of blue and black. Originally a bad taste sign, they were too similar too be paired, the two colors together were banned from every possible matching combination until Miuccia Prada decided, in mid 90ies, that they were not only a spectacular combination but also the new minimalist sign, the perfect hybrid.  Since Mrs. Prada broke that rule, designers have played largely with “the duo” but it’s Phillip Lim 3.1 with its 2013 Spring Summer collection that won my personal award and trust. His fresh and graceful way of balancing sport and formal get an historical benefit with the use of these two beloved colors. Have a look at the entire collection or stop by and touch it to discover the poetry of the two masters. Duality, differences, similarity: discover the moment when the two twins were separated and suddenly re united.

Above, milkshake of Phillip Lim 3.1 SS 2013


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Today it’s Spring, the right time for changes has come. Those little seasonal adjustments that need to be done in order to bring some positiveness around our lives can be done. Today we can decide to inaugurate the new season in a bizarre way. Women? Oh they are magicians, they can change the color of their hair or nails but what about men? They could start, for example, with a change of accessories. Since men are great consumer of them lately, they should try to stop buying  woman purses (for instance). Too much “bears” out there with a Birkin Bag hanging on their wrist or elbow. Too many leather bags toted around. Ok, men are normally going in high heels nowadays  but I believe that it’s time to go back to the old “spot” backpack. That marvelous porter that disappears behind shoulders: capacious, discreet, functional, it divides weights on shoulders, avoid metamorphosis in the gait, in the walk and prevent scoliosis too. On the top of  it women’s purses have never been sexy on a man. It’s time to let go those handles and let ourselves embrace the backpack theory. Usually made in light materials, hyper technological, waterproof, incidental run ready, the BP is like a bra, an engineered work of art. At Muji, for example, you can find a selection of the lightest designs with that jap touch and smart price. At  Invicta you can buy a classical “paninaro”  model to color break your looks in total nostalgia. At  EastPack you can go for classical models that have been there since decades. And, if your budget is higher, you can choose the “fuzz” of the fantastic “hard core” printed backpack by Givenchy  (photo above) that comes straight from the contorted mind of Riccardo Tisci. And remember, a BP will keep you grounded, no matter the one you choose. Use no wrists nor elbows, it’s on our shoulders that the weight of life should be carried.



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You know when you go shopping in big department stores, there is someone tending to  “new beat” zones while there is someone who says, if you want my money, you have to be known. Of course I’m a new beat kind of person. I adore new comers, and I like to experiment, I like to take the risks and I adore the never ending research of  big department store’s buyers. They are genius. They sometimes order things that have never been featured in any fashion magazine nor fashion blog risking quite a lot in these difficult times. Anyway, the new beat corner this year was full of surprises and among them I picked up this wonderful cotton t shirt that says “PRPS TOKYO NEW YORK”. I was quite surprised and curios about the association. A country, a city, one here the other there. I bought the t-shirt as a reminder, it fit perfectly btw, with the intent of researching more about the brand and here is the story. PRPS is short for Purpose. Every collection is designed by Donwan Harrell that founded the brand in New York in 2002. Harrell is a passionate about denim-wear and a painstaking researcher of  use and traditions of work-wear, military wear, hunting apparel, navy clothing. The result is jeans and casual garments that are created from top quality African cottons, and finished with expert Japanese construction techniques. The free and easy wear, the culture inside the classics of male’s wardrobe, the nostalgic vision of the American life-style with a Japanese luxury finish. All this is PRPS and yes, it was a very good pick. Continue Reading →