Posted on June 14, 2012 by Isabella Cecconi

Always naked, as the day he was born; affinity for nature and water which comes from his Finnish roots. For Arno Rafael Minkkinen, Finnish-American photographer, nudity is like spirituality. He is not a nudist but he is a researcher for the relationship between his naked body, time and nature. His are more than simple shots, they are actual performances where the body  is pure fusion with the landscape in a quiet and discreet scenario. Over the past forty years that sense of freedom has compelled him to photograph himself in a variety of places, from sandy beaches to cliffs, practically everywhere. Many of his photos have always required extreme physical risks. His body of work explores an uncanny juxtaposition between the human body and what surrounds it, where body parts function as integral parts of trees, lakes, skylines. Performing for the Camera: forty years of Self-portraits will be on until june the 29th at the Barry Friedman LTD gallery, New York City. Get your clothes off and stare at these shots! Continue Reading →