Posted on June 4, 2012 by Clara G

April 2003, I had an invitation for a dinner in the house of the Norwegian Ambassador in Spain. I remember I was really confused and nervous: what are you supposed to wear for an occasion like that? It is certainly not an everyday kind of  event. How to stay elegant and true to myself?  After a week thinking and dreaming, I came to the  conclusion I needed a Little Black Dress. Something classy, timeless like the LBT is never a mistake. In that moment Calvin Klein was still the right place to find it. It was still the real Calvin, it was very short before the company was sold to a found somewhere in the world and the loss of another icon in the world of fashion. In my head I had a very clear image: another American icon, Carolyn Bessette, arriving to a party in a perfect LBD. Beautiful, simply perfect. Needles to say  the dress I chose it was a black, silk dress built to last . It was my first must have piece, my first step into maturity. Continue Reading →