Posted on September 17, 2012 by Arianna Pistorello

Today I pretend to be a customer, and with my colleague’s beloved support, I am supervised by the Chanel  perfume “trainer”. He especially came from Paris for a three days event dedicated to the launch of Coco Noire. He is very polite, and while smiling he greets me with a compliment about my haircut. A brief exchange of funny jokes and he begins spraying all around the new fragrance created by Jack Poge (nose perfumer for the Maison since 1978). What an experience! A completely new oriental / bright fragrance , a new generation essence, an intimate and sophisticated scent that has not the same old “leave the sillage” kind of perfume’s diffusion. Coco Noir is strong but not annoying, clearly perceived and embraces generously persons near you. The woman who is wearing it does, for sure, not flaunt her femininity.  The Chanel’s  perfume “trainer” also shows me the bottle. Same bottle of N.5, cabochon cap, commissioned by Mademoiselle,  but in molten glass: a  process inspired by Venetian glass masters. Completely black and gold holds, the bottle is encasing Chanel’s symbols par excellence.  Embraced by compliments and fragrance today I feel like stoned. Stoned like a kite, noir kite.

Photo: our counter ready for the presentation.