Posted on August 9, 2012 by admin

The dress, designed by Marc Bohan in the late sixties, belonged to the daughter of a French ambassador of United States that, probably, wore it in some kind of “debutante ball”. It was found in a dusty storage of New York City and put up for auction 9 years ago.
It was dirty, damaged, too big for me – more than two sizes -and too short. It was designed to touch the floor but when I wear it my shoes and ankles can be perfectly seen. For sure she was a tiny lady. I knew that dress had to be mine and it wasn’t difficult at all. I won it for a really low price, I was the only bidder, everything went really smooth but there was one thing to do, the cleaning. No laundry in Madrid  took that risk and I had to do it myself with soap and water and a lot of patience. That Christian Dior is more than my best dress, it is the most important one, because it was my bridal gown. When I bought it I wasn’t even engaged but I was sure that if I once decided to get married I had to do it wearing that dress. Continue Reading →