Posted on September 27, 2012 by admin

I hate hanging clothes and do the laundry. I hate knowing that when the washing machine ends I must take the clothes out and dry them. To me, it’s kind of a pain, better, it’s pure bore. When I was a kid I thought that pegs were just to be put on noses. Seriously. Do you remember the curly golden hair sister of Little Women who used to sleep with it? Then I grew up and discovered it was no fun, and pegs were a mean used for a job. I am no housewife, sorry. Actually I’m nobody’s wife (but this is another story). What happened is that some time ago, in a fancy shop, I found and bought the Pegzini Family. Basically these are circus clothespins but they look so nice when hanging. There’s the juggler, the acrobat, the tightrope walker and the smart monkey. Since then, dying has become more fun, cause it’s fun seeing them hanging. It looks as if the characters are making tricks on the clothes line. This is not a problem solver but surely a pain killer! Kids, the circus is in town!

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