Posted on November 6, 2012 by Flan

And when Monday comes, don’t forget to slip your sunglasses back on. Unlike Friday or Saturday, Sunday is a day for dreaming. Friday and Saturday are game nights: you meet your friends to play the eternal game of rewriting your personal histories by overlapping old faces with new ones. Time to meet people fast, mix up, chat, flirt, get drunk, randomly kiss each other and roll confusedly in some stranger’s bed. Sunday is a day of relaxation and meditation but since you are still imbued in alcohol fumes, you are swept away by a mix of fresh feelings collapsing with memories that have definitely passed their expiry date. That’s why you quickly rush yourself into distraction, text your friends, make unnecessary calls, write to that loyal old friend you always forget to reply to, you even waste time checking plots of new TV series you know you will never watch. And you are so committed to get as far as possible from those impending emotions, provoked by the tingling of your revived senses, that you fall in the today-everything-is-possible mood and clumsily throw yourself in that reassuring space that is the virtual world. Continue Reading →