Posted on September 12, 2012 by Selvaggia Greco

Once upon a time there was a boy who lived in his fantastic world of angels, dwarf and pin-ups. There, everything was funny, charming and colourful. He was lively and so his family, they loved spending time together between nature and dreams. Mostly every day, instead of going to school, he preferred flying to his father’s slippers laboratory. The nice old man, even if pretending to be disappointed, happily taught him that traditional handcrafted job. Therefore, aged seventeen, the dreamy boy decided to follow his dad’s activity working at that shop. Only few know what happened there, something magical for sure, as that brilliant vivacious boy turned into a majestic wizard. He became able to make plastic into a rain boot, to transform a store into a cult location and a window into a fashion revolution. Even a famous magician called Andy Warhol was so fascinated by his creations and talent that decided to meet him up and shortly became one of his crew. Some day the wizard had an idea: he decided to bring all together magicians, witches, faerie and many incredible creatures at a fantastic new location. He clasped his magic wand and suddenly all those supernatural being were dancing together. Continue Reading →