Posted on January 21, 2013 by admin

So, who invented pop music? The very first pop song? None really. Pop stands for popular music and was maybe played for the first time by Adam before and after his wife gave a bite to that exotic fruit. We can tell you about the word Pop instead. It was The Billboard Magazine (later only Billboard) introducing this word in 1950. Since then, the meaning of pop music didn’t changed that much. A large amount of persons find a song or a music enjoyable, as consequence, they make it popular. Generally speaking it’s never a difficult melody, it’s something done for the everyday people by the everyday people. The very first number one pop music song of Billboard was therefore a “Semper Fidelis” by The Marine Corp. Band, as already stated , it was 1950. Ever changing chameleon who accompanied lives all over the world, ┬ápop music cannot really be avoided and it’s part of every single person’s day. Let’s take a shower and sing.