Posted on January 4, 2014 by Marco Maggetto

I have been buzzing around a Longchamp counter for about 6 months to discover its Pliage wonder bags and I can say I obtained a postgraduate degree. The inspiration came from a friend of mine, a beautiful shabby chic Spanish gallerist, one of those marvelous no make up no hairdresser no nothing that is always a quintessence of style, no matter what-where or when. One day she was wearing this foldable bag. I remember it was en vogue during the 80’ies and that it was made by a French brand. I didn’t know that I would spend time on the subject nor even ask for it as a Christmas present. And now that I have one in my trolley, ready to be unfolded in case of extra shopping , which always happens, I can understand why this Le Pliage line, after so many years, remains a best seller loved item. Loved by grandmothers and by young women, and by men too, these bags are unexpansive, unpretentious but very well crafted at the same time. You can go anywhere with them, from gym to supermarket. They resist everything and are waterproof,  you can also use them to transport wood from storage to chimney. With a complete range of sizes and new colors,  we have no doubt this is going to be a “Le Pliage”  2014.