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Speckless lines, clear shapes, brush and paper not dwelling but having a symbolic dialogue. Matteo Giuntini’s art is firecracker. Not too easy to define, not too easy to put inside a box. There’s pop-art and symbolic tradition, there’s happiness and melancholy. This Tuscan artist, from the city of Livorno has been reinterpreting reality in very personal way. Small or big canvases get along with carry-boxes and become populated by intriguing figures, heroes, vintage weight lifters, boxers, tigers, wrestlers. A pop-art reminiscence plays with the rhetoric of heroes, with colored silhouettes and shapes becoming both playful, funny, ironic, and melancholic. Matteo’s works can sometimes be dreamy and his characters are the expression of an imaginary and suspended place where there’s no past or future. It’s timeless. Giuntini uses several techniques and media, his paintings appear on canvases as long as unexpected materials, cloths, sunshades, wood boxes. A fluent storyteller  that melts fiction and symbolism, giving a new direction of life interpretation. Life is not just what we see, it’s the code and meaning that goes beyond.

What follows is a brief interview we had with Matteo:

Who is Matteo Giuntini?

An unglorious superhero

At what age did you realize you would become an artist?

Actually I can’t remember, surely when I reached a very high level of foolishness……..I’m joking! It’s still my dream, I didn’t choose it.

What inspires you the most?

There’s no real subject I’m inspired by, I tend to observe reality, an apparently trivial things, like an hug, a bad Hair, a wrestling match, a news, a song’s lyric or an overheard sentence can be a starting point for a new work or project…I can say that I’m inspired by mere life. Continue Reading →