Posted on June 6, 2013 by admin

I spend many time, and money, in search for the perfect wallet. Branded, in leather, in crocodile, in logged plastic, in logged canvas, like a squeezebox, like a pillow. I tried it all. An object you handle many times a day should be perfect and functional, and cannot have any lack especially if it costs a quarter of your salary. In many years, none of my wallets reached that perfect level of functionality. One was  too big, one was too small. One was keeping a lot of cash but has very poor space for credit cards. One was too elegant, another was too pretentious and everyone tough there was a lot of money in it and someone steal it . But I never had that much money inside so I hope they sell it in eBay for a good price. And for me it was over. The epoch of the deluxe wallet is over. When  I saw these marvelous colored plastic Alifie Design wallets, I decided to try. Unexpansive, full of space for credit cards, light, happy in glossy colors. Using them for 3 years and they are so perfect. Plastic wins leather?