Posted on April 29, 2014 by Luisa Fazio

If on the other hand it protects us, from the other it puts human organism in direct contact with the outside world. After heart, human skin is the biggest indicator of emotions, feelings and moods. While heart is beating fast, skin, whatever color it is, sweats, blushes and shivers at all latitudes. Angelica Dass, Brazilian photographer, born in 1979, “has focused” on it. In a portrait mode, she has cataloged more than 2000 on line photographs (She’s still in work in progress today) portraying all possible people’s skin color shades that she met while wandering around the world. The result? HUMANAE: an inventory of faces, all different and specific. Each “faces passport” has its personal and unique shades  which corresponds to a code of the famous color scale Pantone. Does not exist in nature white, black or yellow skin. The shades of color that human skin can take are endless and its pigment varies only according to age and the skin area. Moral of the project? Everyone has a skin color with a specific “value”. So, races do not exist. Angelica Dass is Pantone 7522 C.  What skin color are you?