Posted on July 8, 2013 by Editorial Staff

Isabella is a cut the ribbon for many reasons.For being a model with a different attitude and a normal body. For being the best, and long lived, cosmetic ambassador. For being a famous surname that established her personality no matter what they had been saying. For being loyal with her roots and history. For being involved in so many good causes, from animals to sexual education. For being the image of a different Italian in New York and for loving,truly loving, photography. For this picture by photographer James Balog that she commented in her book “Looking At Me” . “In the pictures Balog wanted to do a photographic essay on the differences and similarities between man (me) and our closest relative, the chimpanzee…Yet in these photographs I seem to come across as a contemporary woman. I wonder how that was possible when I was naked and wearing no make up. I really don’t know what betrays my attempt to be timeless – maybe it’s just that stupid haircut”.