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Posted on December 19, 2013 by Editorial Staff

Jacob Hashimoto uses the traditional kite-making techniques and forms to construct his three dimensional wall works. Neither sculpture nor painting, Hashimoto’s compositions delicately float before the eye, mounted on an intricate network of interlaced nylon thread suspended from the wall by a line of pegs at both top and bottom. Through a unique process Hashimoto’s works convey an ephemeral wonder, entrancing the viewer with their continuously shifting illusion of light, space, motion, and sense of flight. This eye pleasure will be on view from Jan the 3rd 2014 at Moca, LA. 

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Posted on May 26, 2012 by Isabella Cecconi

Jacob Hashimoto’s new installation with hundreds of small bamboos and paper kite elements will demonstrate and show once again, the beauty and talent of the artist’s intersections of painting and sculpture. Thanks to a bamboo frame and small kite elements, Hashimoto suspends his creations between parallel dowels to form fragmented and layered fields. Distinctive and interactive compositions are then bound in a real undulating cascade similar to a cloud-shaped sculpure. The work shifts and changes throught the visitor’s walkaround creating a sense of wonder and playfulness. Continue Reading →