Posted on October 21, 2013 by Editorial Staff

The Museum of Decorative Arts will host and celebrate from October the 24th 2013 the 40th anniversary of Coucou Bazar, an animated painting created by Jean Dubuffet in 1970. Dubuffet showed his creations for the very first time at the Solomon R Guggenheim Museum in NYC. It was 1973. Pieces were placed within a scene and costumes were worn by dancers. Everything evolved almost imperceptibly, creating an infinite series of combinations with different planes set in motion, disappearing and appearing.  It was a real development of a living painting, a piece of art that had ceased to be simply an image to look at. The costumes worn by the actors were composed of various interchangeable elements: masks, hats, robes, gloves and boots made in diverse materials: painted rayon or coton, resin, latex. All the costumes have been conserved and exposed at the Jean Dubuffet Foundation, in Périgny-Sur-Yerres. In fact he sought studios which were larger and capable to hold the preparations for his spectacles. The exhibition will be a real tribute to this amazing artist, king of the mise en scène and of a mesmerizing, joyful, chaos.

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