Posted on April 29, 2013 by Anna Torossi

A few weeks ago it was my birthday and I received one of the most beautiful gifts I could ever hope to get, “Paris 1962“. This big, amazing book is a documentation by Jerry Schatzberg of the first Yves Saint Laurent independent collection and that year’s Marc Bohan collection for Christian Dior. What I love most about it, and the reason because it was chosen for me between many other books, is the fact that photos are behind-the-scenes images. There are no slick images of mannequins and famous people since they are portrayed while working, relaxing or talking and this is the kind of photography I love the most. When you open “Paris 1962” you feel like you’re in a movie and you are shifted in a old world, in which fashion looked like something really special and somehow intimate. So, if you love fashion and photography, get yourself this amazing book, or, why not!, have someone get it for you.  You won’t be disappointed, it’s definitely a must have in your bookshelf.

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