Posted on July 31, 2012 by Rémi Borgeaud

A young man, Anders, leaves a detox center and we follow him during his first 24 hours of freedom in Oslo. Since the beginning we understand that this character is “at the edge of the cliff”. It’s magic hour time; the sun diffuses a warm light into a romantic pine forest. Alone, Anders looks down at a lake. His back, in the foreground is out of focus.  Anders faces dark water shimmering under the sun. In one shot, Triers gives us Anders’s emptiness feeling without any heavy thoughts. The film’s inspiration resides in the use of Oslo as urban scenery. Anders’s loneliness theme is developed during the main character city trip by a clear camera work on the depth of field. Sometimes Anders is in the foreground out or in focus. Sometimes there is just a glimpse of his body which defines the foreground. But in every shot Joachim Triers and his director of photography build their frames around this depth of field’s tension, shaping Anders’s difficulty of finding connections in his world. The city is there, interacting with the main character and providing the viewer Anders’s urban kaleidoscopical journey experience. Antonioni’s ecclisse world is not far away… Continue Reading →