Posted on October 29, 2013 by Editorial Staff

Out on the 31st of October,  the second album by La  Metralli will count 15 tracks,  three of which were present in an Ep that came out  last November 2012 and that made them won the Ciampi Prize 2012.  La  Metralli is a band from  Modena firstly composed by Meike Clarelli , singer, author and musical manager,  and Matteo Colombini, composer and guitarist. After some years Serena Fasulo and  guitarist Marcella Menozzi, instrumentalists Davide Fasulo and Caesar Martinelli joined. La Metralli is a musical project  that mixes popular music with folk, electronic, rock and some jazz. Nostalgic, sometimes ironic, their signature sound is a mixture of different styles that captured public and critic. Composers for  American television series “Missing” and for winning Ipad app “Play Art”, La Metralli had been recording this last album in 432Hz which is the frequency of natural tuning and last century frequency of reference plans. Generally the 440Hz is used but La Metralli, who’s everything but mainstream, decided to record at 432HZ for a more harmonic , softer and brighter sound.

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Photo: Sophie Anne Herin