Posted on January 14, 2014 by Marco Maggetto

I met her one night, one of those post Christmas dinners where everybody is scared to death about eating. But then food is so  good that you can’t resist and at the end you are stiffed as a balloon. Belén was there. I can’t eat. I can’t eat she was telling everybody. But she was eating of course, and she loves food, and she buys Greek olive oil in London and last time she came back from UK she was carrying a 5 liters tank of it in her suitcase. Lol. Belén is simply the quintessential Spanish woman, in particular, a woman from Madrid. Independent, mother of two kids, nomad inside heart, smart and dressed as a cowgirl (she was coming from “el campo”). Belén is a jewels maker-designer and proud founder of “To Be Continued” a sensational jewel brand with a romantic allure. Belén travels around the world to find the best pieces and take them back to her Madrid Studio where her magic artisans work on them.

“I’m a designer almost by accident. My education and experience was centered in other professional areas (management, marketing and advertising) but I’ve always been drawn to the world of design and fashion. I began designing jewelry by recycling antique family pieces and my own jewelry that I didn’t wear anymore. Little by little I started adding to my work with pieces that I found at antique shops, flea markets or anywhere. What started out as a hobby slowly became something more serious. Friends and acquaintances began commissioning special gifts. That’s how TO BE continued…was born; unique, romantic jewelry for those who are looking for something special or rare. Every piece is made by hand. I’m not a fan of the ‘prototype’ world; too much of the magic is lost this way. I prefer to build a team with artisans and help them fight to save a craft that’s on the brink of extinction.”