Posted on October 22, 2012 by Clara G

Maybe I was born wearing Maison Martin Margiela, and this is why I feel such a strong identification with this non-designer fashion house. I can not remember which was my first piece but roughly the 40% of the labels in my closet are attached with four white stitches (the Margiela discrete trademark), I am sure that everything I have ever bought it is still in my closet, perfectly wearable, even the garments from the Hermes collections designed by Martin Margiela on the late 90’s. I have some impossible shoes and dresses but also very simple and easy pieces like this grey-blue t-shirt bought here in Berlin last Spring, both casual and fashionable, perfect with leggings and oxford shoes, but also with formal pants and high healed sandals. It has been my favourite basic this summer, this is what I love from Margiela, it is minimal but not boring, it is well done but it is not preppy, it is special but not obvious. Continue Reading →