Posted on November 2, 2012 by admin

Nothing had been invented here. None had “cut a ribbon” but can you imagine to find another “one piece” for adults? Just Try. OnePiece is the product of three young minds. Henrik, Knut and Thoma, all in their twenties, were thinking about the perfect item to wear for a  lazy day at home.  The sweatsuit? Just something to wear to go jogging, they needed something even more comfortable without the tight waist and wrist bands. So they sewed together a sweatsuit, removed all bands and put a big zip. The OnePiece was born, it was 2007. The three friends dropped everything and invested all their savings to realize an idea they believed was unique and brilliant. They made the loose-fitting, all-in-one hooded sweatsuits in soft, thick cotton fleece in a wide variety of colours and patterns. For two years they sold the OnePiece to friends and marketed it to high-school seniors in Norway and success came along. Despite its obvious simplicity OnePiece is a gourmand item: we all want to jump in sooner or later.