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Posted on December 5, 2012 by admin

There’s a colorful range of  wellness teas or Russian blends or gifts or accessories in this nice looking boutique. I’m in a Kumsi tea shop. I have nothing to do and I’d rather choose one of these marvelous tea sets with muslin teabags that contains classic teas or flavored teas. Tins are everywhere. I want to buy a load! For 140 years, Kusmi Tea has been offering to gourmets the finest in high quality tea blends. Nowadays the tea brand offers unique Russian blends like Prince Wladimir tea, Anastasia or Saint Petersbourg tea, whose recipes are kept secret for more than a century, but also many traditional and flavored blends. There are also wellness teas like the Detox, the Be cool or the stimulating Boost. Tea connoisseur, and every tea lovers know Kumsi. The brand is ever since headquartered in Paris, and it’s ever since of great quality and hippness. There’s no way to pick a favourite in this shop as they’re all so unique, and it’s fun to pick something out to match the mood or the weather. Tea for two then?

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Posted on December 3, 2012 by admin

Do you know all the variety of hairstyles that characterize different cultures? Ancient, modern, contemporary, ethnic, bronze and marble, black or white, multiple combinations.  
This is Cheveux Chéris or Beloved Hair an exhibition about the care, the research, the consistencies and  vitality that transcends the ordinary banality of hair.
The exhibition is about paintings, sculptures, photographs, prints, and multimedia objects that express the variety of physical and symbolic forms of hair. Hair care in cultures refers to issues of concern, seduction, ornaments, evoking the memory or power of a person in societies that practice and make trophies or headhunting. The intersection of anthropology, the history of ancient and contemporary art, fashion and manners, the exhibition examines individual issues of intimacy and sociability through the universal theme of hair. Addressing the idea that individuals and social groups display personality through hairstyle, presented first in terms of frivolity: competing blonds, brunettes or redheads, straight or frizzy as seen in a wide range of classical paintings, sculptures and author photographs. Continue Reading →


Posted on October 16, 2012 by admin

‘A contemporary and domestic interpretation of the deck chair’. I know some of you are against it, but I want summer back. As rain was pouring the other day, I started reading some design magazines and stumbled into this marvelous collection called The Bay. Made out of beech wood, this structure with cotton canvas mattress and cushions is called The Watching the ships roll in and truly is a domestic yet summerish interpretation of a deck chair. Parisian designer Marie Dessuant has realized this neat seat and stool as a personal interpretation of a seaside resort’s collective memory. Influenced by memories of salt crackling on the skin, and states of mind like the strange distance holidays, the chair is a simple and creative product. A daydream with an off season taste. Please note that Watching the ships roll in, is a limited edition so you better be ready and quick if you want to have it. I crave for it!

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