Posted on July 18, 2012 by admin

Everybody still remembers the very first time I went shopping at Fred Segal in Los Angeles. I actually didn’t shop, I closed myself in the toilet. My friends know what happened there, I won’t tell you, but let’s say I was overxcited and frightned and sorrounded by Balenciaga jumpers -Nicolas Guesquiere very first years – that I couldn’t afford. Segal is an institution and people there are lovely but Sluiz in Ibiza is a shop that gave me good vibes from the very beggining. It’s situaed in Ibiza, it’s surely one of my favourite spots all over the world. They are fresh, the have a very good selection of books, clothes, kitchen wares and home stuff, they have a lovely bar. They are all people coming from the north of Europe that have given their “sleek”taste to the Balearic twist. It’s the kind of Ibiza people don’t know. You won’t find any clubber there serving you after dancing at the Space for 12 hours. You won’t even find anything for clubbing, it’s not for clubbers. Continue Reading →