Posted on April 26, 2013 by Marco Maggetto

Don’t know why people is going into the pool with sunglasses but the phenomenon is improving summer after summer. If it is an hotel pool then, a nice hotel, everybody is swimming in shades. It’s alluring, creates mystery, makes you look like if there is a paparazzo outside there how’s violating you privacy. To avoid complications, swim and play with no danger (eventually fight with the paparazzo at no risks), Technochic has created SoSoft Sunglasses. Light, colored, SoSoft is a perfect accessory to protect from the rays of sun with appeal and coolness. Lenses are certified anti-UV and scratch-proof and made of  polycarbonate with an hard coated treatment on both sides. Crossbars are instead realized in a particular material that had a soft and flexible nature : it’s called EVA, expanded high-density, and it allows glasses to float and to bend completely until almost to curl up. It looks like a fun pair of sunglasses but it’s not. Imagine a softer approach and no weight on your nose. Imagine all you can do with SoSoft.