Posted on July 17, 2012 by Isabella Cecconi

Tomoki Momozono is an awesome photographer. I mesmerized his Sumo pictures with a sort of Stendhal’s syndrome, feeling transported into the audience of his images. I felt like experiencing the fight of the scene. Momozono’s powerful shots portray the competitive contact sport of Rikishi (sumo wrestlers) who attempt to force each other out of the circular ring. Picture tones are perfect, yellowish and dark, delivering the anxious force of the fight, of surrenders, of physical power. Sumo belongs to Japan’s ancient traditions and it’s highly regimented with rules. Momozono majored in Tokyo’s Sophia University and got into the world of photography in 2001. Starting as a sport shooter he later gained knowledge in lighting. He currently is based in London. Discovering his photography is a journey into a brand new world. Enjoy the fight and.. いは始めましょう!

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