Posted on June 11, 2013 by admin

We love arts collectives. They are beyond any kind of self proclamation and they produce art that always looks fresh as if it’s has been done in the last semester of an art course. It’s a game, the game of making art. It’s pure intent that makes of collectives a super energetic way of expressing a story with less “conditions”, with no, at least in the beginning,  external instructions. Don’t get us wrong, Gallerists and Curators are very important in the process, as important as artists, but sometimes it’s great to see concepts that are less edited and more “wild”. And wild is a word for the Bruce High Quality foundation from  Brooklyn, New York City. “Created to foster an alternative to everything” in 2004, the collective is made of five, maximum eight and rotating members all coming out from the prestigious , and invented, Bruce High Quality Foundation University.  TBHQF’s  name comes from a fictional artist “Bruce High Quality” that died in the 9/11 attacks and , off course,  was created with the intent of protesting against the “star-making machinery of the art market”. Whatever is making movies, creating gigantic mice or floating Islands of parkland tugged around the New York Harbor, The Bruce High Quality foundation is a fundamental name in contemporary art, check them out.

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