Posted on November 30, 2012 by admin

Officine Ferri confirms its vocation for research and exclusivity, opening this very night Officine Ferri Off. Situated in the heart of Rome, this  brand new space will be dedicated to the research of new brands and young designers. Combining iron, wood, concrete, Officine Ferri Off offers garments of original clothing lines, geometric shapes and unconventional cuts. In a post-industrial space, the sophisticated will take place. Clothing, accessories, shoes are all designed for men and women who love to be unique and special in every occasion. Officine Ferri’s careful selection will host brands like Alessandra Marchi, Giovanni Cavagna, Malloni, Masada, Giorgio Brato, Sonia Speciale, Officine Creative. Tonight’s opening will feature the sculpture clothes of Tiziano Guardini, Roman designer who combines the processing techniques of couture with organic elements.

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