Posted on February 4, 2014 by Editorial Staff

Thomas Card’s  book “Tokyo Adorned”  is a visual exploration of Tokyo’s fashion tribes that had been recorded in 2012 just after the Tsunami when “ the country experienced an upsurge of national pride and participants in street fashion increasingly celebrated their unique placement within the Japanese culture at large.” An interesting and unique opportunity to explore a modern culture, sometimes far from us, the book, with an introduction by Simon Doonan and an analisys by Dr. Samantha Boardman, a psychiatrist and blogger, will be out on March 11.

“Tokyo Adorned started almost ten years ago when I picked up the New York Times and found an obscure article about extreme make-up styles being worn in Tokyo nightclubs. The depth of commitment in the individual make-up styles immediately struck me. Even though I was not in a position to make a body of work at that time, I never forgot. The 2011 earthquake and tsunami drew my thoughts back to Japan. I was hearing that the emotional reverberations of the catastrophe had caused a surge of self-expression in Tokyo. This series is a response to and celebration of that self-expression…”