Posted on June 17, 2014 by Luisa Fazio

Built since most ancient civilizations. Moghul Emperors sat on the “chabutra” between the branches of their beloved sycamores. Japanese, instead, built “walking trees” in order can to admire autumn leaves and colors. In the Middle Ages, monks and hermits used to retreat often on trees. Living in a tree house it’s the dream of every child and fans of the Jungle Book by Kipling, for sure would love to part of Bandar – Log’s happy tribe. The group of monkeys that had freedom, so much freedon none other animals had: they can fly between trunks and leaves, where no one could reach them. This meant secrecy, independence, refuge. Today, thanks to the joint of architects, cabinet makers, academics, carpenters, agronomists, we are scattered on every continent buildings floating in the sky. For which, the trees become their foundation. In Peruvian amazon there is one shaped like a bird’s nest. In Japan there is a house surrounded by pink cherry blossoms that rises into the clouds leaning from a single trunk of cypress. They are recognition of the needs and spirit of our times: who would not want to find a place to rest at half height? A place to stay for dreaming and reading in touch with nature? I’d like to have a shelter in the trees instead of the usual, customary, swimming pool. With a rope ladder to pull up in those particular periods “off limits” during which we don’t like to get down with feet on the ground. Years pass by but the tree house never looses its charm.