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Posted on June 30, 2012 by admin

Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat worked on a series of collaborative paintings between 1983 and 1985. Olympic Rings was among the paintings they produced together, inspired by the 1984 Summer Olympic Games held in Los Angeles. Between clusters of Warhol’s Olympic rings, Basquiat imposed a bold, dark, mask-like head, like a medallion in a link chain, undoubtedly an allusion to African-American star athletes of past Olympic Games, such as Jesse Owens, Carl Lewis, Tommie Smith, and John Carlos. Gagosian London will host this wonderful work of art. A good chance to stare at the these two art titans while London’s Olympic Games.

Gagosian London – From June the 19th till  August  the 11th 2012


Posted on June 29, 2012 by admin

Mascot was established in  2004. Creating dog supply focused on exceptional quality, durability and style, Mascot is maybe the “preppiest” of all the pet brands. Capturing inspiration from what “owners” wear, and consequentially “want” for their “bambini”, Mascot is presenting a fantastc Sailor Knowt Solid Collar that is already a must in dogland. At the last Pitti Uomo every single man was wearing an “intrecciato” belt and our dogs, for sure, need to go as stylish as us. At Mascot they say : ” All our designs are proprietary, designed in-house, and tested by our  mascots. We take pride in our products. We feel that every dog should live life in signature style!  STAY LUCKY!”


Posted on June 29, 2012 by Isabella Cecconi

To me, Corey Arnold is an adventurer. A sailor, a professional  fisherman, a photographer, a traveler, a virtuoso of the seas. Although he has studied photography in college, he has soon sought a way to combine the sea and his third eye. The result has been a violent yet passionate relationship between the human and natural world. His vibrant photography portrays his personal experiences as commercial fisherman, his travels, his personal vision and sea encounters. You can meet eagles, sharks, gulls, deer, seascapes and surreal and frightening environments. A documentary of life on vessels where irony meets nightmares and  adventure is ready to start.

Corey Arnold, a star rover, all over. Continue Reading →


Posted on June 28, 2012 by Marco Maggetto

F.lli Cerruti Woolen Mill has been operating since 1881. Founded in Biella, a “smart” village strategically situated between Torino and Milano, this prestigious company has been producing extremely high quality fabrics for the best fashion designers. Famous all over the world for their workmanship and artisan perfection, F.lli Cerruti ventured in the field of haute couture, prét-a-porter, diffusion lines and perfumes from the 50ies till the 80ies always guaranteeing a certain standard of quality and creativeness. Nino Cerruti, who has been responsible for “ferrying” the company along those years, is still guiding the family business with verve and devotion. A sparkling mind, a man always in search for new frontiers, Cerruti had organized “La tradizione, il valore, il bello”,  a significant exhibition  that was showed during White Milano Show, June 23rd-25th. 

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Posted on June 28, 2012 by Maxim Deluxe

Gasoline, the unofficial video of the new single from the Melbourne based band. Give it up for Australia.
Watch here  Follow the band : Alpine


Posted on June 28, 2012 by Clara G

Gianni Versace is not my favourite designer: too baroque, too obvious. He was a star, that’s for sure. He simply represents the euphoria of the 80’s, an optimistic and savage moment we are all sometimes missing. I can’t avoid remembering Princess Diana during his funeral in July 1997.  So tall, so blond, with her pearl necklace. You could easily see that she was special… another star, neither my favourite, soon to be disappeared. Two years later I found a skirt in a small fashion outlet in Madrid, the silk fabric was painted with diamonds. It fitted me very good, looked like made for me. It was a Versace piece, from the 1998 Fall Collection, the second one designed by Donatella, but it looked quite like the last Gianni. Shiny but a little dark. Continue Reading →


Posted on June 28, 2012 by Francesca Lanni

This is the traditional British sauce.  A ‘must have’ for apple pies and many other dishes. Hot or cold, custard is just as delicious served either way although I believe warm custard is one of the most comforting things ever. Making custard is actually surprisingly easy. You just need to be very careful of what you’re doing, have the right equipment with you – basically a good metal whisk, non-stick saucepans, a rubber spatula, and good quality ingredients – and you’re sorted. Continue Reading →


Posted on June 27, 2012 by Teresa Cannata'

In the 80s I was a teenager who was striving to find her own (style) voice in the world. I’ve never been cool and surely I wasn’t at the time, maybe because I wore hand-me-down clothes most of the time (I still do it) and I wasn’t part of the group of the beautiful and cool people at school (the so-called “paninari”). At the time, wearing specific items by specific designers was a social statement; if you didn’t, you were out. I was out but I must admit I was happy with it. I couldn’t afford designer clothes or shoes but my sister and I opted for spending our money on accessories instead. Three are my top bags of that decade: a small zipped clutch bag by Trussardi, a big envelope clutch bag by El Charro and a bucket bag by Bottega Veneta, which is now in my sister’s closet.
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The Up Coffee table, by our beloved Duffy of London is a limited edition of twenty pieces handmade by English craftsmen. Designed by Christofer Duffy himself, the table is a levitating trompe d’oeil as fourteen balloons seem to suspend the cover glass. Made out of resin composite, thoughened glass and steel rods, this fancy table is a playful and beautiful design piece for modern houses.

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Posted on June 27, 2012 by Luca Andriani

What to do with a roll of toilet paper when the paper ends? Call Anastassia Elias. This artist, painter and French sculptress, thanks to the use of a taglierino (a pocket knife) and a pair of tweezers for the eyelashes, transforms the cylinders of cardboard into representations of daily life. The result is a real art masterpiece.

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Posted on June 27, 2012 by Isabella Cecconi

The strange and quirky and mysterious life of Maggie. Who is Maggie? Simply, a fictional character created by talented photographer Ofer Wolberger. Maggie comes from another time and place. Maggie is a real person, surely alienated, who wears a mask and is depicted in different scenarios. It’s a fiction in a touristic and ordinary journey, it’s a fake life set with fake style and fake personality. Maggie travels around the world in a slippery sense of time passing and Ofer Wolberger’s images reflect on this strange habit. The imaginary tourists comes from the past and is trying to find a place where to fit. Maggie’s photo project is bizarre yet amusing. All the snapshots seems to be taken for her real personal archive. Ofer Wolberger is a New Yorker, recipient of The Humble Arts Foundation Spring 2008 Grant for Emerging Photographers. His pictures have been collected and exhibited internationally. A good discovery for all of us.

Say cheese Mag!

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Posted on June 26, 2012 by admin

Designed by Aalvar Alto in 1933, Stool 60 is a Finnish design symbol. A masterpiece that deserves a celebration for its 80th birthday. The Stool 60 customized by Rei Kawakubo is made of white lacquered wood with black pois on legs and seat. When the creative manager of ARTEK, Villas Kokkonen,  asked Kawakubo the meaning of this “decoration” the designer simply answered “for the love of  polka dots”.

80′ Aniversary Edition of Stool 60 is produced in a limited edition of 200 pieces.




Posted on June 26, 2012 by Hobart Fowlkes

My name is Winston Wellington Worthington van Cartier Johnson.  Yes that really is my full name on my birth certificate and my passport and every other official government document.  I think my mother thought that my name would somehow shape my future.  She’s just plain old Karen Johnson, but my brothers are Basil Barrymore Johnson and Aloysius Rothschild Van Cleef Arpels Johnson.  I must say that in a way she had a good point.  Our names alone have opened many doors for us.  If anything they’ve draw lots of attention to us.  Mom worked multiple jobs and spoiled us badly while we were growing up, but she made sure we got full scholarships to the best prep-schools on the East Coast: Exeter, St.Paul’s and Groton.  I’m the oldest so I’m supposed to pave the way for my brothers which is a pretty tough burden.  In a way, I feel like my mom considers the three of us like lottery tickets and expects for one of us to eventually pay off the mega-millions jackpot.  We’ll have to see.  I’m home on break from Yale, and I’m heading out to hang with some of my old gang.  I feel myself growing more distant from my old friends, and that makes me kind of sad.  Continue Reading →


Posted on June 26, 2012 by Marco Maggetto

I’m seriously dangerous when I visit CultureLabel website. It’s hard to resist, I like everything. This edition t-shirt by Square Lust featuring a waterlily painted design is maybe one of the pieces you won’t resist too. Made from a modern, sportswear synthetic fabric the t-shirt comes in a presentation box and it’s perfect for our friends that are born in summer. Cancer or lions, I know them well, they will appreciate it. brings together a hand-curated edit of the most stylish products and affordable art from hundreds of galleries, artists, independent stores and museums from around the world. Founding partners comprise iconic UK arts brands including Tate, V&A, Saatchi Gallery, Whitechapel Gallery and many more. Every purchase from CultureLabel helps to support the arts. Maybe one of the best online shop, CultureLabel is heaven on art! Literally.


Posted on June 25, 2012 by Arianna Pistorello

Who among us has ever dreamt of leaving everything and go away? This is an extraordinary, romantic and brave story. About 30 years ago there was a beautiful german girl named Birgit Grein. Birgit was suffering from psoriasis and not even cortisone was able of curing her illness. Some doctors suggested  moving to a warmer country and between all the options she had, she chose St. Barthèlemy. A volcanic island, a pearl in the Caribbean sea, 25 square kilometers of earth, 22 beautiful beaches, numerous boutiques.  In the evening the whole island is caressed by a sweet tropical breeze and anywhere the local music is mixing wiith the perfume of vanilla and spices. Easily the northern girl found her paradise there. One morning her “Vespa”  left her in trouble…what a fortune! The guy that stopped for help was Hervè Brin, a native of the island. Friendship came naturally: Birgit soon told him about her illness and the reason why she had moved to St. Barth. By coincidence Hervè’s grandmother was an Indian Harawak ( a population established in the island in the 17th century), she was a woman that used herbs as medical cure.
Birgit met the famous grandmother and recovered from psoriasi : enthusiast about it, she started sharing her secret with her friends. Hervè and Brigit fell in love and started working together on the production of this portentous oil which soon made them famous.  In 1983 the couple opened a small boutique,  very close to the airport. The very first cosmetic products of La Ligne St. Barth were there sold. The success was so big that in 1993 the distribution started in Europe and Usa. Continue Reading →


Posted on June 25, 2012 by Luca Andriani

What happens when a discarted plastic bottle becomes a beautiful installation? In Botafogo beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on June 19th 2012 a fish sculpture constructed from discarded plastic bottles has been raised out of the sand. Rio has been  hosting the UN Conference on Sustainable Development, and Rio+20, the fantastic marathon.

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Posted on June 25, 2012 by Maxim Deluxe

Finishrine from Purity Ring’s debut album Shrines
Out 07/24/2012 on 4AD and Last Gang Records
Listen it on You Tube


Posted on June 23, 2012 by Teresa Cannata'

Galaxy prints are not a new trend – just ask Christopher Kane – but their magic is still intact. Despite being practically everywhere – on swimsuits, shoes and all kind of dresses – there’s something mysterious about wearing a galaxy-printed item. Romanticism, a certain charm of the unknown and probably a thrill of horror vacui: the idea of endless spaces surrounding our planet can be related to many different concepts. A designer who has used these ideas in her creations is the Greek-born Athena Procopiou: Ziggy, her collection of scarves and kimonos, reproduces beautiful galaxy prints which open an imaginary window into the unknown.

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Posted on June 22, 2012 by Marco Maggetto

There is nothing we can do. We cannot resist it, this is the gadget of summer. Nike+FuelBand not only is well designed, light and practical, but also a discreet and very stylish accessory to wear. It tracks down all your activities, from the shopping to the jogging, all day long. You can fix up your daily amount of calories to burn and keep it controlled on your pc or iPhone or whatever: if you run one mile to take the bus, maybe you can rest in front of the TV for the rest of the eve and skip you jogging to the next day. Every activity (from the tap dance to the reading) is monitored. The total control of your body is maybe far away, but at least, you have the machine under control and working.


Posted on June 22, 2012 by admin

If your child looks to pursue a career of blogger, you should give him/her a taste of what technology is as early as possible. It’s not fair to give them an iPhone when they are 3 years old, they need to get there through phases. I-Woody is a funny little blackboard made of wood and designed by Doneky Creative Lab. They will feel connected and won’t get adult before the time.


Posted on June 22, 2012 by Isabella Cecconi

Liz Hingley’s  images from her series “Under Gods” capture different cultures from all over the world of different states of religious practice. Catholics, Hare Krishnas, Jehovah witnesses, Muslims, Anglicans, each photograph shows a different side of a religious life. The funny thing is that all the images have been shot along a single stretch of road in Birmingham, U.K. In the two-mile Soho Road of Birmingham, there are more than 30 religious buildings and about 90 different nationalities. As Hingley grew up in the city, she had personal knowledge of the religious diversity that existed in her hometown. Hingley, daughter of two Anglican priests, has spent nearly two years capturing the practices and interactions of her multi-faith community.  “Under Gods” captured some wonderfully intimate moments in which different cultures overlap in the small community creating Tableaux Vivants, where a sense of disquietude becomes part of the aesthetical overall image. It is not a documentary on religion, if considering religion as active part of our daily life. It’s everything. It’s more of a celebration of the rich diversity of religions that co-exists and the reality in lifestyles. Faith in fact has to be interpreted differently, depending on time, place and people. Continue Reading →


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Kaari Upson was born in San Bernardino CA in 1972 . In 2004 she earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the California Institute of Arts, in Valencia, CA. Upson’s body of  work spans into the complicated nature of identity and the construction of it through her work. Concepts of a deeply personal nature and a wider sociological perspective are foundamentals of her personal way of approaching to art. Upson, who’s rasing name will be soon known to most,  currently lives and works in Los Angeles, CA.

Kaari Upson “Baby Please Come Home”  opens on Monday 25th June at the new Carlson space in London.

Carlson Gallery , 55 South Audley Street, W1K 2QH, London



Posted on June 21, 2012 by Teresa Cannata'

Despite being a lover of basic, sturdy bags (it’s not a case if most of my bags are black or brown Balenciagas), quirky styles always attract me. I would never leave the house carrying an unusual piece because I actually use bags and don’t really consider them as simple fashion accessories, but the power of imagination (and a bit of sparkle) is hard to resist. Take this cake slice crystal minaudiere by Judith Leiber, for example: I would keep it as a work of art, but I don’t think I would use it in real life.
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“These nymphs I would perpetuate. So clear,  Their light carnation, that it floats in the air, Heavy with tufted slumbers.  Was it a dream I loved?”

Stéphane Mallarmé – The afternoon of the Faun

 …And their alluring walk mesmerized our eyes… and those dazzling music notes corroborated our ears. The Boboli Limonaia in a late June evening. The slight scent of lemons, the amazing  Boboli Park in Florence. The presentation of Valentino SS 2013 collection during Pitti. The refulgent edginess, the sporty elegance. There’s dynamism in Valentino’s men’s collection Spring Summer 2013. Shapes are wonderfully evolved into a smooth pragmatic prêt-a-porter for him. Shapes  are combined and matched together, creating a flow of textures, a camouflage of geometry. Materials are opaque, green, kacki, dark orange, black, lime yellow and terra di siena. Lines are clean and shoes are comfortable, only fancy sneakers with a vintage allure. Jackets are re-styled and weight lightly. Shirts are boxy, rigid but airy. Sleeves are  melted down shoulders  in a natural way while trousers are short and dynamic to keep fresh and running this young men. A globetrotter, a modern gipsy, he is not afraid of colours nor wearing a neoprene jacket, which is, a scary material for some, but for us could be very enjoyable (and warm when it gets cold). Here is the NEW Maison  Valentino man ‘en plein’ blooming, a  process of renovation towards a more modern and aware client. Classical is just a PRETESTO to start something  new  for  Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli who  undertake new paths of discovery: The Avant Garde of Minimal. We have never seen such a modern young Valentino a collection to wear and desire. …Was it a dream WE loved?

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Posted on June 21, 2012 by Maxim Deluxe

First Aid Kit – Performing their new single “Blue”. This is the third single taken from First Aid Kit’s latest release, The Lion’s Roar, available on Wichita Recordings. Watch here on You Tube


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Are you all ready for the 82nd Edition? Today Pitti Immagine Uomo 2012 opens and gets ready to surprise once more with a selection of the best collections. Swaggers, chic and unconventional visitors will gather together in these days. Affirmed and emergent designers, will show their next summer season collections. The event, as always held in the magnificent Florentine Fortezza from the 19th till the 22th of June, will present 1.053 brands with the objective to overcome the 32.000 visitors and the 20.000 buyers of the 2011. Among a large amount of special events to be underlined, the Valentino fashion show and the exhibition curated by Fondazione Pitti at the  Stazione Leopolda to celebrate the 30 years of activity of Stone Island. There’s a big cake that is waiting for us. We are craving to eat it. Beware of the Harlows, they are in town. Happy human safari and surely happy Pitti to everyone!



Posted on June 19, 2012 by Teresa Cannata'

The unique charm of wedges is totally underestimated: many women use them as a good compromise when they don’t feel like wearing high heels, but still want shoes to give them some extra height. The problem is that I don’t think they’re aware of wedges’ pragmatic beauty. Far from being the less sexy sisters of high heels, wedges speak of exotic travels, summer fun and of the 40s, the decade which made them famous. These Riviera starfish-printed canvas wedge sandals by Yves Saint Laurent, from the spring/summer 2012 collection, are a perfect example of everything wedges should be.
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Posted on June 19, 2012 by Francesca Lanni

Make the most of summer berries and try making your own jam – delicious spread on homemade bread. This recipe yields incredible results with minimum fuss. One major problem with this receipt. It disappears too fast!

Ingredients: 600 Kilogrammes of Raspberries – frozen or fresh, 600 Kilogrammes of Granulated Sugar, Ounce of Butter. Continue Reading →


Posted on June 18, 2012 by admin

Affection and love for your “nest” is a great fix point in life. We all need to go back to a safe place to find ourselves. That cozyness can only be reached with objects we choose for our space. These objects show the real personal touch of a house and the real taste coming out. The quality of furnishings does not only manifest itself in large items: lighting and textiles are also fundamental to the well-being at home. But it’s the small thing that play a major role in our emotional attachment to the house and in recent decades only a few designers like Charles and Ray Eames, Alexander Girard and George Nelson, have been aware of this. The Classic Trays by Vitra, are small masterpieces re-edited in duroplast, a washing machine resistant  material which is also a food save product. These trays are a to-have, to collect and use. Absolutely the best way of serving your iced tea under the porch.


Posted on June 18, 2012 by Luca Andriani

The project Pimp my Mary stems from the communication of a strong disagreement and detachment from the commercialization of the icon itself. Spirituality, by definition detaches from the material and terrestrial, from what has now become consumerism: the Madonnas become thus soldiers and stand in line on shelves of retailers recalling the cans of vending machines that are served, consumed and collected. The project reached its second edition, managing to attract decorators from the art world and a lot of criticism from the Catholics.

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Posted on June 18, 2012 by Clara G

In my heart there will always be a place for a short jacket with big bell-shaped sleeves that I saw in a fashion magazine in the late eighties. I was just a kid haunted by fashion, the designer of the jacket was COMMES DES GARÇONS,  the anti-fashion label inside the fashion world. It was the first time I had seen a piece by COMMES DES CARÇONS. However, I cannot remember at all the first time I heard about LOUIS VOUITTON, the establishment of Fashion. On September 2008, COMMES DES CARÇONS opened a LOUIS VOUITTON pup-up store inside the COMMES DES CARÇONS’ shop in Tokyo, with six bags in very limited edition designed by RAY KAWAKUBO for the 30th anniversary of LOUIS VOUITTON in Japan. Continue Reading →


Posted on June 15, 2012 by admin

How beautiful is the weekend? How nice is having a two days break? In the mood of feeling casual and cozy while rolling down the hill embraced to your fiancé? Zoe Karssen is a very young label producing easy to wear, tongue in cheek styles for the cool girls in town. Founded in Amsterdam in 2010 by the Karssen sisters, Zoe and Quince, the project (what a serious word) is based on simplicity and a mix of themes. Rock n Roll, famous icons, quote, Batman are only few of their inspirations of these young girls who quickly gained a loyal following. Hollywood superstars are already fans, what about you?


Posted on June 15, 2012 by admin

One of the best Haute Couture houses which does not only meddle in couture.

Are you ready for a cool bounce? Table tennis or ping-pong, or beach tennis too. You can use them in whatever way you want, as long as you have fun. Dear players, weren’t you waiting for an initial serve? Meet with my opinion: these Chanel racquets are just cool. Use them this summer if you happen to have some spare time and are down with scoring points. I can really admit it: Chanel has it all!


Posted on June 15, 2012 by Hobart Fowlkes

That dude with the iPhone is taking my picture.  Every now and then he looks like he’s playing a game, but the eye of his camera lens keeps pointing straight at me.  Here he goes again.  I’m going to give him my nonchalant, bored-with-life-don’t want to go to school look.  I’ve been told I have a great “look.” I mean one time this guy stopped me on the street and gave me his card, he followed me for a few blocks, but he totally seemed like one of those creeps who is into kiddie porn or something.

My name is Isaiah.  If you couldn’t tell, I am mixed race.  My father is a Sephardic Jew and my mother is half African-American and half French.  Apparently, I have a look that can range anywhere from ghetto-fabulous to Urban Trustafarian Hipster Preppy Chic.  I plan to work it, baby.  I may only be 14, but I know I’m going to be a star.  Oh wait, there goes the dude with the iPhone again.  Let me give him my bored-pout.  There.  I’ll bet that comes out nicely.  Where was I?  Oh yeah, I’m going to be famous.  Remember the movie “Fame?”  I don’t!  Too young, duh.  But whenever I tell people that I am going to audition at New York’s High School of Performing Arts, everybody’s all like:  “Ooooh, just like in Fame!!”  I guess I should watch it on Netflix or something.  So, whatevs, I’m going now for my big audition. Continue Reading →


Posted on June 14, 2012 by Teresa Cannata'

Among the weirdest things I’ve ever bought there’s an Emily the Strange cat-shaped bag, which I purchased in the early 2000s. For some inexplicable reason, I thought it was super-cool, but it soon ended up in the darkest part of my closet, until I decided to sell it on eBay to another cat-shaped bag lover. I don’t think I’d buy something similar again, but I wouldn’t mind having this adorable Meadham Kirchhoff Kitty embroidered silk clutch in my bag collection.
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Posted on June 14, 2012 by Isabella Cecconi

Always naked, as the day he was born; affinity for nature and water which comes from his Finnish roots. For Arno Rafael Minkkinen, Finnish-American photographer, nudity is like spirituality. He is not a nudist but he is a researcher for the relationship between his naked body, time and nature. His are more than simple shots, they are actual performances where the body  is pure fusion with the landscape in a quiet and discreet scenario. Over the past forty years that sense of freedom has compelled him to photograph himself in a variety of places, from sandy beaches to cliffs, practically everywhere. Many of his photos have always required extreme physical risks. His body of work explores an uncanny juxtaposition between the human body and what surrounds it, where body parts function as integral parts of trees, lakes, skylines. Performing for the Camera: forty years of Self-portraits will be on until june the 29th at the Barry Friedman LTD gallery, New York City. Get your clothes off and stare at these shots! Continue Reading →


Posted on June 14, 2012 by Maxim Deluxe

School Of Seven Bells – The Night, the new video from their last Ghostory album ****
Watch here on You Tube


Posted on June 14, 2012 by Marco Maggetto

Another 3 weeks of mens fashion shows, fairs, events, are approaching. To salute and celebrate the fresh and new that will be presented during these days, we have chosen a British line that is appealing and very strong in its valour. Eastie Empire is a British sports heritage label combining all the famous, and renowned all over the world, traditions of tailoring. Vintage style fabrics pair together with old manufacturing techniques revived by the brand in order to deliver to their clients authenticity and style with substance. The inspiration comes from vintage sportsmen, adventurers and gentlemen. The process starts in flea markets, museums, art galleries where the team grabs inspiration and re creates “old” for the contemporary man. Every single piece is  imagined for the type of man who would have worn it and  his imaginary name is stitched as an embroidered name tag into each garment.  The AW 12  collection is made of luxury jersey and knitwear, each with a unique heritage feeling but perfect for the modern men’s wardrobe. Continue Reading →


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Palazzo Ducale di Genova hosts “Dalla Parte Dell’Uomo” an anthological show of one of the greatest Italian photo reporters, Mario Dondero. Famous for the high level of his work captured during numerous decades, Donderdo delivers us images and stories that have marked our contemporaneity. Photos known and unpublished realized in every part of the world. Portraits of artists and literates but also faces of common people. In fifty years of travels on the tracks of his maestro, Robert Capa, Dondero portraits wars, social and political conflicts: all captured and immortalized by its objective with a trademark spirit. Between his “pearls” the famous photo that gathers the collapse of the Wall in Berlin or the one shooted in 1959 in front of the Editionses de Minuit (above) which immortalizes Claude Simon, Claude Mauriac, Jérôme Lindon, Robert Pinget, Nathalie Sarraute and Claude Ollier. All writers that belonged to the tide of the nouveau roman immortalized in this little work of perfection famous all over the world for showing such “minds” like school childs waiting for their next class.