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Posted on April 30, 2013 by Maxim Deluxe

Banks is a Los Angeles native and self – taught pianist, vocalist, and songwriter. She will soon release her debut album on IASOUND records in early summer 2013. Prepare for the new bomb-Indie girl.

Banks on TMBLR



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Manet, Return to Venice is the name of an exhibition currently on display at Doge’s Palace born with the collaboration of  Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia. Untill 18th August 2013, along its monumental rooms, you can admire 80 paintings, drawings and prints edited with the special collaboration of the Musée D’Orsay in Paris, which possesses the largest number of masterpieces by this extraordinary painter. Édouard Manet was born in Paris on 23th January 1832  and was one of the first 19th-century artists to approach modern and postmodern-life subjects . He was a crucial figure in the transition from Realism to Impressionism. Inspired by Italian Renaissance and Spanish paintings, the French artists always had a special relationship with Venice. You can notice this in  the exhibition layout, which guides the visitor past great masterpieces, such as Le fifre (1866), La lecture (1865-73), Le balcon (1869), Portrait de Mallarmé (ca. 1876) drawn from his entire artistic life, opens with a series of free interpretations of Old Masters, frescos and sculptures, which Manet saw during his first two journeys to Italy in 1853 and 1857. 

This exibithion is curated by Stéphane Guégan, with the scientific direction of Guy Cogeval and Gabriella Belli.


Posted on April 30, 2013 by Isabella Cecconi

Few lines to comment this example of preciousness. Maybe one of those Canon Japan evergreens! We’re talking about  the Canon FT QL. It was a 35mm single lens reflex camera introduced by Canon in 1966. It belonged to the elite of small compact cameras. The QL designation was a reference to Canon’s ingenious and successful  quick load system. The stainless steel device on the inside of the body rear door made film loading easier than was normal at the time. The QL was a best seller, becoming one of the fastest lensed  compact 35 cameras in 1966, opening the road to what at the time could be considered Technological and totally chic!



Posted on April 29, 2013 by Anna Torossi

A few weeks ago it was my birthday and I received one of the most beautiful gifts I could ever hope to get, “Paris 1962“. This big, amazing book is a documentation by Jerry Schatzberg of the first Yves Saint Laurent independent collection and that year’s Marc Bohan collection for Christian Dior. What I love most about it, and the reason because it was chosen for me between many other books, is the fact that photos are behind-the-scenes images. There are no slick images of mannequins and famous people since they are portrayed while working, relaxing or talking and this is the kind of photography I love the most. When you open “Paris 1962” you feel like you’re in a movie and you are shifted in a old world, in which fashion looked like something really special and somehow intimate. So, if you love fashion and photography, get yourself this amazing book, or, why not!, have someone get it for you.  You won’t be disappointed, it’s definitely a must have in your bookshelf.

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Posted on April 29, 2013 by Teresa Cannata'

I think I’m one of the last fashion dreamers and it doesn’t feel good. You take a look around and all the designers that used to make you excited are gone or sold out. I have no interest in personal style bloggers and I honestly can’t stand the insiders who have been turned into celebrities themselves. Where’s the mystery, where’s the drama, where’s the anticipation, when it’s so easy to know anything about anyone working in the world of fashion? I usually despise the by-products of this process – the accessories designed by some fashion blogger and produced by some international brand – but I’ve recently come across a pair of shoes that has stopped for a moment my disillusionment.

The British brand L.K. Bennett (which makes Kate Middleton’s favourite nude pumps) has launched a capsule collection of shoes and bags designed by Caroline Issa, Tank Magazine’s executive fashion director, one of those beautiful ones who wow the crowd and the media at fashion weeks.
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A flapper, a cliché, a person with more heart than brain (is this a crime?). Many things have been said about Betty Boop but let us tell you, and this is a Cut The Ribbon, that she was “only” the first sex symbol ever existed. Yes, the very first woman to be desired by masses, and she was a cartoon created by the genius mind of Max Fleischer and Grim Natwick. Fleischer wanted to create a new character to insert in his “Talkartoons”, a starlette  supposed to dance that was designed on the image of the then famous singer Helen Kane. Natwick, in the beginning, designed a french poddle with the head of a woman but then floppy eared mutated in hoop earrings and the black poddle nose into a girl’s button like perfect nose. Betty was born and she appeared as a supporting character before making her way as a solo star. Her debut is dated 9 August 1930: she soon become “The Queen of the Animated Screen”, the symbol of the depression era and a reminder of the previous, hilarious, jazz era. She was a modern teenager, officially aged 16.  The first fully defined woman in a cartoon and the very first who wore a short black dress, high heels and a garter. Her head was designed like a baby head but her body, her body was a bomb. She was the sexy combination between girlishness and maturity. Ever thought the sweetheart Betty was a record holder? Well, like it or not, she was first in many things. Tolerant, happy and goodhearted, Betty is still one of the enduring brightest star of Hollywood.

Photo: Boop, Bimbo and a friend.



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Promoted and organized by Ilaria Venturini Fendi and curated by Antonella Fornai, known expert of gardens, FloraCult is an event created to help bringing nature back to the center of culture, in an integration process which today is unthinkable. From today till April the 28th, FloraCult will host three days of nature, plants, gardening, bio ethics, ideas. With a school for re-inventors which proposes the idea of the garden as contemporary contemplative realm to live most of the time. An open air class surrounded by an orientalist garden. A school that will teach how to draw plants, to read and catalog them. In collaboration with artists and  botanical illustrators, photographers, orientalists who celebrate the tea ceremony, but also with young inventors of new codes of the contemporary. Go green!



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For the next four weeks, The Harlow will host Simone Stanislai’s photography. When asked a few lines of bio, Simone answered: 

I was born in Volterra in 1982. I’ve tried to become an archaeologist but I got lost. One day I decided to transform photography in a profession, keeping all the spontaneity and the emotive approach of when it was just a passion. Now I “dig” into reality with my Nikon camera, searching for fragments and little stories with a sense and a essence. And I feel better.

Top image title:  “Miriam courtesy of the artist.




Posted on April 26, 2013 by Marco Maggetto

Don’t know why people is going into the pool with sunglasses but the phenomenon is improving summer after summer. If it is an hotel pool then, a nice hotel, everybody is swimming in shades. It’s alluring, creates mystery, makes you look like if there is a paparazzo outside there how’s violating you privacy. To avoid complications, swim and play with no danger (eventually fight with the paparazzo at no risks), Technochic has created SoSoft Sunglasses. Light, colored, SoSoft is a perfect accessory to protect from the rays of sun with appeal and coolness. Lenses are certified anti-UV and scratch-proof and made of  polycarbonate with an hard coated treatment on both sides. Crossbars are instead realized in a particular material that had a soft and flexible nature : it’s called EVA, expanded high-density, and it allows glasses to float and to bend completely until almost to curl up. It looks like a fun pair of sunglasses but it’s not. Imagine a softer approach and no weight on your nose. Imagine all you can do with SoSoft.


Posted on April 25, 2013 by Isabella Cecconi

Bruce Mozert can be considered one of the pioneers of underwater photography. He created a waterproof camera himself that allowed him to go deep underwater during the 50’s. For some 45 years he created scenes of people, young women, for the most part, talking on the phone, playing golf, reading the newspaper, having an everyday life..all underwater. His shots were published on lifestyle magazines and was renowned for being pretty innovative at the time. The underwater tricks to make his scenes as real as possible included the use of baking powder to create for instance the powdery “smoke” coming out of the underwater barbecue. He was an already accomplished photographer in NYC indeed when, during the 30’s,  he moved to Silver Spring, Florida. At that time they were making Tarzan films in that area. Soon after arriving, he built his first underwater camera case and started shooting. The underwater pictures he took were so clear that MGM took them to Hollywood and used them. His pictures were picked up by magazines throughout the world. He also worked as an underwater motion picture cameraman working with NBC, ABC, CBS and many Hollywood productions. Bruce Mozert’s photographs will likely attract the attention of serious collectors, art museums and scuba divers and his shots will always be cherished as some of the most memorable kitsch photography in the era of Florida’s tourism marketing boom of the 1950′s.

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Posted on April 24, 2013 by Marco Maggetto

On my long journey they have been a significant presence. During my unstable youth and my moody cycles, with perpetual tides, they have been there. Life is a very surprising thing in terms of musical tastes. Today you like this, tomorrow you like that. Never say never. So I have been listening all, but them, they have been there for those special days, very close to my inner side. The pop (?) electronic duo Everything But The Girl, founded in 1982 in Hull England, have been experimenting all genres and have been inspired by country music, electronic, jazz. The band was not so cool in the eighties (was I the only fan?) but with the 90ies and a totally different approach they managed to reach masses. I remember  one night dancing  in my black vinyl non perspiring trousers. At one point “Missing” remixed by Todd Terry – was playing. Don’t get me wrong, it was a super alternative house club on the map with velvet rope and everything, it was a niche place (where niche stays for underground). So “Missing” was playing for the very first time and people was literally pulling out hair one to each other (here it means getting crazy). Lovely nice moment, everybody happy. One song,  how can I forget it?  The commercialization of Etbg was happening. Nothing wrong with that, the duo managed to reach a level of perfection during those years few band can be proud of.  Their Cd covers started to be arty and stylish, their image was neat and sub urban-minimal before anyone. Treacy, once an ugly duckling, started to put red lipstick and wearing young avant-garde designers while Ben was all in vintage shirts and sneakers. Always simple and unique, the Everythings had maybe done the “CD Cover” of the 90ies. Shooted by Marcelo Krasilcic in 1995 during a New York night Out  for the album “Walking Wounded”, the picture (above) is a memorable example of modernity and eternal cool. With its greys and reds predominating and in contrast, the cocktail dress and the sport jacket and high tones,  the “Walking Wounded” cover is still an example on how simplicity, realism and sincerity are best ingredients in creating an image. 17 years, still beautiful. Timeless.



Posted on April 24, 2013 by Maxim Deluxe

Sohn is a Vienna- based British artist who makes vocal -led, sumptuously produced pop songs for the soul. Just signed for the 4AD records  is out now with the first single ‘Bloodflows’.  Listen it on Soundcloud


Posted on April 23, 2013 by Flan

“Of course he is distant, he is 150 km away, across the open sea somewhere in Tuscany.” It is how your friend Bee replies at you complaining about Mr Perfect. And so damn distant seems the time when you would be coming home from his apartment hopping. You remember one saturday morning in particular, two men jogging towards you, one winked and said to the other, loud enough for you to hear: “Look at the smile on this one, she is coming back home all satisfied!” And yes, you were satisfied, his body was still looking for you a couple of times a week, in an uncomplicated and lighthearted way. Now everything has shifted in exactly what you were trying to avoid: the feeling of being in a relationship without the comfort feeling of having a boyfriend. And your last encounter has been the most elucidating. Before falling asleep, you crawl practically under his armpit and say: “We haven’t seen each other for more than a week, tell me something nice”. Continue Reading →


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Loving design, means loving shapes, ideas, creations. We love when it happens in juxtaposing materials, textures and colors, we love it when different combinations of ideas become just beautiful pieces of art work. We like clean lines, the careful design, the craftsmanship that shapes wood or other natural materials. The Madrid-based design studio Micomoler combines the tradition and the contemporary creating crafty objects. Everything is versatile and what seems a storage or a light solution is actually just a beautiful piece of work. Many are the awards that they have achieved and many are the claps of our hands in front of their design. Bravo!

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Posted on April 22, 2013 by admin

Porfirio, the ruthless, the chief at cutting ribbons. The gorgeous man, the diplomat, the playboy, the polo player, the car racer. Born in the Dominican Republic, he later became a diplomat being the Chief of the Dominican Embassy to Paris. Rubirosa was married five times, but never had any children. His wives were: Flor de Oro Trujillo, Danielle Darrieux, Doris Duke, Barbara Hutton, Odile Rodin.  Even the rumors of his sexual prowess, inspired Parisian waiters to name gigantic pepper mills “Rubirosas”. What else could a woman want? After World War II, Rubirosa became engaged in two major passions, polo and car racing, both expensive sports that would be supported in years to come by his American wives. Much has been written, speculated and whispered about this man, but one thing is sure, he led a life that few can imagine and let alone rivals. His life was better and more interesting than fiction. He was a tireless presence at chic nightspots, a keen race driver and polo player, a friend to the rich and infamous, a relentless pursuer of women with huge bank accounts. In the last few years it has been rumored that a movie will be released on his life starring Antonio Banderas. But the real Porfirio worked hard at having fun.  In the 50s when meeting  Sammy Davis he would introduce himself by saying : “Your profession is being an entertainer, mine is being a playboy.”*In fact He bedded thousands of women, including legendary beauties as Ava Gardner, Jayne Mansfield, Eva Peron and Zsa Zsa Gabor.In the Forties and Fifties no high-society party or jet-set gathering was complete without him. He never did a proper day’s work in his life yet his success with women enabled him to mix with royalty and film stars. His mesmerising charm ended in 1965,at the Parisian Bois de Boulogne. After drinking all night at the nightclub Jimmy’s in celebration of a polo win. Rubi, as friends would call him drove home at 7am and crashed his Ferrari into a tree. He was 56. He had lived and died fast.


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How nice is  the Gallery Weekend in Berlin. The City get magical, the streets are crowded, art is exploding. Everyone is invited to attend and get inspired by the 51 Galleries participating and attend the  51 openings. The past edition recorded the great success in its history with collectors traveled from Russia, Usa and even China to attend the event and with Art Forum defining it the biggest selling event in the art market, well there is no doubt. Gallery Weekend is a collector unmissable destination . From 26th till 28th April, get lost in the city and don’t forget to bring your most comfortable shoes. It’s an art “marathon”!



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Title: Passato Prossimo#24, 2010

From the multimedia project Passato Prossimo presented at Fondazione Credito Valtellinese in Sondrio in 2011. Courtesy of the artist, Montrasio Arte, Monza and Milan and Fondazione Credito Valtellinese, Sondrio.


Posted on April 18, 2013 by Marco Maggetto

Fancy some huge- immense earrings? I’ve seen them around, a lot. Women are literally wearing Christmas trees, ash trays, Calder’s mobiles and filigree chandeliers. Maybe too much off course, but if this is the trend, well, I prefer Badacious. The style is oriented to the ghetto girl, the inspiration is Neneh Cherry: the perfect match is a denim jacket and lycra shorts. The ethnicity is uncertain, the multicultural aspect is pure fun. Kozue Badacious and Ayumi Badacious  are jewelry designers based in  New York but originally from Nagoya Japan. The magic? Mixing Japanese Old School and American Contemporary culture with wit and humor. Rock, hip hop and fashion icons as inspirations. The young duo, that is already owning an ever growing fan base and some notable clients is, for sure, the ultimate jewellery trend and spicy brand of summer 2013.  For courageous girls under 35 only  and to buy at PatField New York.


Posted on April 18, 2013 by Isabella Cecconi

Masao Yamamoto, born in 1957, is a Japanese freelance artist, both painter and photographer. Worldwide known for his small photographs, his images seek to individualize prints as real objects and evoking memories. Yamamoto began his art studies as a painter, studying oil painting under Goro Saito in his native city. In his art he blurs the border between painting and photography, experimenting with his printing surfaces; dying with tea, painting on and tearing his photographs. The resulting photos are little jewels. His main subjects are still-lives, nudes and landscapes. The aesthetic power of the pictures is unique, refined, subtle and powerful at the same time. The photo prints are small, sometimes even minuscule, and require a profound observation but the experimental look, with frayed edges and color additions seem to mark by time the photographs. Yamamoto narrates no prefabricated story offering a glimpse into a harmonious world that is visible for everyone, but not perceived by everybody.

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Posted on April 17, 2013 by Maxim Deluxe

Alice Russell is a natural, pure natural talent of the ‘nu soul’. She released her 5th solo album, ‘To Dust’ where sees  exploring every letter of the soul lexicon and beyond to create her dynamic sound. This is the first solo album from her since 2008′ s acclaimed ‘ Pot Of Gold ‘ , marking the next step forward in a remarkable career which has seen this diminutive Brit universally acknowledge as one of the best soul voices of our time.

Listen her music on Soundcloud


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Once upon a time trees in the south Italian countryside used to come alive and move from the forest into the village to celebrate the yearly fusion of man and earth. Immersing visitors in the sound and imagery of rustling foliage, the cinematic installation, Alberi (ital. trees), takes them on a cyclic journey through reveries of mystic appearances. Alberi is based on the ancient ritual of the Basilicata region centered on the character of the Romito, a treelike man who, according to the myth, has rejected the idea of migration and planted his roots in his own land. After having been enacted by villagers for centuries the Romito has disappeared and, today, only lives in people’s memories. In his films Italian director Michelangelo Frammartino (b.1968) uses cinema’s unparalleled ability to make all things, animate and inanimate, equally compelling before the camera and infuse them with a life and soul. His widely celebrated, “Le Quattro Volte” (2010) evokes unions between humanity and nature and feelings of belonging to the cosmos. By presenting Alberi as an installation Frammartino takes the theme of eternal transformation and reincarnation a step further. Cyclical time becomes spatially conceivable through an endlessly running loop. In its images Alberi contemplates the disappearance of mythological customs, like the tree-ritual, from contemporary culture. On a deeper level, however, the work conjures cinema’s mystic and ritualistic powers on the eve of the medium’s own extinction.

Michelangelo Frammartino: Alberi

On view April 18—April 27, 2013

Moma PS1, NYC


Posted on April 17, 2013 by admin

Tate Modern’s new underground spaces “The Tanks” play host to an evening of immersive and interactive audio and visual presentations put together by multi-disciplinary record label VASE and creative studio TRUSST.  The presentations are part of Tate’s Hyperlink Festival, and will feature musical performances  curated by VASE founders Jacques Greene and Joe Coghill. Performances by Evian Christ, Dorian Concept and Jacques Greene will be accompanied by a series of digital installations created specially for South Tank in response to the festival’s theme of ‘six degrees of separation’. Physical computing, projection mapping, interactive wearables and electronic soundscapes will come together to create an immersive 360 degree responsive environment. Get together.





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The made in Rome Hibou is consolidating as one of the best artisanal, and made in Italy, accessories brands. The two years old company is now increasing production adding to its wide collection new gourmand items like the perpetually sold out bow bracelets and the Baloon Taupe (see photo above). For those who don’t know, Hibou was founded in 2011 by Rachele and Maila with the intent of creating a fresh line of accessories rich in details and made with refined materials. Bon toned and bold, the Spring Summer 2013 collection has all the happiness you need to start a great season of fun, holidays and sun (at very lovely prices).


Posted on April 16, 2013 by Luca Andriani

In 2001 artist Peter Gibson began a guerrilla street art campaign to encourage the city of Montreal to build more bike lanes. What began as a project borne of activism eventually became an art project that continues to this day. Assuming the name Roadsworth stating, “where Wordsworth is a poet of words, Roadsworth is a poet of roads,” the artist has cleverly modified roads, sidewalks, parking lots and any other publicly visible asphalt surface he can transform with paint. If you want to learn more, the artist recently took a moment to share some thoughts with My Modern Met and you can see much more of his work on his website.

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How to be a baby during the World War, loose  your father  and take care of your mother. How to live in Milan during post war years and give up University studies because there is no money. Grazia Neri had no choice but a job that wasn’t too boring and started as a factotum in an Agency called News Blitz where she used to write pictures captions and translate from English and French. Young Neri was a literature devourer and never thought her life would end with a passion for photography. In 1966 Grazia and a friend , a former light bulb seller, opened her historical agency in Milan. Grazia Neri became in few year the most famous Italian Aagency all over the world. The agency was founded with the intent of favoring photographers leaving them ownership of images and a correct remuneration, pursuing photographic services of quality. Grazia Neri, during the years,  accumulated a patrimony of 15 million images in analogical and of six million in digital. Robert Doisneau, Douglas Kirkland, Annie Leibovitz, Herb Ritts, James Nachtwey were few of  the photographer she represented and syndacation with other famous agencies like Afp, Polaris, Black Star, Contact Press Images, Rapho and VU. The advertising crisis started in the second semester of 2008  and of the general decrease of application for quality photojournalism replaced by images from internet or low quality ones lead to the clousure of the agency in 2009. But Grazia was still alive and kicking and maybe she was one of the most expert people on photography and photo journalism. Her memoir ” La Mia Fotografia”  published by Feltrinelli is a masterpiece for photo lovers. The history of a self made woman, the touching portrait of a girl that finds in photography the way to follow her passion for reading. Is it perhaps true that behind every great photo a great history hides behind? If you’re now Twitting or Face booking or Pinning some old vintage pictures, you are probably using a photo that once was edited, curated, wanted and loved by this “Signora” Milanese.


Posted on April 15, 2013 by Isabella Cecconi

The Lost Album is a series of photos by actor/director Dennis Hopper. This historically significant body of work from the 1960s has not been exhibited in the United States since 1970. Hopper established his reputation as a cult director with Easy Rider, while maintaining his reputation as an edgy character actor with gritty performances in The American Friend, Apocalypse Now, Blue Velvet and Hoosiers. Before his rise to Hollywood stardom, he captured the establishment-busting spirit of the 1960s in photographs that travel from Los Angeles to Harlem to Tijuana, and which portray iconic figures including Tina Turner, Andy Warhol, and Martin Luther King, Jr. The Lost album in its entirety comprises over 400 black and white photographs taken between 1961 and 1967 when his first wife Brooke Hayward gave him a Nikon camera for his birthday. A selection of approximately 200 photographs reveals casual portraits of artistic luminaries, mythic musician as well as stirring images of the Civil Rights Movement. Hopper’s photographs, shot with a Nikon camera and a 28-millimeter lens, are uncropped and produced with available light. His preference for full-frame added to his candid approach, producing poignant images.


Dennis Hopper – The Lost Album

May 7 – June 22, 2013

Gagosian Gallery – NYC

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Posted on April 13, 2013 by Teresa Cannata'

I’ve always been fascinated by art and by some painting techniques. I’ve never been good at painting, but I love watercolours (so romantic) and trompe-l’oeils. In particular, I’m fond of the idea of illusion behind the latter: the eye of the beholder is deceived because what he/she is watching is not what it seems. Works of art like the spectacular oculus by Andrea Mantegna in the Camera degli Sposi at Palazzo Ducale in Mantua or the tomb of Rudolf Nureyev, covered by a mosaic carpet sculpture, show how art can imitate life so as to create an effect of “realer than real”.

Trompe-l’oeil has been used in fashion, too: Mary Katrantzou’s famous lampshade skirts are a good example, but the Greek designer is only one of those who have fallen for such a fascinating optical illusion. As a matter of fact, very interesting “birdcage” outfits can be found in the spring/summer 2013 collection by Thakoon.
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Passato Prossimo#7, 2011

From the multimedia project Passato Prossimo presented at Fondazione Credito Valtellinese in Sondrio in 2011. Courtesy of the artist, Montrasio Arte, Monza and Milan and Fondazione Credito Valtellinese, Sondrio.





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Is it easy to reinterpretate the way of using tables? No to squares, no to circle surfaces. Otto Table designed by Italian Paolo Cappello is a table with a base in oiled heart beech and clear tempered glass top. The organic shape of the tempered glass top creates an object that can be both used as dining table or office desk: a wide surface to work, design, dine, cook on. Particular is the effect “basketwork leg”. Otto is built on environmentally friendly and fully recyclable materials. Miniforms was born in Italy in the first 1970s as evolution of Inveta (Industria Veneta small tables), a company founded in year 1962 and producer of small tables and furnishing accessories. In its creations, forms and colors are essential, clean and primary. Materials used range from solid wood to sheet steel, glass and aluminum, using environment compatible materials. Otto is a combination of intricate materials and the beautiful transparent glass top, allows the base to be seen in all its glory.

Darling, wouldn’t it be perfect in our living room?

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Posted on April 11, 2013 by Luca Andriani

Here’s another good initiative! The only regret is that such a thing is not done in most contexts with high resonance. In Brazil every 4 minutes an area as large as a football field gets deforested. To show viewers of a women’s football match between Brazil and Denmark the effects of this environmental tragedy, the WWF has changed field color from green to brown, to dark brown. Starting from minute four of the second half of the match, people sitting on the couch in front of the tv start to see the field changing. A symbolic gesture which ends with a banner ad that informs the public about the reason of this initiative.





Posted on April 10, 2013 by Isabella Cecconi

A fairly simple camera. This little wonder camera is the Ansco Cadet II. It was introduced in the mid 60’s by the Ansco camera company  of Binghampton, New York. It was a plastic camera which used 127 roll film and  updated the styling of the original Cadet of 1959. The Ansco company started making cameras in 1870 after having been a photographic supplier since the 1840’s. The body of the Cadet II is made of plastic with an aluminium faceplate. It had two mounting holes for attaching a strap. On the front of the camera, there was a dial to select color or black and white film. This controlled the size of the aperture. The 127 film produced 12 square images and was wound by a large, round wheel on the bottom of the camera. The camera could be used with or without the matching flash attachment, and had just one shutter speed and two apertures. The Cadet II was the empitomy of 1965. Lots of photos of The Beatles were taken with it!

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(Above image by Olivia Lavergne)

From April the 11th til May the 3rd 2013
The Exhibition « Circulation(s) vu par » at Central DUPON Images, Paris

Vernissage thursday the 11th of april 

Central DUPON Images
74 rue Joseph de Maistre, 75018 Paris.

Brossard Olivier
Brod Nolwenn
Koe Sabine
Lavergne Olivia
Machu Laureen
Rebetez Virginie
Vermeil Valentine
Pozzoli Susanna




Posted on April 10, 2013 by Maxim Deluxe

 oOoOO aka the electronic musician Chris Dexter, after a series of EPS on Tri Angle records will release the brand new debut album on June ‘ Without Your Love’ via his own Nihjgt imprint. Listen the new track ‘ Stay here’ and many more on his Soundcloud.



Posted on April 9, 2013 by admin

Today  I’d like to think about travels and adventures. About the breaking, the changing of horrible routine. Of embracing the adventure and forgetting the comfortable boring lives we are living. I love routine and being bored (it’s the ultimate lux) but I also love to break the cycle and go somewhere else and miss my routine from there. As I always arrive at check-ins with an anonymous bag and have to compile those horrible plastic luggage tags, I have decided to buy these by Noble Mcmillan of London. Their leather finish is very useful and confortable for traveling. Actually all their travel accessories are stylish and chic, have a trip on their webpage and you’ll discover a world of…essential.



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Call ‘em Icons, call ‘em slippers or loafers or pennys, as long as you call ‘em, just call ‘em!This very year, Gucci celebrates the iconic horsebit loafer’s 60th anniversary. It was 1953 when they came out for the very first time. This year’s collection for both men and women has about every color and every fabric imaginable: leather, suede, patent, python, crocodile, and velvet, camel, yellow, pink, red, blue and green. You can choose studs or raffia, animal print or flowers. The process of making leather shoes at Gucci is a beautiful one and held in high regard for an obvious reason. The craftspeople in Florence are the unique combination of experience, technology and a historical skill. What more could one want in an icon?

È primavera… svegliatevi bambine, alle cascine, messere Aprile fa il rubacuor. E a tarda sera, madonne fiorentine, quante forcine si troveranno sui prati in fior.(MATTINATA FIORENTINA- Rabbagliati 1941)

It’s spring … Wake up girls, to farms, sir April is a heart stealer. And late in the evening, Florentine Madonnas, how many hairpins will be found in blooming meadows…(FLORENTINE MORNING – Rabbagliati 1941)

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Posted on April 8, 2013 by Luca Andriani

Can a bike erase everything that a car has done? Leo Burnett Lisbon decided to find out the answer to this challenging question with its new project CARMA for B-Bicycle Culture Magazine, a quarterly magazine about the passion for cycling. For this project, Rcicla Bicletas built a bicycle out of the scrap of a retired Mercedes hoping that the heavy karma of the car could be rebalanced by riding the same number of kilometres in a greener way: just by cycling. Everything started on a junkyard, where hundreds of old cars after a long life of burning fossil fuels, lay in wait  in piles of junk and steel. An old Mercedes was waiting for Vitor and Kiko, the founders of Rcicla Bicletas to sacrifice its body to compensate for its long dirty past. Taking apart the pieces of the car was true surgery where the two colleagues managed to recycle as many parts as possible; from the door handle to the rooftop upholstery, all the way to the engine sprocket and rear light reflectors. Continue Reading →


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Mercury Seven was the group of seven astronauts selected by NASA in 1959. The agency viewed the project as an experiment to determine whether humans could survive space travel. The seven men immediately cut the ribbon, becoming national heroes compared by civilians to Columbus or Magellanus. The Mercury Seven in fact embodyied the new spirit of space exploration, determining the orbit around the Earth and investigating on man’s ability to function in space.The space flight was a totally new experience for pilots, scientists and doctors. No one knew if a person flying in the weightlessness of space could accurately read a dial, if they could push the right button or lever. Because of the small space inside the Mercury spacecraft, candidates could be no taller than 5 feet 11 inches (180 cm) and weigh no more than 180 pounds (82 kg). Other requirements included an age under 40, a bachelor’s degree or equivalent, 1,500 hours of flying time, and qualification to fly jets. NASA chose what were considered superb physical specimen with a genius-level IQ and the ability to function well both as part of a team and solo. The Mercury Seven, selected by the space administration also carried America’s hopes into space against the Soviet Union and what at the time was the beginning of Cold War…


“…Came Forth and Once More Saw the Stars”.

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On the Block#22, 2007. From the series On the Block. Harlem private View developed during my residency at Harlem Studio Fellowship by Montrasio Arte (2007-2009).

Courtesy of the artist and Montrasio Arte, Monza and Milan.


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A new exhibition, Boulevard, by the German artist Hanno Otten is hosted at Janet Borden NY untill the 10th of Mayn.  This is Otten’s fifth exhibition at the gallery, and it continues his visual discourse on the nature of color. Pure vivid color is Otten’s language. In these photograms and photographs, Otten basically dissects color photography and uses the individual elements to create unique images. Lush bands of color comprise the Boulevard Section. These are complemented by Otten’s elegantly composed unique photograms, or Lichtbilder (Light Pictures). Otten’s new work continues to explore the abstract, with new approaches and refinements. These photographs embrace a more organic and personal approach to photography than in his previous studies. Hanno Otten was born in 1954, and lives in Cologne, Germany. His work has been exhibited worldwide, in such locations as Leipzig, Cologne, Los Angeles, and New York.


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My generation grew up knowing that the party was just ended.  HIV was marking forever the life of many. The community was losing most of its illustrious master of ceremonies and people were sad, doing anything but feeling free as before . All that ” vida loca”, all that dancing, all that fast loving suddenly ended in  a tragedy largely covered by press and novels. The book “ Fire Island Pines. Polaroids 1975-1983”  by Tom Bianchi  goes back to the point whit a positive attitude: its a selection of snaps from the good happy days that were before panic. The history begins with Tom Bianchi buying a magazine in which is portrayed body builder Glenn Bishop,at the time, a famous gay icon. That photo was shooted in Fire Island, an exotic heaven to the eyes of young Tom. After  graduating Bianchi finds job at Paramount in New York and the very first summery weekend he took the Ferry.  He has nothing in mind but reaching the “paradise” where Bishop was hanging out and that place soon became second home. A place “out” of the country, an independent area, a free sex Republic where the community was living a happy parallel life. The following year Bianchi goes to a convention and receives a free Polaroid SX-70. The smart machine, at that time totally advant garde, becomes soon ones of his obsessions. He starts shooting  his secret paradise, his friends, parties, the beach. Everything. At one point, he is using so much film that he become the second largest consumer in the United States preceded only by IBM.

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