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Posted on October 30, 2014 by Luisa Fazio

Like a ship is driven from its helm, so a trusty little fish has been ferrying and preceeding (for millions of years and long trips across oceans), the most powerful predator of the sea: the shark. Silvery gray pilot fishes (Naucrates ductor L.), with a elongated and compressed body and broad dark blue vertical stripes, take stand on head and in front of shark’s snouts. They guide him, accompany him, and warn him in advance if they spot preys. In exchange, the shark is their safe haven. The “satellite fish” eats leftovers (sometimes, seen as the scavenger between sharp teeths) – it feels safe from the dangers of its worst enemies, thanks to the authoritative protection. Will it able to escape its patron’s sharp teeth? The sea king is not capable to swallow the pilot due to its fast pace. Sounds like a fairy tale and a good story is about to begins… “There was once a small fish, a negligible striped fish, escorting a big cartilage fish as if it was an angel. Its love for sharks was so great and dedicated! Without abandoning it, day and night, the shark wandered here and there without ever getting lost. So, they lived happily ever after, as two friends so fine. THE END.”


Posted on October 14, 2014 by Maxim Deluxe

Good blood doesn’t lie. Will Smith’s daughter , Willow Smith aka Wilough surprises us by publishing great songs on Soundcloud .

A talent to keep an eye on .
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Posted on October 9, 2014 by Marco Maggetto

We are all happy about the Galliano’s rentree. Nothing is more alluring than mistakes converted into personal improvements. The fashion system, the pressure of creating something new 4 times a year, the raise and the fall. The forgiveness. But, does anyone really remember who Martin Margiela was? And what he has created along 90ies? The bashful fellow from Belgium, that never really appeared in public, radically changed the way fashion was conceived. Without him, no Rick Owens, no Damir Domas, no hundreds of other conceptual designers. Margiela just implanted the seed of a different way of making clothes. From rainy, but highly creative, Antwerp he moved to Paris and appointed at Jean Paul Gaultier. Few years and his own Maison was opened: strong, anti-Fashion, different. The very first defilees, as documented in a Arte Tv Documentary called “Anti-Fashion” that you can watch here , took place  in a small scruffy apartment. After-show parties, where champagne and beer were sipped from plastic glasses, were unpretentious, young and optimistic: everybody were laughing and smoking, playing, having fun. No bloggers no selfies. Margiela, an atelier where everything was made conceptually. A place where shapes and silhouettes were not so important and perfection never foundamental.

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Posted on October 9, 2014 by Luisa Fazio

It is the origin of all botanical gardens in the world… ” – as explained by the beginning of motivation that made it UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997. We are in 1545 when, in Padua, was born the “herb garden” – Hortus Simplicium – the oldest university botanical garden in charge of medicinal plants cultivation for therapeutic purposes or study. After half a century, it gives birth to new spaces and opens its “historic portals” to the future. Restored, renewed, expanded without altering the urban fabric of the Italian city that proudly does the honors. Leaving intact the perspective on byzantine domes of Sant’Antonio’s Church (North) and on renaissance domes of Santa Giustina’s Abbey (South), the futuristic “garden of Biodiversity” was annexed to the old part: five high-tech greenhouses with a botanical blaze of 1300 plant species, from tropical to arctic. Thanks to high level of technology used (computerized temperature and humidity measuring, roofs constructed of super light panels, most transparent in the glass) the greenhouses, in respect with the CO2 and eco – sustainability, living their own life. It was 1586 when Goethe watched and praised in his writings a specimens of Saint Peter palm (Chamaerops humilis L.). Now, it has reached the height of 12 meters and it is considered the oldest plant in the garden. We are on the threshold of 2015 and in synergy with Expo, the “new garden” will be part of the Italian Pavilion at the Universal Exhibition in Milan. The nature combined with high technologies, always gives supreme forms of entertainment. We all very much hope that will a reminder to thousands of visitors… Hurry, run!


Posted on October 2, 2014 by Editorial Staff

We are totally in love with Buly 1803 boutique. The rue Bonaparte emporium opened last April by husband-and-wife team Ramdane Touhami (the former co-owner of Cire Trudon) and Victoire de Taillac- Touhami (the former head of communications for Colette).

Awaken from the past you will enjoy wooden drawers and perfect packaged candles, essential oils, perfumes, soaps, all made in the tradition of nineteenth-century craftsmanship. A pretty old-looking apothecary officine, Bully was, in the past one of the inventors of modern cosmetics and perfumery. Nowadays the brand offers many product lines and over 400 total products.

 “For us, building on heritage and old beauty secrets was key: back in the days, products were free of paraben, phenoxyethanol and silicon, to name just a few. We even developed perfumes without alcohol or glycerine, which can dry and irritate the skin.”


Posted on October 1, 2014 by Maxim Deluxe

Kasper Bjorke is returned with his exquisite new 4th album, ‘After Forever’, which is already tipped as the Danish producer’s boldest and most elegant statement to date.

‘After Forever ‘ is out now on HFN Records.

Kasper Bjorke