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Posted on October 30, 2014 by Luisa Fazio

Like a ship is driven from its helm, so a trusty little fish has been ferrying and preceeding (for millions of years and long trips across oceans), the most powerful predator of the sea: the shark. Silvery gray pilot fishes (Naucrates ductor L.), with a elongated and compressed body and broad dark blue vertical stripes, take stand on head and in front of shark’s snouts. They guide him, accompany him, and warn him in advance if they spot preys. In exchange, the shark is their safe haven. The “satellite fish” eats leftovers (sometimes, seen as the scavenger between sharp teeths) – it feels safe from the dangers of its worst enemies, thanks to the authoritative protection. Will it able to escape its patron’s sharp teeth? The sea king is not capable to swallow the pilot due to its fast pace. Sounds like a fairy tale and a good story is about to begins… “There was once a small fish, a negligible striped fish, escorting a big cartilage fish as if it was an angel. Its love for sharks was so great and dedicated! Without abandoning it, day and night, the shark wandered here and there without ever getting lost. So, they lived happily ever after, as two friends so fine. THE END.”