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Posted on January 30, 2014 by Isabella Cecconi

Back to film rolls please, back to waiting for a film development, back to quality, back to excitement. Yashica t4 o Yashica t5, had a nice handling, with the sharp shutter. it took little pressure to fire them but in the mid ’90s these models  were one of the greatest cameras ever. The t4 or t5, if you lived across the pond, could be considered a cousin to the much more expensive Contax T2 which had been referred to as “the Fashion Photographer’s Secret Weapon.” Yashica discontinued the T4 in 2002. It had a wide, fairly fast 35mm 3.5 autofocus Zeiss lens, two things made the T4 Super really stand out from all other super-compact auto-everything point and shoot cameras. The Carl Zeiss lens and the Super scope waist-level viewfinder which allowed you to compose your shots as if you were using a twin lens reflex camera. Great photo toys of all time. 


Posted on January 29, 2014 by Maxim Deluxe

Sumie is  a young Swedish girl of Japanese origins. She plays an intimate, yet unique, folk. Her self titled “Sumie” new album just come out. Freshly published by  Bella Union.



Posted on January 29, 2014 by Editorial Staff

Zipper, or zip for people living in UK, were originally called “clap locker” and invented in 1893 by Whitcomb L.Judson. This Canadian engineer, already famous for a pneumatic street railway, was also credited for creating an interlocking system made of metallic teeth that were able to unite and make one of a two pieces. Presented at the Chicago World’s fair in the same year, this invention immediately grabbed attention and lead to “Universal Fastener”, a company located in Hoboken New Jersey that officially started mass production. With many  years of hard work, this fundamental invention improved ang got perfect also thank to genius business man Gideon Sundeck . Sensational, innovative, simple:  a non expensive item imagined to resolve big issues, to unite and separate, to close or open, to keep it together. Clothing, luggage, camping, sportswear: zipper is everywhere since the beginning of 900. It haven’t loose any importance since then and it’s sill used for low quality productions as well as “haute couture” ones. Fashion just owe a lot to Mr. Judson. Just imagine your day without zippers and you’ll understand how “Cut the Ribbon” this invention is. Imagine also an Azzedine Alaïa’s dress without it, or the fantastic leather jacked pictured above with no interlocking closures. Would it be that sexy? Just thank the Canadian Engineer, and cut.

Model Clement Chabernaud in  Balmain homme FW09 collection.



Posted on January 28, 2014 by Luisa Fazio

Like a James Cook, like a Charles Linneo, like a John Laroche: Pantone Color Institute explores, classifies and hunts countless shades of color. This year, they have selected and categorized Radiant Orchid, an unique mixture of fuchsia, purple and pink. New Pantone’s color will imbues 2014 with all qualities that an orchid infuses and, for sure, we’ll have an exotic and beautiful year. Orchids are so stunning to upset those who stares at them, like a Stendhal syndrome! They are sensual, they are the sexiest flower par excellence. Word “orchid” comes from the Greek Orchis which means testicle. In many species a swelling of the root forms two oval bulbs. Creating elegance, Zen harmony and grace, they are airy flowers  detached from the ground, symbol of quietness and spiritual perfection but also a symbol of creativity and originality. Orchid is also a master of deception and transvestism  (ex. Orchis apifera). Its hairy lip is believed of some insects to be a female but it’s just a visual illusion. Male insects make love with an orchid unaware of the trick of reproduction, the only goal that really matters. Monkey Orchid (ex. Dracula simia and Orchis simia) simulates monkey’s face while Venus Slipper  has a swollen lip that allows seeing the tip of a slipper (Cypripedium calceolus). On fashion catwalks, instead, 18-3224 has already  blossomed and seduced:  make-up artists, interior designers, creatives in general. For both males and females, for me too. I’m going to put some sexy nail polish, and of course, it’s a Radiant Orchid one.


Posted on January 27, 2014 by Editorial Staff

The ‘Three Peaks Pack’ is a New Balance homage to the National Three Peaks Challenge in which participants attempt to climb the 3 largest mountains in UK in under 24 hours. New Balance, one of the finest running and lifestyle shoe brands has created this limited edition collection in three colors. Featuring three multicolored combinations of leather, suede and mesh construction this shoe is regarded by many as the quintessential NB shoe, incorporating everything : the famous C-Cap cushioning system and large N on the side, the 576 silhouette. 


Posted on January 27, 2014 by Editorial Staff

One of the most glamorous exhibition of  2014 is coming in few days. 250 shots of models, musicians, designers, filmmakers  and humanity in general personally selected and printed by master photographer David Baley, maybe the most famous and recognized English photographer ever existed. Baley, who was born in London in 1938, started his career as photographic assistant before being contracted as a fashion photographer for British Vogue magazine in 1960. Swinging London? He was one of the persons who made it and documented it: his 1964 book “”Box Of Pin Ups”, a collection of poster size images of people famous in that period, is still regarded as a masterpiece. To celebrate this 72 years old boy,  National Portrait Gallery opens his doors to a peculiar photographer that fixed so many eternal, perfect, moments. “I’ve always tried to do pictures that don’t date. I always go for simplicity.”

Opens February 6th.


Posted on January 23, 2014 by Rubens and Flan

Rubens and Flan met in kindergarten. Rubens had long blond hair and a passion for sorting things according to shades of colors. Flan had denim overalls and a passion for untying knots. One afternoon while they were lying on the grass looking for shamrocks, they started to invent characters and stories. They haven’t stopped since.

For the next three weeks, The Harlow will host their serie ‘Lessons from the Geese’. It’s always good to never stop learning!


Posted on January 23, 2014 by Editorial Staff

Presenting over 300 works executed between 1909 and 1944, the chronological exhibition encompasses not only painting and sculpture, but also architecture, design, ceramics, fashion, film, photography, advertising, free-form poetry, publications, music, theater, and performance. To convey the myriad artistic languages employed by the Futurists as they evolved over a 35-year period, the exhibition integrates multiple disciplines in each section. The first comprehensive overview of Italian Futurism to be presented in the United States. Italian Futurism, 1909-1944: Reconstructing the Universe, will be on view at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum from February 21 through September 1, 2014.


Posted on January 22, 2014 by Editorial Staff

Kathrine Virginia “Kathy”, ribbon cutter and of course, runner. She has run 35 marathons, winning NYC’s 1974 edition. She is best known as the first woman to run the Boston Marathon as a numbered entry. During her college years, she in fact,  entered and completed the race, five years before women were officially allowed to compete. She registered under the gender-neutral “K. V. Switzer”, which she later insistsed, was not done in an attempt to mislead the officials. She claimed to have long used “K. V. Switzer” to sign the articles she wrote for her college paper. Jock Semple, official,  attempted to physically remove her from the race but Switzer’s boyfriend, at that time Tom Miller, who was running with her, shoved the official aside. The photographs taken of the incident made world headlines. As a result of her run, the AAU barred women from all competition with male runners but Switzer, with other women runners, tried to convince the Boston Athletic Association to allow women to participate in the marathon. Finally, in 1972, women were welcome to run the Boston Marathon officially for the first time ever.


Posted on January 22, 2014 by Maxim Deluxe

In a world of 24 hour party girls, Owlle is a rare creature of the night who finds her bliss in solitude. Her shadowy electropop tunes, like breakout singles “Ticky Ticky” and “Disorder,” reverberate with the tremors of midnight, and the eerie afterglow of dance floors long abandoned. They feel both futuristic and ancient — as does everything Owlle creates. Owlle’s background in fine art allows her to create a distinct world around her. From her art direction and cinematography to costuming choices, Owlle’s mesmerizing imagery is just as important as the music itself. The Owlle experience defies being contained to one form: the sound, style, and visuals must be taken as one convergent reality — a reality of a young artist’s own creation.  Owlle is out now with the debut album ‘ France ‘ on I-tunes.



Posted on January 21, 2014 by Luisa Fazio

In addition to being essential for the pollination of flowers, honey bee (Apis mellifera), donates a divine edible secretion. Not at all stingy, it gives us the fruit of its great fatigue: honey. Approximately 60000 round trip flights – from home to work –  to produce a kilogram of ambrosia. Have you ever tried to pick a honeysuckle to suck their base trumpet? It’s sweet! The sweetness derives from a sugary substance that is formed at  bottom of the flower and cause of that inexorable bee’s voyages in search of nourishment (pollen and nectar). Proud of their all-female society and tireless workers (except queen bee with legs in the air, who is able to reproduce), worker bees according to their age, can be nurses, ladies in waiting, architects, sculptresses, street cleaners, gravediggers, bodyguards. Satisfied with their coexistence, they are always happy and never tired back with “booty” to their unitè d’habitation. Once arrived in the beehive, bees regurgitate what’s previously collected , like nectar in a honey bag which is located firstly in their stomach. Nectar’s process is then completed by fan bees who, flapping their wings, create air currents to accelerate the evaporation of honey which is still too wet. Then, honey is stored in honeycomb’s hexagonal cells. A delicacy that everyone likes, Yogi Bear and his shy friend Boo-Boo included. Zzzzzzzzzz 


Posted on January 21, 2014 by Marco Maggetto

When it’s local, it’s better. When it’s a compatriot small company creating marvels 20 kilometers from where I live, it’s even better. Transit is not a new clothing line, it was acquired by Tam & Company owned by the Cozza family of Vicenza in 1994. Before that date they were producing for other brands investing all their resources in technology and experimentation and getting to be specialized in luxury production and high level clothes. In 2001 Transit Par-Such becomes Transit Uomo, designed and made in Carrè Vicenza, and still entirely made there. Dedicated to an elegant man that refuses shapes and forms of the classical “sartoria”, Transit is unconventional without being outrageous and has a gentle, almost “zen”, touch that recalls the far east. With its soft and accommodating cuts, its deconstructed jackets, its natural color palette and  top quality, Transit is already in our favorite designers list. Check them out.
Available for women as “Transit Par-Such” collection.


Posted on January 18, 2014 by Editorial Staff

From  March the 1st to August the 31th 2014 , Les Arts Décoratifs will dedicate to Belgian fashion designer Dries Van Noten  an exhibition, an intimate and emotional journey that will present his many and varied sources of inspiration. Dries Van Noten chose to reveal his unique creative world: photos, videos, film clips, musical references, an immediately identifiable vocabulary for those who know the artist and genius mind. The designer, famous for mixing images of the past and present cultures have always fantasized on travels, exotic places, bringing out of his imagination and borrowing from different ethnic and folk traditions places like India , China , Africa or Mexico.  This exhibition will presents the creative universe of Dries Van Noten, offering a unique and personal experience of the designer’s refines textiles. His menswear and womenswear in the collection of Les Art Décoratifs are connected to the artwork, to musical references, to films. The iconic Belgian designer studied Fashion Design at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, receiving his diploma in 1981. He presented his first menswear collection in 1986 in London along with Walter Van Beirendonck, Ann Demeleumeester, Dirk Van Saene, Dirk Bikkembergs and Marina Yee, the famous “Antwerp Six” collective. Since then, his name has become a synonym to Avant-Garde style, while his exotic or folklore prints are considered as representatives of contemporary “Parisian chic”.

Dries Van Notes @ Les Arts Decoratifs, Paris

1 March – 31 August 2014


Posted on January 18, 2014 by Editorial Staff

Gemma has a decisive character with a geometric and slightly ironic air. Conceived as a small armchair that recalls the shape of a precious stone, it has a geometric and profile providing  a comfortable seating and it’s both for indoor and outdoor. It is available in a range of colors including Hollywood fuchsia, coral red and topaz blue. Created by Karim Rashid, great communicator and trend setter, multi-award winner, Gemma is a sinuous object, a chair in polyethylene, compact and multi-faceted. Great, don’t you think?


Posted on January 17, 2014 by Editorial Staff

Second week in good company of Italian/Swedish illustrator, now living in Bologna, Sara Garagni. This piece is called “Pulsasuoni”.


Posted on January 17, 2014 by Maxim Deluxe

Vampy R&B and ’80s synthpop collide in Charlotte OC‘s ‘Hangover’ which is her first single.’ Color My Heart ‘ EP is out now via Strange Records , home of Lana Del Rey also.

Listen on Sondcloud : CharlotteOC


Posted on January 16, 2014 by Isabella Cecconi

The amazing annual photographic award exhibition, will be back with four new nominations, worthy £30,000. The Photographers’ Gallery’s has in fact, reopened after a full facelift where the upper floors now boast two airy new galleries. The four shortlisted artists for the annual £30,000 prize will display from rebel fighters to themselves. Visually and politically charged depiction of a turbulent Congo shots will get along with black and white self-portraits or a scientific photographical approach. Ready for the competition?

16-18 Ramillies St -London


Posted on January 15, 2014 by Editorial Staff

How many did you chew in your life? Chewing gum, can you imagine your life without it? From being a candy to be a treatment. In our days chewing gums are sugar free, they can contain substances in order to  prevent cavities or can help your health:  vitamins, herbal extract,  spices everything can be spread with  an “American gum”. Chewing  indeed had been a statement of freedom for many generations and a sign of modernity, efficiency  and coolness.  Forbidden in posh places and fancy dinners, chewing gum remains an ever green product present all around the world. But who’s the one who cut the ribbon for this invention? Basically North American Indians:  if they wouldn’t have chewed the sap from spruce trees and passed the habit along it would had been difficult for  John B. Curtis , in 1848, to make the first commercial chewing gum called the “State of Maine Pure Spruce Gum”. Two years later  Curtis improved his creation by adding some paraffin and flavors opening the road to many other inventors that added long lasting aromas  and discovered  the infamous ” Tutti-Frutti” that became the first chewing gum  to be sold in a vending machine. Bubble gum came later in 1906, while mint flavor is a 1914 invention by William Wrigley. In 1928 Walter Diemer invented the successful pink colored Double Bubble, bubble gum. POF!



Posted on January 14, 2014 by Teresa Cannata'

Dreaming of spring when the weather is cold is one of the most common psychological comforts we turn to in winter. Everyone would like to hop on a plane and spend the coldest months on a tropical island, but not everyone can afford a gypset way of life, so it’s easier to daydream while perusing upcoming clothing and accessory collections.

In one of these virtual-window-shopping sessions I learnt about the shoe collection designed by the London-based Orla Kiely (famous as the Queen of Prints) for Clarks. Take a look at the shapes, the colours, the details and admit all of them scream “spring!”. The inspiration has been clearly drawn from the 1960s – the super-high platforms, the oval or round-edged buckles, the (perforated) patent leather in vibrant colours, the chunky heels.

My favourite style is Milly, a flat slingback which features a lovely front strap and Kiely’s trademark leaf print on the sole. This mustard yellow shade is really modern, yet reminiscent of old times, but the same style is available in navy, white and red.
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Posted on January 14, 2014 by Marco Maggetto

I met her one night, one of those post Christmas dinners where everybody is scared to death about eating. But then food is so  good that you can’t resist and at the end you are stiffed as a balloon. Belén was there. I can’t eat. I can’t eat she was telling everybody. But she was eating of course, and she loves food, and she buys Greek olive oil in London and last time she came back from UK she was carrying a 5 liters tank of it in her suitcase. Lol. Belén is simply the quintessential Spanish woman, in particular, a woman from Madrid. Independent, mother of two kids, nomad inside heart, smart and dressed as a cowgirl (she was coming from “el campo”). Belén is a jewels maker-designer and proud founder of “To Be Continued” a sensational jewel brand with a romantic allure. Belén travels around the world to find the best pieces and take them back to her Madrid Studio where her magic artisans work on them.

“I’m a designer almost by accident. My education and experience was centered in other professional areas (management, marketing and advertising) but I’ve always been drawn to the world of design and fashion. I began designing jewelry by recycling antique family pieces and my own jewelry that I didn’t wear anymore. Little by little I started adding to my work with pieces that I found at antique shops, flea markets or anywhere. What started out as a hobby slowly became something more serious. Friends and acquaintances began commissioning special gifts. That’s how TO BE continued…was born; unique, romantic jewelry for those who are looking for something special or rare. Every piece is made by hand. I’m not a fan of the ‘prototype’ world; too much of the magic is lost this way. I prefer to build a team with artisans and help them fight to save a craft that’s on the brink of extinction.”


Posted on January 14, 2014 by Flan

What the hell has happened all these months? You were deleting files from the download folder when you bumped into an old video he had taken of you. It was the first week, maybe the second, you were rolling on his bed, trying to hold on to the covers that he was stealing off you. You looked like a girl in love for the first time, the eyes shimmering in delight, the happy and cheeky laughter.

It could have been great. But it wasn’t. And it’s not possible to get back to that promising beginning when you were going on via Flaminia the wrong way to get some Chinese take way, laughing like crazy, two overjoyed aged teenagers on a scooter. Nothing left to be done but same old same old, you try to relive the most memorable episodes with other men: you went back to the Chinese take away with Tom, to the little restaurant with Dick, and for a bike ride in Trastevere with Harry. You tried to see what would happen if you didn’t stay the night or if you stayed even if you didn’t want to. Nothing major happened. Nothing significant or noteworthy, nor extraordinary. A sudden handing of the baton from one lover to the other. In the meantime you keep making mistakes, but you feel you’re actually learning from them. For example, you stopped thinking there is a successful way to find definite love. You have embraced the unplanned and savage way of living of the urban poets, you just perform according to instinct, you listen to your legs, when and where they want to go to. Your ravening and yet tender black eyes guide you.

You have a perfect relationship this time, not with somebody but with your phone. Why not? It gives you so much pleasure and it’s there for you all the time. For example, it has just delivered you some sweet words in the shape of a text from some guy: “Last night I dreamt that I was smelling your hair.”



Posted on January 13, 2014 by Luisa Fazio

Even if they are without rhizome and soil, this Calle’s pair is a still life that lives. They have a soul. The two tall and sinuous stalks approach and then diverge, culminating with the fine flower of calla from the characteristic flute shape. It’s turned towards those who want to quench their thirst. For its elegant and sensual lines is a mirror image of the woman who has photographed them: Tina Modotti. Tied hair and slender body, desired, free, independent, carnal, throbbing with life. Italian, from Udine, emigrated to San Francisco, then to Los Angeles, Mexico, Germany, France, Russia. She was an actress, model, muse, political activist, the first to wear blue jeans in Mexico City. Primarily, her personality has very much left its mark as a photographer. Favorite pupil of Edward Weston, she made it soon with her camera (a Korona later replaced by a lighter Graflex) to create her own photography style. A photography imbued with essentiality, humanity, sensuality, depth and feeling. The contradiction layed just on the name. Calle. The word in italian clashes with the original word in Spanish. In Mexico they are called Alcatraces. These flowers look like seabirds, “sule” in Italian, which give its name to the former San Francisco penitentiary: Alcatraz. A rigid and gloomy place, from which it was almost impossible to escape and be free…


Posted on January 13, 2014 by Editorial Staff

Mick Jagger declared Françoise Hardy his ‘ideal woman’, while Bob Dylan dedicated a poem to her. To celebrate Francoise Hardy turning 70, Warner Music reissues her classic album ‘Message Personnel’ 40 years after it was first released in a new deluxe edition featuring a bonus disc of live, rare and unreleased material.

Message Personnel, 40th Anniversary Deluxe Edition [2CDs]. Release Date: 17th February 2014


Posted on January 10, 2014 by Editorial Staff

Sara Garagni is an  Italian/Swedish illustrator. She grew up somewhere near Bologna. She is very talented and  deserves our Hold it with regard.

“I have traveled a lot and now I live in  Bologna where I work as art director. I am an illustrator, a sketcher, a painter. I am auto didactic in the field of the visual arts. I am a reformed economist that choose a career in the communication field. I have done many things in my life. From 2010 I’m curator of “Parapera-Drammaturgie possibili” but I have dealt with set design for the theatrical show “Il bianco e il ruggine” by Ennio Ruffolo and Fabio Fiandrini and of “Difetto di fabbricazione”. I also take care of the communication of an Italian band called “La Metralli” and I have published two illustrated books for children made in collaboration with Fabio Ognibene: “La Principessa che dice le bugie (Giraldi Editore, 2009) and “L’uomo dei mulini a Vento” (Tabula Fati Editore, 2012). I have also illustrated several other cover books and I like my bicycle. I like transforming furniture and objects. I like naming things. I like drawing on walls, music, live books, dinners with friends, make surprises and loosing time. But what I like most, is when I feel free.”


Posted on January 9, 2014 by Editorial Staff

Born 1957 in Illinois, Fread Cray is a Brooklyn based artist included in many collections ( The Museum of City of New York, Brooklyn Museum, California Museum of Photography). Surrealist, impressionist with a narrative soul, Cray travels with his mind around an imaginary world made of multiple images and layered texts. “Unique Photographs” is his current exhibition at Janet Borden New York. At the gallery you will find also two separated limited edition books called “Unique” and “Changing the Guard”. Each copy comes with three unique photographs enclosed. Stop by.


Posted on January 9, 2014 by Isabella Cecconi

A previously unseen and newly acquired photograph of one of Britain’s most important actresses, Vivien Leigh, and her husband Laurence Olivier, taken at the height of their celebrity status are, since November 2013 on display at the National Portrait Gallery of London. The photograph is shown alongside with two rarely seen portraits of the couple that mark the start of the Gallery’s program celebrating the centenary of Leigh’s birth. The three photographs exhibited in the Gallery  are of an extensive display, Starring Vivien Leigh: A Centenary Celebration. Telling the story of the film and theatre career of the widely celebrated actress, focusing on her Oscar-winning role in Gone With the Wind, the display features over 50 portraits of Leigh alongside a selection of rare memorabilia including magazine covers, film stills and press books. Many of the photographs in the display have not been exhibited in the Gallery before. I guess it’s time to go to London.


Posted on January 8, 2014 by Maxim Deluxe

Navvi  is the experimental electro-pop project formed by Kristin Henry and Brad Boettger. The Seattle duo blends pop melodies with darker, looming beats and production. Equal parts UK-Dub with mainstream accessibility.

Listen on Soundcloud




Posted on January 8, 2014 by Editorial Staff

It has never been clear who actually designed or invented the Mullet, but it was first documented around late Roman times. Most of Rome invaders, those who sacked the city, were actually outfitted with a Mullet. Roman soldiers weren’t allowed to cut their hair in this way as the hairdo, at the time it was considered unfashionable. This weird shaped haircut, with business attitude at the front and party in the back became a must in the’80s. It became popular by Canadian hockey players. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the term Mullet was used to describe this hairstyle “apparently coined, and certainly popularized, by U.S. hip-hop group the Beastie Boys”, who used “Mullet” and “Mullet head” as epithets in their 1994 song “Mullet Head”. Was it Mike D who invented it then? In 1995, the Beastie Boys’ magazine Grand Royal was the first to use the term in print, but still it is known that in the sixth century, Byzantine scholar Procopius wrote that some factions of young males wore their hair long at the back and cut it short over the forehead. This non-Roman style was termed the ‘Hunnic’ look. By all this way, Mullets were sported by rock stars like David Bowie or Paul McCartney as far back as the early 1970s. We all do remember Andre Agassi too. Ever since, the Mullet has been a way of life, a state of mind. Ready for a haircut?


Posted on January 4, 2014 by Editorial Staff

He is famous for a particular and sleek approach towards fashion. His silhouettes and cuts are anything but tender. His collections are conceptual and revolve around to discover feelings and intimate parts of human beings. Missing, Nowdays, Katharsis, Diogenes Syndrome, Tautology to name few of them. But when it’s time to go to bed, the Spanish born designer David Delfin, he wants his nest to be a place of good cheers and dreams. He likes positive messages, hearts, animals and a lot of “cariño”.  Since he wasn’t able to find anything appropriate for his bed, Delfin decided to create a line of duvet covers and pillows some years ago. The Davidelifn signature bed accessories is now one of the best, yet unexpected, ways to adorn your bedroom and is now improved in designs, sizes and quality. Because the revolution can start from our bed as Yoko and John instructed some years ago.


Posted on January 4, 2014 by Marco Maggetto

I have been buzzing around a Longchamp counter for about 6 months to discover its Pliage wonder bags and I can say I obtained a postgraduate degree. The inspiration came from a friend of mine, a beautiful shabby chic Spanish gallerist, one of those marvelous no make up no hairdresser no nothing that is always a quintessence of style, no matter what-where or when. One day she was wearing this foldable bag. I remember it was en vogue during the 80’ies and that it was made by a French brand. I didn’t know that I would spend time on the subject nor even ask for it as a Christmas present. And now that I have one in my trolley, ready to be unfolded in case of extra shopping , which always happens, I can understand why this Le Pliage line, after so many years, remains a best seller loved item. Loved by grandmothers and by young women, and by men too, these bags are unexpansive, unpretentious but very well crafted at the same time. You can go anywhere with them, from gym to supermarket. They resist everything and are waterproof,  you can also use them to transport wood from storage to chimney. With a complete range of sizes and new colors,  we have no doubt this is going to be a “Le Pliage”  2014.