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Posted on January 29, 2014 by Editorial Staff

Zipper, or zip for people living in UK, were originally called “clap locker” and invented in 1893 by Whitcomb L.Judson. This Canadian engineer, already famous for a pneumatic street railway, was also credited for creating an interlocking system made of metallic teeth that were able to unite and make one of a two pieces. Presented at the Chicago World’s fair in the same year, this invention immediately grabbed attention and lead to “Universal Fastener”, a company located in Hoboken New Jersey that officially started mass production. With many  years of hard work, this fundamental invention improved ang got perfect also thank to genius business man Gideon Sundeck . Sensational, innovative, simple:  a non expensive item imagined to resolve big issues, to unite and separate, to close or open, to keep it together. Clothing, luggage, camping, sportswear: zipper is everywhere since the beginning of 900. It haven’t loose any importance since then and it’s sill used for low quality productions as well as “haute couture” ones. Fashion just owe a lot to Mr. Judson. Just imagine your day without zippers and you’ll understand how “Cut the Ribbon” this invention is. Imagine also an Azzedine Alaïa’s dress without it, or the fantastic leather jacked pictured above with no interlocking closures. Would it be that sexy? Just thank the Canadian Engineer, and cut.

Model Clement Chabernaud in  Balmain homme FW09 collection.