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Posted on January 10, 2014 by Editorial Staff

Sara Garagni is an  Italian/Swedish illustrator. She grew up somewhere near Bologna. She is very talented and  deserves our Hold it with regard.

“I have traveled a lot and now I live in  Bologna where I work as art director. I am an illustrator, a sketcher, a painter. I am auto didactic in the field of the visual arts. I am a reformed economist that choose a career in the communication field. I have done many things in my life. From 2010 I’m curator of “Parapera-Drammaturgie possibili” but I have dealt with set design for the theatrical show “Il bianco e il ruggine” by Ennio Ruffolo and Fabio Fiandrini and of “Difetto di fabbricazione”. I also take care of the communication of an Italian band called “La Metralli” and I have published two illustrated books for children made in collaboration with Fabio Ognibene: “La Principessa che dice le bugie (Giraldi Editore, 2009) and “L’uomo dei mulini a Vento” (Tabula Fati Editore, 2012). I have also illustrated several other cover books and I like my bicycle. I like transforming furniture and objects. I like naming things. I like drawing on walls, music, live books, dinners with friends, make surprises and loosing time. But what I like most, is when I feel free.”